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7 Most Common Tax Questions Answered by a CPA
CPAs answer a host of tax questions every day about tax returns, deductions, personal finances, and more. Here are some of those FAQs and the answers. Read more…

6 Tax-saving Strategies and Tips from TurboTax Experts
You may know some basic tax-saving strategies to lower your tax bill — now, it's time to explore some less common ways to save when tax time rolls around. Read more…

What Is Form 2848, Power of Attorney, and When Is It Used?
To protect your privacy, IRS employees won't talk to just anyone about your taxes. To give them permission to discuss your taxes with someone else, you'll need Form 2848. Read more…

Tax Attorney vs. CPA: What's the Difference?
Tax attorneys and CPAs are two different, but similar, professionals who can help you with taxes and financial planning. Learn what each one does and when you might call on them for help. Read more…

What Documents Do I Need to Bring to My Tax Preparer?
Whether you prepare your taxes yourself or get help from a tax preparer online or in-store, knowing what documents you'll need at hand can help prevent tax filing errors and possibly lower your tax bill. Read more…

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