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What Is the IRS Form 8283?
If the combined value of all property you donate is more than $500, you must prepare IRS Form 8283. Read more…

Video: Does the IRS Allow Deductions for Donated Work?
The IRS allows you to claim a tax deduction for some out-of-pocket expenses you accrue when volunteering your time. Find out if the IRS allows deductions for your donated work with help from TurboTax in this video clip. Read more…

Charitable Contributions
Learn how to get the biggest tax savings when making charitable contributions of cash or checks, household goods, cars or appreciated property. Read more…

Video: IRS Rules for Charitable Giving
Most donations to places of worship, international relief organizations and war veterans groups are tax-deductible. Learn the IRS rules for charitable contributions, what qualifies and what doesn't. Read more…

Tax Guidelines About Gifting
The IRS requires you to report all taxable gifts you make during the year and pay the appropriate tax. However, due to the generous exclusions and deductions available, the average taxpayer never files a gift tax return or pays gift tax. The intention of the federal government is to only impose a tax on wealthy individuals who dispose of their wealth by making high-value gifts. Read more…

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