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The Dirty Dozen: 12 Tricky Tax Dependent Dilemmas
Knowing when someone qualifies as a tax dependent can be trickier than it seems. These 12 examples help clear up the confusion about who you can and can't claim as a dependent on your tax return. Read more…

Claiming a Domestic Partner as a Dependent
Most people claimed as dependents on tax returns are children or other relatives. But what you may not know is that under certain circumstances you can also claim someone as a dependent even if you're not related, as is the case with a domestic partner. Read more…

Video: How to File a Tax Return with Adult Dependents
Did you know that reporting an adult dependent on your return provides the same tax savings as reporting your children? When claiming an adult as your dependent there are four essential tests you must satisfy. Watch this video to find out more about filing a tax return with adult dependents. Read more…

Video: How to Prove Head of Household for the IRS
Learn how to prove "Head of Household" status for the IRS with help from TurboTax in this video on tax tips. Read more…

How to Itemize Taxes When Claiming Dependents
Claiming dependents and itemizing deductions is an effective way to save money on your income taxes. Each dependent you claim allows you to reduce your taxable income by one exemption for tax years prior to 2018 and will allow you to receive a tax credit for tax years beginning in 2018 and beyond. Get a step-by-step overview on how to take advantage of itemizing your taxes when claiming dependents in this article on tax tips. Read more…

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