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Rated 5 out of 5 by One helpful tip I feel you should rethink how you lay out one thing on your step by step process. There were times, during the step by step walkthrough, I would click a "tell me more" highlighted word section. Often something I just didn't understand or wanted to be sure I did not need to fill out. The information was often really helpful and explained what I needed to do or if I needed to fill it out. The issue came when I would try to close that box. At the bottom of those pop ups there would be a "was this info helpful" question. In instinct I found myself hitting "no" when I did find it helpful. I did this several times giving you guys false feedback. I think I was doing this because I wanted to say that I did not want to continue/fill out that form, much like you would after the information box was lowered to move on to the next question. I would wonder if this is happening to other people and you are getting a lot of "not helpful" information readings when really they just want to close the box or not fill out that form. February 4, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by By myself in 2015 This is the first year I have ever done and filed my taxes on my own so being able to do that in itself is a huge accomplishment for me. Everything was easy enough to go through however I was a little frustrated when it came to price. I originally opted for the service that was $29.99 and when given the option for the added security if ever I were audited I thought better be safe than sorry since, again, this is the first time I've ever done my taxes on my own. I thought that my cost would be going up from $29.99 to $39.99, which I was happy to pay for the piece of mind. I was discouraged when I found that the $39.99 was in addition to the cost of filing. plus an additional $30 to pay these fees using your return. Somewhat disappointing but I suppose it just comes with the territory when the overall service is easy to use. I will definitely be keeping this in mind for next year. I would definitely recommend Turbo Tax to friends but will be sure to tell them to be aware of all the extra fees as they add up fast. March 2, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Third Year in a Row with TURBO TAX! I love Turbo Tax! I recommend it to my co workers; friends; and family. Why let a tax agency like HR Block; Jackson Hewitt etc...take $200 or more from your hard earned money to file your taxes when Turbox Tax guarantees maximum refund; checks for any mistakes; walks you through each step and explains in detail what you are eligible for and what you aren't. I have used them 3 years in a row NO PROBLEMS; HEADACHES ETC...Easy to use smooth sailing and a FAST RETURN!: ) $29.99 with the option to pay for it out of your tax return you can't beat that! E-Filing is offered and next year all your information is saved so you don't have to retype everything. When you purchase a home or need documentation of your tax returns all you have to do is log in and print it: ) If you own a business; a home etc...TURBO TAX is set up for every scenario and very user friendly! The extra money you save using Turbo Tax you could put towards your family or put towards an investment. It's Awesome! You really can't go wrong with TURBO TAX! January 21, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by AMAZING!!! For the past 3+ years, I've been using HR Block Online. Each year, I haven't been totally confident in what i was actually filing. Because I moved from Iowa to Nebraska this year, everything got a little more complicated. I was VERY unsure of the return I was going to submit this year via HR Block's Online Program. Numbers were incorrectly pulling from my federal report and it was a nightmare. I used their HR Tax Professional Chat option and that was USELESS, as I was on the chat for 45+ minutes and still not confident in what I was inputting. Finally, I decided I would try Turbo Tax and see if that was any better. Literally, EVERYTHING on Turbo Tax is very well detailed and even a squirrel could file their taxes with Turbo Tax...if they had taxes of course. :) Definitely going to recommend Turbo Tax to many friends and family, as I' know that they either go to a direct tax professional (and pay EXTREME amounts of money might I add) or use HR Block's Online Program. They'll thank me for how quick they get through their tax returns next year! March 22, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Easier Than I thought At first, I thought this Turbo Tax process was going to be difficult for me to understand, but it wasn't after all. I was expecting the service to be absolutely free, but there is a California processing fee, and there is an audit insurance fee (optional), and then there is one more Turbo Tax fee for processing. The end result is that it cost me under $100.00 for everything, the plus side is that it would have cost me more money to go to a tax accountant or broker. In addition, my payment was able to be withdrawn from my tax refund. I chose Turbo Tax instead of going to a free tax service that is offered through the community services because I was not sure that I would have the time or opportunity to even gain access to this free community service. Turbo Tax gave me more options such as direct checking deposit, insurance, a guarantee, a printable contract etc. I feel I can relax, my taxes are done and I can move on. Just have to wait three to four weeks for my refund, but that is to be expected with most tax refunds anyway. February 23, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Things have changed for the worse more confusing. came to turbo tax thru my credit union stating it was free. signed in, opted for the $29 upgrade. later in the program it shows the $29 charge with a strike through and saying it's free due to absolute zero. then later the $29 charge is back and taken out of my return. The direct deposit is more confusing this year and it asks you to verify your information (email address) with BANK but you can't change it. Then at the very end, it asks me to double check my email address and I was able to change it. Hope the BANK program gets it. Also, it asks for your routing and account number and later it asks you to verify. during the verification, you have to scroll inside this tiny box to look at the form. it says _checking or _savings account and will not allow you to change it. then, neither company (turbo tax, or BANK) want to be responsible for your funds not getting transmitted to the bank properly and on top of that, they will charge you a $20 or $25 fee or both to cancel the direct deposit and mail you a check. What happened turbo tax?? January 23, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Only Two Complaints 1) I paid for something online using a service which let me do that. It made me the offer that if I used it I need pay it merely $40 to repay it for paying $50 for my yearly membership. Was I supposed to pay tax on the $10 "given" to me? I asked a tax-preparing lady on the telephone. She thought not. I wanted an answer from TurboTax. 2) I thought TurboTax promised that I could print my taxes right after I filed them; so, I did not print them before filing based on that promise. After I filed them I was unable to print them. I think it jumped forward past the place where I could have had the tax forms printed. In some year past I was able to print the form(s) out. 2 continued) After filing I checked whether TurboTax had put my forms into the Vault rather than let me print them; so, I went to my Vault here but did not find the tax forms for my federal and state filings. 1 & 2) I grasp that the first issue might be hard to correct because surely many questions come at you, but the second seems to be a coming down from past performance. Please correct it. February 11, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Easy and Worry Free Overall, I love Turbotax and have used them for years. I especially like that they carry my past returns from year to year. A couple times I have been away from my home files and needed to access the information quickly- Turbotax allows me this privilege. Admittedly, as an unmarried mid-thirty year old, most of my tax situation fulfills the 1040 EZ; however, I've had a few business expenses that qualify for some extra tax credit. This is where sometimes Turbotax lacks in their explanations. But their 100% guarantee helps me feel confident that if there is an issue with my claims, their software will catch it- or at least they will provide the support if anything comes back. I do hate their suggestions of upselling options, especially since most of my tax report is sufficient for a 1040EZ- although this years return for 2014 had much less of that. This years option for a free federal deduction to cover the PLUS version was a pleasant surprise. Listen- taxes can be stressful. All in all, the peace of mind Turbotax provides is worth the extra few dollars from my pocket. March 14, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Ambiguity Be Gone This was my first time using TurboTax. My case was a standard 1040 EZ file, so this raving review applies to a simple case (i.e., straightforward W-2), and I filed federal and state returns for free. I previously used EZ Tax Return and enjoy TurboTax much more. For one, when it advertises free filing for those eligible, it is true to its word (unlike other programs that tag on fees you must pay in order to file, and then you end up paying because you spent all that time with that software). Not TurboTax. You may upgrade for a fee and TurboTax will naturally recommend this, but this is your choice. Credits and deductions you may qualify for and itemize almost fall into your lap--the program makes it very easy and lists for you everything you may claim, qualify, or don't qualify for. It's very organized and easy to understand. If there is anything you don't understand or are unsure about (even the best of us might not remember it all), numerous links throughout each section are offered that clarify everything in unambiguous terms. I am so pleased with TurboTax and strongly recommend it. February 4, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Learning something new every time I use this software because of the guarantee; I like the sense of immunity against being rejected for an oversight I made on the form. TurboTax's ubiquitous explanations are super useful, far more so than the typical legal FAQ you can find online for free. For someone who likes to know every detail of a thing before he's confident he understands it, those inclusions are critically important; next to the step-by-step layout, they're the most invaluable aspect of the site in my opinion. The only thing that suffers from TT not being a human is that when I have a question the software guys didn't anticipate (like why I got a deduction for student interest AND the standard deduction, because I thought anything beyond the standard was considered an itemized deduction), I had to spend time figuring out why TT was doing something I didn't understand. However, that's part of the learning process and I appreciated the better understanding of how deductions work for getting refunds that I gained from having to study the prepared tax document PDF that was provided. I anticipate the system will get even more intuitive and better at anticipating "user error" with time. February 10, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great Product! This was my first time filing my own taxes. The program was very simple and easy to use. I realized when answering my questions that I didn't have one of my papers needed to complete my 1098T so I had to save it until I received it in the mail. When I went back to fill in the information it told me I didn't qualify for a refund. I knew this wasn't correct because I didn't even get to enter my amount paid for tuition. The first time I called they said they would call me back in 15 minutes. 32 minutes later I called them and it said they would call me back. I filed a second number and then called them again. 10 minutes later I received a phone call from a representative. She wasn't able to help me so she transferred me to a Tax Advisor. I waited at least 5 minutes before she was available. She was able to get on the screen with me to see what I was looking at. She was able to guide me back through to where I had entered "No" instead of "Yes" which made it able for me to enter my tuition amount paid. This increased my refund by $2500. Once you get through to a specialist they really do know what they are talking about! Highly recommend even though the phone time was extensive. February 4, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Easiest version of TurboTax ever! I have filed with TurboTax for at least the last 5 years. I usually use the online version, but last year I downloaded the software to my MacBook Pro via the App store - WHAT A MISTAKE, and a waste of $. This year, I filed online again, and it was the easiest and simplest to understand version of the software I have ever used. I liked the clean minimalist approach of the software, and it did have a lot of use explanations and features I didn't care about. Not to mention, you can't beat the price. Oh, and usually when you chose to pay for something, they hiked up the price if you didn't want to submit your own credit card or debit card information. Not this year. It was the same about if you wanted to have it deducted from your return or if you wanted to pay. I fell like with all the other competitive tax filing options, Intuit really stepped up to the plate. I was temped to try H & R block this year because of the $9.00 state filing fee, but after this years amazing experience, even though I had to file in 2 states, I don't think I would ever change tax preparation software. I'm so happy and pleased with this company, the easy of their product and the quality of work they produce. THANK YOU! February 5, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Years of awesome service and no complaints I have been using this service for nearly 10 ten years. In the last 5 years I got married, started a family, and also went back to college for a couple of degrees; Turbo Tax has been there for my growing family and I every step of the way. I love being able to file at the same place every year and also review previous tax returns or not having to worry about searching for a copy of a tax return (as long as it's within the last 36-48 months, of course). I have never been audited and even if we were, we always opt to have Turbo Tax represent us (you never know, it may happen when you least expect it). I looked into other tax services like H&R Block but they wanted a heft fee of $230 for processing our tax return; which, by the way, was painfully long and sometimes we felt like the guy had no idea what he was doing. We did not continue with filing once he told us the fee...AT THE END after almost 2 hours. Then we looked into other online services and it seemed they were really not equipped to accommodate military service members. Overall, we stayed with Turbo Tax and from the looks of it, we are not going anywhere else for services unless this site goes down or they go bankrupt (I hope I did not jinx anyone...). February 8, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Quick and excellent, accurate service I've used TurboTax for the past two years and am more than satisfied with the service. Sitting down and filing taxes was always a hated chore despite the fact that I've always received federal tax refunds (but usually will have to pay additional state tax, but when using TurboTax, I'm completely done with my federal and state returns in less than an hour. All you have to do is have the proper forms handy and in front of you; just fill in several boxes, choose which additional tax breaks that you want the software to examine and the TurboTax does the rest. It's easy, it's painless, and there are convenient links in case you have any questions. A quick note: I was in dire financial trouble this year because my university posted a late charge to my account which contained all of the money that I set aside for rent and living expenses. When I used TurboTax and entered all of my basic information (not expecting much, because I only worked a summer job and received grants for the year), I found that my refund was slightly more than the funds that I lost! Out of gratitude I switched from the "free" option to "paid" (you can pay Intuit using your tax refund instead of your bank account if you want). It's a great service and is HIGHLY recommended. February 8, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Over and done with I have used TurboTax the past five years or so and it is the best thing to use if you don't have complex tax issues like having your own business. The most detail stuff I have had to do is entering education info (from being in college; taking courses for work, etc.) and at one time I worked two jobs in two different states (I live close to the line). It wasn't hard to get started and gets easier and quicker to do each year providing your situation doesn't change much. I both like and worry about TurboTax keeping my info to streamline my next filing experience. In the back of my head I do worry about hackers and the idea of my info being susceptible but I really don't worry about it much more than the info I give a site to buy things. You just have to be wise about it. I have used a walk-in tax service before (H&R Block) which took a lot of time and caused me my refund to pay for. I have also used an independent place to do my taxes and wasn't as bad. But I enjoy the control of doing it myself since my needs are not complex as it is for folks with their own business. I prefer TurboTax and my situation has changed since using it like change of job, place of residence and added occasional education needs. If your needs are simple this is the easiest way. February 14, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by No more taxing tax returns I was TERRIFIED of preparing and filing a tax return for the very first time myself, without the assistance of a large, renowned and (very) expensive national corporation. I was amazed at how quickly and easily the program was to download and use - "Idiot-proof" - for not-so-tech-savvy and even-less-tax-versed people as myself. I did everything from the comfort of my home. I didn't have to make an appointment weeks or months in advance, leave my humble abode, brave the weather and sit in an office with multiple #flu-and-cold# sniffeling #sniveling?# other IRS-frightened tax preppers just to be confronted with some high-paid "bean-counter" that seemed annoyed with my inveritable questions regarding the newest changes in the tax laws that may #or may not# pertain to me. TurboTax made it so simple and affordable - as well as HUMOROUS, too #so - did I win a prize?!# to complete my tax return. I was able to complete a return in record time, and keep so/way much more of my hard-earned money for myself - Vacation - here I come! I AM A BELIEVER and recommend TurboTax to all my friends, co-workers, co-shoppers, co-crafters, co-conspiritors, CO-WHAT- and ALL-EVERS .. Is there a fan club? Y'all rule! Thanks to your company/creators for a positive and rewarding #more than just financially# experience! See ya next year, Michaela Thomas February 25, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Smooth Process I've use TurboTax each year for going on probably 8 years now. I love that you can have last year's tax info populated into this year's, which makes it especially easy if you don't have an address- or life-change. Granted, I don't have many forms (only 1099-DIV and 1098-E for this year), but I had no problem finding and entering the information from these forms. Last year I had a Sch C as well, and it was an easy enough process when it was applicable (with Deluxe version, I believe). It did tell me this year that I had to include the Schedule C when I first started because I had it last year, and it was giving me issues at first when running the final check, but then I was able to go back into the income section later and delete the form out entirely. If I had read more closely instead of breezing through the whole process, I may have realized that earlier...but that's just another testament to me of how simple TurboTax makes the process. You still need to pay attention, but a little reading comprehension will go a long way. :) Plus being able to deduct the cost from the refund is always nice. I would definitely recommend TurboTax to anyone who does not have all kinds of crazy forms and situations that need a discerning personal eye...and even if that's the case, I'm sure they have a version for it. I'm just glad I don't need it. January 28, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by need work with amending First, I foolishly e-filed February 2, when I thought that all W-2's were already in hand. Turns out after I filed that three more came in, on one day, then another, and by February 6 I had four W-2's to submit, which changed my income and tax return amount, PLUS I got a corrected W-2 form an employer that came a week later after the January 31 deadline. I went to amend, it reads the option wont be ready til after February 12, so I had to wait. When I was finally inputting for the amendment option, today, February 15, I get the news that the initial $391 (that was whittled down from the original over $800 I was going to get back before the missing W-2's showed up) refund is no longer but now I owe over $400! I had followed direction to delete prior W-2 and then put the new one in, clicking "corrected", and somehow things went weird, although the notation stated that the information was THE SAME on both W-2, noting "no difference". I'm supposed to trust now either TurboTax or the IRS will figure this out as I don't believe I owe. I tried to get further deductions on travel and job seeking, and that made things more convoluted. I gave up. Now I worry about the IRS thinking I'm trying to get over. Disappointed with employers not getting their W-2 to me on time, and disappointed with the last minute change that may need to be reviewed again by the IRS. Not happy! February 15, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Yes, my zip code is in fact a valid zip code. I used to use Turbo Tax a few years back when I would do my taxes with my mother. After she passed in 2012 I had to do my taxes on my own the following spring in 2013. For whatever reason I decided to use a different software. I had used it the last two years with reasonable ease, I went back more or less because I had used it the year before. This year when I went to enter my information it kept telling me that my zip code was not a valid zip code for the state I live in. How that changed from the previous two years is BEYOND my understanding. At any rate, my boyfriend of 5 years has been using this software and has always had great results with it so I decided to come back to it alone. What do you know? MY ZIP CODE EXISTS! It didn't just magically disappear from existence overnight as the other software would have me believe. That is of course sarcasm but you understand my point. I'm a busy full time college student with a house, dog, job, and garden to tend to. I do not have time to argue with a computer or customer service phone line about whether or not my zip code is correct. I was also pleasantly surprised at the walk through on this software. It felt as friendly as a software could possibly and I enjoyed the programming behind making it truly user friendly. Thank you Turbo Tax. I can now get back to planting my blueberry bushes and making my boyfriends birthday cake! March 13, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by A Cake Walk! I was reluctant to ever use Turbo Tax because my best friend told me a few years ago that she checked out the site, as well as others and they were more expensive (including Turbo Tax) and they were giving basically the same results. So she ultimately decided to go with Tax Act. I trust her opinion, so I chose to use the same program as well without seeing for myself. They were my go-to for the past few years until someone I work with raved about Turbo Tax recently. It was his first time using them and he was beyond satisfied. When I began my return with the usual tax program, I decided I would check out Turbo Tax just to see what my numbers were looking like over there. What do u know, Federal was over $500 more, I got to admit, my State was $45 less, I re-did it to make sure I didn't miss anything, but it was the same. I will take an extra $500 anyday, it's okay about the $45. And by the way, I re-did TA's questions to make sure I submitted the correct info and it was the same, so I decided to go with Turbo Tax. I find Turbo Tax's questions much more simplified than the other program. I didn't feel so anxious and frightened, lol with all the alerts and other tax pages like the other program. And I don't mind that Turbo Tax was only an extra $10. They got me more money, they give u the option of deducting the payment from your refund if u don't have it to spare, and it was less challenging and took up far less time. February 13, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Good product I'm no accountant (though I am in school to become one). My wife and I are well under the poverty line and I don't have many investments to speak of, so my tax return is probably simpler than many people's, but TurboTax makes it dang easy to get it all done and in the hands of the IRS so I can get my refund. They go through every possible step and explain everything clearly. They literally cover every possible way that you could add to your refund (or deduct from what you owe, I suppose). The other great thing about TurboTax is their pricing. Many other tax preparation services I've come in contact with charge at least $50, often more. TurboTax is free for basic returns, and although they push for their plus services quite a bit (how many times must I say I don't want those extra features?), they make it easy for you to pay little to nothing to file your refund. And, if you have the money, the deluxe services really is a good deal for future convenience and security. All in all, I intend to use TurboTax until the world ends or the IRS is dissolved (guess which one will happen first?). If you're on the fence about using TurboTax or another tax preparation service, whether online or in person with an accountant, just trust me. Turbotax will get you the maximum amount possible for the lowest price in town. It's just as easy as going to see someone in person, and you will actually be smarter about tax credits and deductions afterwards. Just do it. February 20, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Filed only my federal I used TurboTax to file my single refund.It was very easy to use but my here's what I didn't like. If you don't happen to have $30 on a credit card OR have an open checking account, you can't get your state refund. You see, TurboTax offers free Federal tax returns only, meaning you have to pay for state refunds. For me in Minnesota it was $27.99. It gave me the option to pay now with a credit card or have it deducted from my federal refund. Well, I don't have $27.99, so I chose to have it deducted from my federal refund. I proceeded to choose to have my refund paid to me via a Visa Netspend because it was made to look like a fast and convenient way to be paid. I felt like I was being teased when it tells me "We're sorry, we can't offer you a NetSpend Premier® Visa® Prepaid Card" and doesn't offer and explanation. Then I thought "Okay, I'll just have a paper check sent." So I look at the page with other options to be paid and it says that the paper check option is only available to those who pay the $27.99 NOW with a credit card. (State filing IS NOT FREE). So that leaves only direct deposit to a checking account OR the Visa card, both of which don't apply to me. It was quite infuriating. Quite infuriating, knowing that I had to delete my state refund in order to proceed with my taxes. Once I did that, I was able to select the paper check option and file only my federal taxes. All in all, I think TurboTax is a nice program to file tax refunds, however, this problem should be known. February 24, 2015
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