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Filing Tax Form 2441: Child and Dependent Care Expenses
There are a number of eligibility requirements you must satisfy before potentially receiving a child or dependent care credit, so it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the rules before preparing Form 2441. Read more…

Is Your Car Registration Deductible?
Your car registration fees may be partially deductible on your federal income taxes, but only under certain circumstances. Read more…

The 5 Biggest Tax Credits You Might Qualify For
Federal tax credits can be a big help to low-to-moderate-income taxpayers looking to reduce their taxes or maximize their tax refund. Here are the 5 biggest tax credits you might qualify for. Read more…

7 Best Tips to Lower Your Tax Bill from TurboTax Tax Experts
While everyone’s tax situation is different, there are certain steps most taxpayers can take to lower their taxable income. Here are seven great tips from <a href="">TurboTax Live</a> tax experts to help you lower your tax bill. Read more…

Tax Deduction Wisdom—Should You Itemize?
Learn whether you should simply take the no-questions-asked standard deduction or if itemizing your deductions makes more sense. The standard deduction is always easier, but for one out of every four taxpayers, itemizing pays off with a lower tax bill. Browse this tax deduction overview to avoid paying more taxes than you actually owe. Read more…

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