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An E-filing Environment—Did You Know?
<a href="https://turbotax.intuit.com/personal-taxes/online/e-file-taxes/">E-filing tax returns</a> has been increasing steadily in the last eight years, which is good news for our trees. Learn how e-filing helps our environment. Read more…

E-file: Income Tax Return Electronic Filing
Forget that paper tax return! Electronic filing (e-filing), online tax preparation and online payment of taxes are getting more popular every year. If you've wondered about e-filing, here are the answers to frequently asked questions, including why e-filing is a good idea, which states let you e-file, how much e-filing costs, and how soon you'll receive your refund. Read more…

Tax Tips for Avoiding E-file Rejections
The Internal Revenue Service can reject your e-filing for a wide range of reasons. However, if you implement some basic tips, you may be able to avoid unnecessary e-file rejections. Read more…

Video: Can I E-File If I Owe Taxes?
Filing your tax return online can be extremely convenient. But did you know the IRS also allows you to make payments on taxes you owe from previous years? Watch this video to learn more about e-filing your taxes. Read more…

Video: E-filing for a Faster Refund
TurboTax makes it easy to e-file your tax returns, so you can have your tax refund in your bank (or your pocket) as quickly as possible. Read more…

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Video: What to Do If Your Tax Return Is Rejected by the IRS

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