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Tapping Your Inner Freeloader: 11 Tried and True Tips to Get Things Free
Looking to get stuff for free? Become the ultimate Freeloader with these 11 tried and true tips. Learn how to score hookups from your friends, get free music, and score free money with our guide to freeloading. Read more…

11 Fun Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund
There are plenty of practical ways to spend your tax refund–such as saving for major expenses, banking it as the start of an emergency fund or paying down debt. But it’s hard to resist the allure of spending some or all of your refund on something a little more fun. If that’s the road you want to go down, here are some ways suggestions. Read more…

Tax Considerations for Fantasy Sports Fans
Fantasy sports leagues can yield hefty winnings if Lady Luck smiles on you. If you win big—or even not so big—you'll need to save a portion of that money for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). What many don't realize, is that those net winnings constitute taxable income. Read more…

Ways to Increase Your Tax Refund You Never Thought About
Laying the groundwork for a tax refund requires some simple tax planning, a little research and some forethought. Reviewing your tax status, consulting your spouse when filling out your W-4s and taking advantage of several tax credits can help you increase your tax refund. TurboTax also can help decide which credits can get you the biggest refund. Read more…

Video: How Your Tax Dollars Are Spent
You know you have to pay your taxes, but do you know exactly what the federal government spends your hard earned money on? If not, you may be surprised to learn how the government spends the taxes it collects each year. Read more…

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