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TurboTax Affiliate Programs

Want to make tax time easier for your customers and earn great commissions? Join a TurboTax Affiliate program and you can offer your customers TurboTax-the #1 best selling tax product* that millions trust to do their taxes.

Benefits of becoming a TurboTax Affiliate

  • Get substantial commissions in just four quick months-from January to April.
  • Earn commissions for TurboTax Online federal and state tax returns purchased from links on your website.
  • Add value to your website by providing access to free tax articles and calculators.
  • Provide customers an easy way to prepare and file their tax returns.

Where do I apply?

Choose the TurboTax Affiliate program that is right for you:

TurboTax Import Partner Program

Help your customers and employees file their taxes faster-at no cost to you to join the program. Our TurboTax Import program allows your employees and customers to instantly import tax-related data, like W-2s and 1099s, directly into TurboTax.

Benefits of partnering with TurboTax

For your employees and customers:

  • Save them time as they prepare their taxes.
  • Help ensure their data is entered accurately on their tax returns.
  • Make their lives easier during tax time.

For your business:

  • Offer a great new benefit, at no cost to you to join the program.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Easy set-up and ongoing support.

Getting started is easy

We provide free set-up assistance and ongoing support at no cost to you or your clients.