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Are Short-Term Disability Claim Payments Considered Earnings?
Temporary disability, such as an injury, serious medical condition, or even pregnancy, can be covered by short-term disability payments obtained through private insurers, and they may be part of an employer's compensation to employees. Whether the payments are taxable depends on how and when they are paid. Read more…

Video: Tax Credits for Disabled Dependents
Taking care of a disabled dependent can qualify you for several tax benefits and deductions. Watch this video and find out what they are. Read more…

Tax Tips for Caring for a Disabled Spouse
Caring for a disabled spouse can be a financial strain, but you do have opportunities to reduce the burden. There are many tax credits and other tax breaks available for disabled individuals and their caretakers. Among the most common are the Tax Credit for the Elderly or Disabled, the Child or Dependent Care Credit, and the Medical Expenses tax deduction. Read more…

Tax Tips for the Blind
Anyone whose field of vision falls at or below 20 degrees, who wears corrective glasses but whose vision is 20/200 or less in his best eye, or who has no eyesight at all, meets the legal definition of being blind and is eligible for certain tax deductions. Read more…

Is Social Security Disability Income Taxable?
To qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance, you must meet certain conditions. We’ll help you navigate your eligibility and tax responsibility for Social Security disability income. Read more…

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