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Military Tax Tips

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States that Don't Tax Military Retirement
Taxing military retirement pay is a decision left up to the states. Find out which states don't tax military retirement and what else you should consider before moving to a state that doesn't tax your retirement pay. Read more…

Military Tax Return Filing and Extensions
U.S. military service members have access to a number of extensions, deferments, and other benefits when it comes to their taxes. Read more…

A Salute to Savings: Tax Benefits for the Armed Forces
If you're serving in the armed forces, it's important to understand your military tax advantages so you can make the most of them when filing your tax return. Read more…

Video: Tax Tips for Veterans
As a military veteran, you must also file taxes. But, you can take advantage of several tax benefits the government has made available. Watch this video to see what tax breaks you may be eligible for. Read more…

5 Tax Breaks for Veterans
Whether you have served in the military decades ago, or if you’re ready to retire soon, there are specific tax breaks for veterans that can help you and your family save money on your tax bill — and even file your tax returns for free. Read more…

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