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Charitable Contributions You Think You Can Claim but Can't
Knowing what you can and can't claim as charitable contributions helps you maximize the potential tax savings that the charitable tax deduction offers. Read more…

Video: IRS Rules for Charitable Giving
Most donations to places of worship, international relief organizations and war veterans groups are tax-deductible. Learn the IRS rules for charitable contributions, what qualifies and what doesn't. Read more…

Are Contributions to Nonprofit Schools Tax Deductible?
Taxpayers are allowed to claim a deduction for donations they make to qualified organizations. Read more…

Great Ways to Get Charitable Tax Deductions
Generally, when you give money to a charity, you can use the amount of that donation as an itemized deduction on your tax return. However, not all charities qualify as tax-deductible organizations. While there are many types of charities, they must all meet certain criteria to be classified by the IRS as tax-deductible organizations. There are legitimate tax-deductible organizations in many popular categories, such as those listed below. Read more…

7 Feel-Good Tax Breaks: Ways to Get Back When You Give
Some tax deductions offered by the IRS encourage taxpayers to help society. Whether it’s encouraging donations to charity or caring for elderly relatives, there are several ways to reduce your own tax burden and feel good about how you did it. Here are seven tax breaks that might bring a smile to your face. Read more…

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