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After the IRS accepts your return, it typically takes about 21 days to get
your refund.

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Once you receive confirmation that your federal return has been
accepted, you'll be able to start tracking your refund
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    Once your return’s accepted, you can track your refund. If you don’t receive it within 21 days, contact the IRS.

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Frequently asked questions

Most people receive their tax refund within 3 weeks of the IRS approving their tax return. However, there are several reasons why your refund could be late. A common one is incorrect or missing information on your tax return, which is usually a simple fix.
Learn more about refund delays

If you claimed the Earned Income Credit or Additional Child Tax Credit the IRS takes a little more time to process these returns. The refunds for these returns are usually sent out starting in late March. Learn more

There are a few options for you to fix this, depending on the situation.

  • If you entered an invalid bank account number, the IRS will mail you a paper check refund instead.
  • If you entered a valid bank account number that isn’t yours, banks generally won’t accept a tax refund deposit if the names don’t match. Learn more

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