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Can You Check for Unclaimed Tax Refunds?
The IRS puts a limit on the time in which you can claim a refund for the over-payment of tax. However, you can't check if you have a refund due to you until you complete a tax return. To amend a prior year return to claim any overpaid taxes, you have three years from the date you filed it. If you didn't file a tax return, then you have two years to submit one in order to claim a refund that you are owed. Read more…

Last Chance to Claim Your Tax Refund
The law gives taxpayers who fail to file their income taxes three years to submit a return and claim a refund. Generally, the three-year countdown starts on the due date of the return, including extensions. Read more…

Will the IRS Keep My Refund if I Didn't File My Taxes Last Year?
If you're concerned about your tax refund being held by the IRS because of unfiled returns, you have a couple of options to reduce or eliminate any extra wait for your current-year refund. Read more…

Tax Law Changes in 2020 That Can Fatten Your Refund
Some changes to tax relief options and forms in 2020 could mean good things for your refund. Learn about a few basic steps you can take in areas such as your retirement account and energy spending to potentially see an increase. Read more…

Smart Strategies for Using Your Tax Refund [Infographic]
According to the IRS, the average federal tax refund for personal tax filers was $2,827 in tax year 2020. While it might be tempting to see this extra cash as a chance to splurge, consider using it to improve your finances. Read more…

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