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File your 2022 taxes

Here, you’ll find the right TurboTax
product to file tax returns for a
prior year. If you’ve already
purchased a previous year’s Desktop tax software you can
access it here.

  • To file 2022 taxes, please select a TurboTax product. You can file taxes for a different year by selecting the year above.


Maximize your
tax deductions

  • I own a home
  • I have charitable donations
    to deduct
  • I have high medical expenses


Investments and
rental property

  • I sold stock, bonds or
    mutual funds
  • I sold employee
    stock (ESPP)
  • I own rental property

Home & Business

Small business owner or
sole proprietor

  • I am a small business owner or
    sole proprietor
  • I have home office
    tax deductions
  • I have small
    business depreciation


Corporation, partnership and trusts

  • I own an S or C Corp
  • I have a partnership
  • I manage an estate or trust
  • I file a separate tax return for
    my business
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