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8 Reasons to Love Tax Season
From getting a tax refund to discovering new tax credits that can put more money in your pocket, here are eight reasons to love tax season! Read more…

12 Smart Things to Do with Your Tax Refund
Saving money is kind of like eating a healthy diet. You know you should do more of it, but it’s hard to resist making spur-of-the-moment choices that make you happier now but worse off later. A tax refund marks a great chance to set yourself in a better position for the future. If you’re getting a windfall from the IRS, here are a dozen great ways to make sure your money continues to work for you. Read more…

Tax Refunds—Better Than Christmas?
Every year, millions of Americans get a financial windfall in the form of a tax refund. Here, we've gathered some key tax filing statistics on how they're getting those refunds -- everything from how people file, to commonly-missed tax deductions, to the number of tax returns that are e-filed. Read more…

7 Free Things That Are Actually Free and What's In It for "Them"
There are many "free" offers today that seem to be too-good-to-be-true. However, many of these offers are legitimate and you can score something for free. Find out why certain offers are free, and what is really in it for "them." Read more…

A Brief History of Income Taxes
Did you know President Abraham Lincoln, one of America's most beloved leaders, also instituted one of its least liked obligations—the income tax? In this brief history of taxes, see the historical events which shaped income taxes in the United States today. Read more…

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