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Earthquake Retrofitting Tax Breaks for Californians
When a moderate earthquake hit Napa, California, in 2014, it cost individual homeowners as much as $300,000 to repair their homes. Most were older structures that weren’t equipped to stand up even to this less-than-devastating quake. For the most part, the cost of earthquake repairs comes out of homeowners’ pockets. Most insurance companies don’t cover earthquake damage and, if they do, it can be expensive and have high deductibles before payments begin. In some cases, you can report damages as deductible casualty loss on your tax return. Read more…

Claiming Property Taxes on Your Tax Return
If you pay taxes on your personal property and owned real estate, they may be deductible from your federal income tax bill. Most state and local tax authorities calculate property taxes based on the value of the homes located within their areas, and some agencies also tax personal property. If you pay either type of property tax, claiming the tax deduction is a simple matter of itemizing your personal deductions on Schedule A of Form 1040. Read more…

Video: How to Claim State Taxes on a Federal Tax Return
Do you live in a state that imposes an income, sales, real estate or personal property tax? If you make payments for any of these taxes, you should know that the IRS may let you deduct them on your federal tax return. Watch this tax tips video from TurboTax for more information on how to claim state taxes on your federal tax return. Read more…

What Are State Tax Forms?
State tax forms are the information forms that you fill out when filing your state income tax return. Here are some details. Read more…

States with the Lowest Taxes and the Highest Taxes
Where you live can help or hinder your ability to make ends meet. A myriad of taxes—property, license, state and local sales, property, inheritance, estate and excise taxes on gasoline—eat away at your disposable income. Weighing the tax landscape against your financial picture lets you stretch your dollars. Here's a roundup of the highest and lowest taxes by state. Read more…

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