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5 Tax Breaks for Veterans
Whether you have served in the military decades ago, or if you’re ready to retire soon, there are specific tax breaks for veterans that can help you and your family save money on your tax bill — and even file your tax returns for free. Read more…

Top Tax Breaks for Disabled Veterans
The United States government offers several tax breaks and deductions for disabled veterans. As you look at how to take advantage of the available options, follow our guide to ensure you're getting the benefits you deserve. Read more…

Tax Return Filing and Payment Extensions for the Military
The Internal Revenue Service recognizes the fact that members of the United States armed forces are often deployed outside of the U.S. at tax time and gives many military and support personnel an extension on their tax deadlines. Read more…

At Ease Soldier: Extensions for Military Personnel
Military personnel, especially those in active combat zones, have several tax benefits available to them. One of the most important is the filing extension available for those on active duty overseas, which offers soldiers and their families some flexibility in filing and paying taxes during active service. Read more…

Are GI Benefits Considered Income on Your Tax Return?
If you're a service member or a veteran with an honorable discharge, the GI Bill may provide funding to help with college costs.  The benefits can add up to thousands of dollars that you do not have to report as income on your individual income tax return. Read more…

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