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Tax Bracket Calculator 2019

Knowing which tax bracket you are
in can help
you make better financial decisions.
Use our current
Tax Bracket Calculator to estimate your 2019
taxable income
(for taxes filed in 2020):

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2019 Federal Income Tax Rate Schedule

Tax Rate Single filers Married filing
jointly or
qualifying widow(er)
Married filing
Head of household
10% $0 to $9,700 $0 to $19,400 $0 to $9,700 $0 to $13,850
12% $9,701 to $39,475 $19,401 to $78,950 $9,701 to $39,475 $13,851 to $52,850
22% $39,476 to $84,200 $78,951 to $168,400 $39,476 to $84,200 $52,851 to $84,200
24% $84,201 to $160,725 $168,401 to $321,450 $84,201 to $160,725 $84,201 to $160,700
32% $160,726 to $204,100 $321,451 to $408,200 $160,726 to $204,100 $160,701 to $204,100
35% $204,101 to $510,300 $408,201 to $612,350 $204,101 to $306,175 $204,101 to $510,300
37% $510,301 or more $612,351 or more $306,176 or more $510,301 or more

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More About Tax Brackets

With our Tax Bracket Calculator above, you're
closer to getting every dollar
you deserve.
For more
about your how your 2018-2019 tax rates
differ from the new 2019-2020 IRS tax brackets and
federal income tax rates,
or how different rates apply
to different portions of your income, check out
the articles below:


What Is My Tax Bracket?

The federal income tax system is progressive, which
means different tax rates apply to different
portions of
your total income – minus your adjustments and deductions. Under the federal income tax system, “tax bracket” refers
to the highest tax rate charged on your income.

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What Are Tax Tables?

Tax tables like the one above, help you
understand the
amount of
tax you owe
on your filing status, income,
and credits.

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What Is Taxable Income?

Tax brackets only apply to your taxable income. Your deductions and taxable income may
drop you into a lower tax bracket or potentially a higher one.

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Taxable Income vs. Nontaxable Income

Income comes in various forms,
including wages, salaries, interest, tips
and commissions. Nontaxable income
won’t be taxed, whether or not it is
entered on your tax return.

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