Video: What Are Tax Amendments?

Updated for Tax Year 2021 • January 19, 2022 03:33 PM


If you want to make changes to a tax return, you must file an amended return.


Video transcript:

Hello, I'm Sara from TurboTax, with some important information for tax payers who want to amend a tax return.

Did you find out after you filed your taxes that you overlooked a form or need to make a change? Don't worry. Nothing is set in stone. If necessary, you can always make changes and file an amended tax return later on.

If you want to make changes to a return, you must file an amended return within three years of the amended filing deadline. Before taking the time to fill out additional forms, make sure that the change is one that the IRS allows you to make. You can only change your filing status, the number of dependents you claim and income, deduction and credit omissions and errors.

It is not necessary to amend your return if you reported accurate information but made a math error. In most cases, the IRS will notice the error and correct the return for you. If it does not send you notification, it is likely they did not catch it. In that case, you should go ahead and file the amendment.

One thing you should keep in mind is that when you file an amended tax return on form 1040-X the changes you make will most likely effect your state return. Most states allow you to amend a state tax return and it's likely it will be necessary.

TurboTax can help you ensure your return is accurate by double checking for errors and alerting you how to fix them. We also guarantee our calculations are 100% accurate.

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