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What Is Form 8822: Change of Address

Updated for Tax Year 2022 • November 17, 2022 01:04 PM


After moving into a new home, you may want to use Form 8822 to notify the Internal Revenue Service of your change of address. The IRS may send you notices, refunds paid with a paper check and other correspondence relating to your personal, gift and estate taxes. If you don't let the IRS know that you moved, it sends all correspondence to your last known address, the one listed on your most recent tax return.

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Updating your mailing address on Form 8822

Form 8822 is used to change your mailing address—the place where you receive your mail—which can be different than the address of your permanent home.

If you're self-employed and the mailing address of your business changes, you can notify the IRS on Form 8822-B.

Filling out Form 8822

Form 8822 requires only basic information, including:

  • the type of tax return you file,
  • your old mailing address and
  • your new mailing address.

If you're married and file joint returns, you can change your spouse's address on the same form.

Listing nontraditional addresses

If you want to use a post office box or foreign address or have all tax-related correspondence sent to someone else, there are additional IRS rules to follow.

  • You can use a post office box for your mailing address on Form 8822 only if the U.S. Postal Service doesn't offer mail delivery to your home's street address.
  • If you move abroad, the IRS suggests entering the foreign address in the format customarily used in that country.
  • If you want all of your tax-related correspondence sent to a third party, such as your attorney, you can enter “c/o”—short for “in care of”—before the attorney's name and mailing address.

Alternatives to Form 8822

If you aren't required to file a return, there may not be any reason for you to use Form 8822. But, if you usually file tax returns and you're planning to file your next one soon, you can simply enter your new mailing address directly on the tax return form instead of using Form 8822. You also have the option of writing a letter to the IRS that includes the same information that Form 8822 requires.

Failing to update your mailing address with the IRS may have some consequences if time-sensitive materials are sent to your last known address.

  • Under the law, you're deemed to have received anything the IRS sends to your last known address.
  • This means that the IRS doesn't have to give you additional time to respond to a letter demanding that you pay additional tax, for example, just because you forgot to update your mailing address after you moved.

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