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A Guide to Social Security Tax
Understanding how the Social Security tax impacts you as an individual taxpayer can be complicated. Here, we provide the answers to a few common questions about this tax, from self-employment to receiving benefits. Read more…

The Golden Years Guide to Tax-Free Retirement
The earlier you begin socking away savings, the much better off you'll be in your "golden years." By using some tax tips, you can end up paying little or no taxes after you retire. Read more…

Taxes in Retirement: 7 Tax Tips for After You Retire
You have several options when it comes to maximizing your savings and tax benefits in retirement. Read more…

Tax Strategies for an Early Retirement
Retirement. The word sounds so good to so many people because of what it implies: a life of leisure, free of the daily grind of workdays that last at least eight or nine hours and as many as 10 or 12 if you are unlucky. But there is one thing from which even retirement does not excuse you: paying taxes. Read more…

Video: Can Disability Beneficiaries File for Taxes?
Wondering whether you can still file a tax return despite receiving some type of disability income? You may still have to file a return and pay taxes on this income. Watch this video to learn more about disability beneficiaries and how you should file your taxes. Read more…

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