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Some second stimulus payments delayed due to IRS error

Jan 6: Millions of people, including many TurboTax customers, haven’t received their second stimulus payment due to an IRS error. We’re working tirelessly with the IRS to get you your money within days. Learn more

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  • Stimulus checks

    • The bill includes a second stimulus payment of $600 to qualifying individuals and $1,200 for eligible married couples, plus an additional $600 per qualifying child. See if
      you qualify
    • The IRS will determine eligibility and issue any payments based on info already on file. You can check the status of your payment with the IRS Get My Payment tool.
    • If you were eligible for the first or second stimulus payment but did not receive the full amount you qualify for, you’ll be able to get the missing funds as a tax credit when you file your 2020 taxes. TurboTax will guide you through
      the process.
  • Unemployment

    • Over 30 million Americans filed for unemployment in 2020, many for the first time. We’re ready to help you understand your unemployment benefits and any tax implications at our Unemployment Center.
    • If you have a simple tax return and received unemployment in 2020, file fed and state for $0 with our Free Edition.
  • Self-employed assistance

    • The new stimulus bill also includes a second round of payments under the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Learn more
    • Try our Tax Credit Estimator to calculate any credits related to COVID-19 and visit our Self-Employment Center for a full list of benefits and tax tips.
  • Working from home

    • COVID-19 meant millions suddenly had to work from home. Visit our Work From Home FAQ to get the latest on what home office expenses are deductible and how this could affect your tax return.
    • In TurboTax, we’ll check for every possible deduction, including state-specific tax breaks to guarantee your best possible tax outcome.
  • Investments & retirement

    • See how your stock sales and investments affect your taxes with our free Investments Calculator, and get a full list of investment tax tips by visiting our Investments HUB.
    • If you took money out of retirement for reasons related to COVID-19, you won’t pay a penalty and you can spread out the taxes over 3 years, with an option to pay back what you took out. Learn more
  • Multiple state returns

    • Working remotely inspired many to relocate or move back home with family. Whatever your reason, our State Resource Center can help you understand the different state tax requirements for residents, non-residents, and part-year residents.
    • In TurboTax, we’ll walk you through which states you need to file and pay taxes in so you can feel confident your taxes are filed accurately.
  • Common tax questions and answers related to coronavirus: See FAQs


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