E-file your taxes,
your way

Do it yourself, get expert help, or hand it off start to finish.
Let’s e-file your taxes and get them done right.

Get your maximum refund whether you file on your own, with expert help, or have an expert do it for you.

Taxes done right, however you choose

No matter your situation, we have a tax solution for you.
E-file with confidence and get your maximum
refund, guaranteed.

File your own taxes

Just answer simple questions, and
you through filing
your taxes.

Live experts
can help

Get advice and answers as you go, with a
expert review before you file.

We do your taxes for you

Have a dedicated tax expert handle everything,
from start to finish.

What do you get when you e-file with TurboTax?

More federal returns are prepared with TurboTax than any other tax preparation provider, totaling over 40 million federal tax returns from last year alone. E-filing your online tax return with TurboTax means you’re not only working with the leader in tax prep, but that you also get:

  • Your taxes done
    right, guaranteed

    Our calculations are 100% accurate and up to date with the latest tax laws to give you complete confidence when you e-file your taxes. Otherwise, we'll pay you any IRS penalties.

  • Your maximum
    tax refund

    We’ll review your tax return and search 350+ tax deductions and credits to make sure you get every dollar you deserve, guaranteed, based on your
    unique situation.

  • Step-by-step

    Just answer simple questions about your life. We’ll walk you through every step from there, do all the math for you, and put your info in the right place before
    you e-file.

  • A big jump start

    Sprint to the finish line by easily importing your W-2 info with our W-2 snap & auto-fill feature. Just snap a photo of your W-2, verify your data, and we’ll automatically put your information into all the right tax forms so you don’t have to.

  • The green light
    to file

    CompleteCheck™ will run a comprehensive review of your tax return before you file your taxes online, and will walk you through any changes to make sure nothing gets missed.

  • Automatic data
    next year

    When you use TurboTax year after year, it gets even easier. As a returning customer, we’ll automatically transfer information from the previous year to save you time and help
    ensure accuracy.

See why millions e-file with TurboTax every year

  • Benefits of e-filing
    taxes online

  • Secure delivery
    to the IRS

    E-file is the most secure way to get your return delivered to the IRS. That’s why all TurboTax returns are e-filed automatically, unless you choose to print and send
    mail specifically.

  • Email confirmation
    from the IRS

    Once you e-file, the
    IRS will send you a confirmation email to give you peace
    of mind that your tax return has
    been received.

  • Your fastest
    tax refund

    E-filing your tax return and using direct deposit is the easiest and fastest way to get your refund. 90% of taxpayers who e-file typically receive their refund within 21 days.