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Rated 4 out of 5 by More helpful to provide customer service number After entry of Federal income tax related data and State data, I did not have a chance to finish the returns (Federal & State) until a month later. When I re-launch the system, it recognized that data entry for state was completed, but the screen does not provide a way to go back to Federal data section to make changes. It was a screen without an icon/tab to allow going back to re-edit income/expense data. I wish there is a phone number that I can call to describe the screen which (I think) is caused by a system glitch. I have to start a new return and I did not have that kind of problem with the new return. Therefore; I think that it is a glitch caused by ??? (not sure it is software or hardware related). March 12, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Turbor-Tax Business Review I have used Turbo Tax Home and Business in the past and have always been happy with the ease of use of the program, I did not think I would be disappointed with Turbo Tax Business...and I am not disappointed. However, for some reason I had experienced a lot of problems with error messages and it seems the program would stop running. The program would not recognize that I do in fact have Adobe Reader installed and I had many problems getting PDF files to print for me without having to continually create files to print from my desktop. Tips and info were good for navigating through what expenses are, but of course, there could always be more help in that regard. Overall, I had a good experience using the program. March 3, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by It worked fine for me So far so good. I e-filed and everything seemed to work fine. I saw some negative reviews online, but it worked fine for my simple income tax. I think that there is room for improvement on the expense section. I found myself deleting from a section and adding the same info in another section that I thought was more relevant. My income tax was simple, but for complex ones, it would be nice if the program were smarter and show options to eliminate double reporting. Perhaps the use of tag names of descriptions can help the program identify items that may be double booked by accident. I added the State to my business filing, but the software did not ask for payment. I now have to figure out how I have to pay for it. March 14, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Pretty Good with a few buggy points. Couple of strange issues. First, my balance sheet. It would not balance! Finally, I put all the numbers in Excel and used the round function on them. Looks like the way Turbo Tax only handles whole numbers made my sheet $1 off. With the original numbers, everything balanced to the penny, but with TT rounding up and down it threw if off by a dollar. Secondly, I had a signed pdf to attach. I looked at it to make sure it was the one with my signature. I looked at it through the desktop and the Turbo Tax view. Every thing was fine. I went to efile and Turbo Tax had eaten the pdf. It was nowhere to be found. Scanned it back in and it took the second time around. Just a few strange issues, but overall a good experience. March 8, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by 2015 tax changes well done! Been using the BIZ version since 2008 and still the best! Tried others to make sure (Lassiter & HR Block), but you're still far and wide the best. I especially like the supporting data sheets that can be market to not send/print and the multiple pass checks for inconsistencies and errors! Especially for California (always an admin burden). A partnership has to distribute K1's by 28 Feb, but you are never in a position to get Texas reporting electronically by then, so always have to mail it. Is it a Texas problem or your's? For CA this year, I pre-bought LLC reporting for my second small company (as every year), but the system did not accept it and I had to buy CA Corp. as well. Can I somehow return the unused CA LLC Corp? March 1, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Eh. I've used Turbo Tax for many years for my personal taxes. This is the second year I've used it for Corporate taxes. Last year, my taxes were simpler - new business, no income. This year, I had to do the balance sheet. What a nightmare. The instructions aren't all that helpful, and god forbid a person needs to edit their retained earnings directly on the form. If I hadn't spent an entire day...and by that, I mean, in excess of 12 hours, working on this, I would think Turbo Tax was great. But factoring in the opportunity cost of my lost time fighting with the software, I really need to consider paying a professional next year. This was just NOT as user-friendly as it used to be, and there needs to be a MAC version for business. March 16, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by My Business Taxes Review I have used Turbo-Tax for several years, and it seems they get better and better at navigating the more and more complicated tax codes. I like that I can switch back and forth between "step-by-step" and "forms". I also like that I can jump around between forms to check on stuff and do what-if scenarios. And when it is finished I can do an error check to be sure there is no mistakes. One thing I would ask: When the opportunity presents itself to "override" a field, there should be a shortcut to where the subject number is generated or entered. I have found "overrides" are generally not a good idea, but when a number sometimes doesn't make sense, it is not immediately obvious where that number came from or where we should to go to fix it properly. March 4, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Almost worked as described.... This is my first time using TurboTax Business 2014 - and I really enjoyed it! Very easy to use, simplifies all questioning, provides tons of explanations. It was a very painless process. However, after all was said and done, it would not allow me to E-File my federal return. After 3 days of technical troubleshooting (I'm a professional I.T. Technician, so I'm quite confidant with my computer and internet connection), searching help forums, and even falling back on good ol' Google, I still was unable to avoid the "We're having internet transmission problems" error message. Very frustrating to not have the E-File option, having paid $150 for the software. I finally resorted to printing my return for mail delivery. Oh well, lesson learned, I guess... February 18, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by When importing S-Corp Business from Quick Books to Corp edition, all numbers seem to import fine from Balance sheet and P&L etc... but when doing final review, Rounding of cents always seem to off by $1, when the books are 100% in balance. This forces me to go back and fudge (technical term) something that I know should be correct to fix the rounding issue. Also, as above, every year I when the software goes through its review, I end up having to "override" my company name as is to stop the error. There are a couple of other overrides that I need to do because of a couple of pop-up errors during review that continually pop up year after year. Most of which I have to enter 0 or 100% from things that should have been imported form previous return or from an answered question. March 9, 2015
Rated 1 out of 5 by VERY difficult to navigate, very awkward program We have a partnership with disproportionate sharing of Profits vs Losses and Equity interests are different as well. The navigation through the forms is HORRIBLE and very difficult to reconcile. Not at all intuitive and even confusing! The source data for some of the forms is not clear, making reconciliation very tedious. This could be a great program if the data entry were shifted to a worksheet with columns for each partner and partnership totals. This would greatly facilitate reconciliation and entry of the numbers. This is my second year using this product and I was terribly disappointed that Intuit had not made improvements. Next year I will investigate other alternatives, This product is certainly not up to Intuit's Turbo Tax standards, which I find are generally outstanding... March 16, 2015
Rated 1 out of 5 by Corporation & Sm Business edition is not great I am a seasoned user of the personal editions of TurboTax and they work great. The corporation edition is NOT the same. The QuickBooks Pro to TurboTax mapping works terrible. It missed several entries and placed others in the wrong lines on the tax return. One entry was even double entered. Once on the right line and another time on the wrong line. Even the cost of goods sold calculations that TurboTax uses are not the same as the ones that QuickBooks Pro uses. Needless to say, these major mistakes throw the balance sheets off by thousands of dollars and required many many hours of effort to track down. Definitely not user friendly software. But I guess the bottom line is that an amateur like me with help from a professional CPA was able to file a corporation return that I believe is accurate. February 17, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by It may not be the best, but there are none better I gave my review a 4 out of 5 stars only because I can't compare to anyone else...I've been using Turbo Tax for nearly 25 years. If I wasn't the first I'm pretty close and I have used it EVERY year since I started. I know TT will ask if I want to pre-order for next year, but , this is the final year for this business return. I wish that last year's return had told me which version of TT I was going to need to complete for this year's submittal. I ended up buying Home & Business first (wrongly) then needed to purchase the full on Business version because after I started I realized I wasn't getting the proper directions... Water under the bridge or over the dam... I will continue to use TT not because it's the best...I haven't tried the others to know if they are better or worse than TT, For sure TT is my choice. January 31, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by TT Business Return Overall was an acceptable experience. I have been using TT Business for a least 5 years. Easier than doing it by hand. Import of info from last year's return failed to import any of the LLC members or their info. Had to re-enter by hand. As it did last year, the program created two blank member forms in my Federal return, which I deleted. Unfortunately, I didn't delete them until after I had done my state return. It was impossible to delete the two blank LLC member forms from my state return. The only way I could recover was to remove the state return and start over. Figuring depreciation for a new asset was calculated one way the first time through the program. When I changed to a more descriptive title a few weeks later, the program came up with a significantly different number. Never could figure out why there was a difference. February 19, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Works Great, but wish it was All-In-One! Be honest... Ok. I require both business level software and personal software to compute my taxes for the year. I have also visited with many others over this issue and come to find out most of them are in the same position. All of those that have small businesses that file as a 'S' or 'C' Corp do to tax benefits have to buy 2 versions. Looking at the file size of the Turbo Tax 'Business' software, (142Mb), I would also think that this is the most complex version that TT has to offer, and a DVD could easily hold both personal and business versions. That being said, I don't see why all versions can't be bundled together in one product. The only reason I can come up with that they are all separate is the all mighty dollar. the more versions you sell, the more money you can bring in for your software. This is extremely sad since the majority of us out here are barely getting by as it is. March 16, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Form 1120 S and VA form 502 I have been using Turbo Tax for many years. While the personal tax programs are easy to follow and use, the business programs still are not totally satisfactory. For example, this return has income from an installment sale. Although the information was properly carried over from last year, I couldn't find it until I went directly to the forms. There really is no reason for that. When I was in the "income" section of the guide, the installment sale number from the prior year should have been there as a reminder. My second complaint has to do with E-Filing. This is my first year using it. The process for the Federal Return was fine. But I cannot E-file the Virginia return through Turbo Tax. This is most disappointing because Virginia now requires that all Pass Through Entities (PTEs) file electronically.. If this is not corrected, I will be forced to find another software product to use. February 17, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by 2014 TurboTax Business As long as the entries were straight forward, the software worked fine, but when you needed to determine what was needed for something to work correctly, the TurboTax information was very vague and normally useless in helping to resolve the problem. The display screens hyping the CPA experience that went into reviewing the software for correctness must have been spent on reviewing pictures instead of making sure the software did what it was intended to do. Information entered on the Federal return, did not always carry over to the state part correctly and in some cases was incorrect and the error field had to be overridden in order to print the state 1065 with the correct information. During the Help topics process, the information was nonexistent, limited or not very helpful in determining what was required to correct the problem. Isn’t the reason we use the TurboTax software is to make our lives easier and our tax returns correct? March 20, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Business Taxes complete I have been using TurboTax for my personnal taxes since 2001 and my corporation taxes since 2008. TurboTax has always been easy to use and I feel that it maximizes my information to reduce my tax liability to the fullest extent possible. Since 2004 I have also purchased the audit defense package. At first I thought this might be a waste of my funds. However, I have had three IRS tax audits since purchasing the package. In every one, the audit defence team were extremely helpful and professional. In every case, the final decisions reached were in my favor. In fact, during one audit where the IRS were requesting additional taxes in the amout of $25,000 including interest and penalties. The audit defense team helped work through the claims and when all was finished, I received refund of almost $600. A very pleasant surprise to say the least.. Thanks TurboTax for being my partner all these years. I look forward to many more! March 6, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Still buggy TurboTax Business still lags behind other TurboTax products in ease of use and accuracy. I still have to enter everything in a spreadsheet first to have the calculations ready before copying into TurboTax, so it doesn't save me that much time. The 2014 edition still has the same bugs I've reported in many previous years. When launching, there are problems with applying updates. When it completes the update and you click the Continue button, it closes the program instead of opening the program. When saving returns for filing or for records, it doesn't have a consistent naming scheme and can overwrite existing files of the same name (example K1) from other returns. It should include the year as the first part of the name. It rounds numbers at every step instead of at the end, so every year the balance sheet or income statement is $1 off. Normally, it charges separately for the state 1120S and 1041, but this year, it said it "recovered" the state and didn't charge. March 16, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by FORM 1065 FOR A GENERAL PARTNERSHIP This return was completed for a General Partnership located in NH. NH does not require a Partnership return, but Turbo Tax would not let me Print and File just the Federal return. As I did not complete the State return when I chose to File by Mail, it jumped to the "Pick the Returns to Print" window. I selected Federal to print and NH not to print. it just circled back to Mail a Return/E-File a return. I could not continue from that point and had to jump to the menu bar and chose to print k-1's, and save and print the returns from the Print Center. Many of the lines need duplicate explanation information. It would be great if you could save the detail, so you could just copy it into the next miscellaneous statement or Line supplemental information, without having to retype the same info over and over again. The partnership return step by step needs considerable improvement for anyone unfamiliar with the completion of the Form 1065. I had to refer to the IRS instructions over and over as the Turbo Tax help and instructions were not at all specific to the line items. February 27, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Sorely Disappointed I can't remember the specific line numbers, but schedule L does not get filled in very accurately when transferring from Quickbooks. One would think that since Intuit makes both products that the balance sheet replication between the two would be seamless and 100% accurate. Every year I struggle with the schedule and more or less "hand groom" every single line on schedule L. I'm not an accountant nor bookkeper so this consumes roughly 3-4 full days of my time. 2013 was the first year I was required to complete Schedule L and after having to go back and forth between 2013/2014 I noticed a glaring error in my 2013 return on Schedule L. This required me to send an amended return for 2013. I believe this is due to the fact that TT doesn't handle transitions years when the previous year doesn't require the form but requires it on subsequent years and it carries "over" a bogus value. That's what happened to me. Other than the year displaying as 2014 I did not notice any discernible improvement from 2013. It looks like you did the minimum to make it work with 2014 and called it "good". Being the premier software maker for small businesses I would think you could do much, much better. February 23, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Worked but with effort In general the program handled well, but there were some mysterious goings on that made me Have to check EVERYTHING to ensure it was done correctly. i.e. When I indicated in the "interview" mode that a K-1 was the last one from that partnership I was getting, TurboTax did NOT utilize the losses properly and give me those to offset income. I found that I had to go to the form and manually check the box that said I sold all the shares of the partnership. Then the losses were allowed and things proceeded along. The line by line help has deteriorated to the point that I spent a LOT of time reading IRS publications to clarify just what the devil the TurboTax said or to fill in the gaps the program did not tell you. This program has descended to H & R Blocks level of a few years ago. I may try H & R Block next year. It's cheaper and gave me the same result TurboTax did, I just had to work harder. TTax and them are pretty much the same now. Also it USE to work well on Partnership K-1s, giving you all the choices and filling in the forms where necessary. Now you have to fill in the forms after figuring out which ones they were. TTax did not help with this at all. I have stuck with Intuit all these years #20+# but I think it is time for a change. March 16, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by It's DONE!!! My early lock-up problems taught me to save often because even though the program automatically saves your data it's latent and will loose your last several steps if you have to force it to restart. This problem eventually went away and I'm not sure why. I also had issues resolving partner basis. It's not clear where the program retrieves beginning of year and data to include in end of year numbers for this calculation. The IA State program doesn't allow you to e-file. I don't know if this is a TurboTax shortfall or an Iowa State issue but I had to print and file the old fashion way using snail mail. This was the same in 2013 tax year. I'm hoping the K1s went to the FEDs with my e-file for Federal taxes. For some reason they didn't for 2013 and I had to mail them hard copies in June 2014. This program was used to file taxes and create K1's for an investment club. Note also that Intuit doesn't provide on line information in your personal account of product you have purchased on line and they don't send you an invoice. They assume you have your credit card information but that doesn't reflect the product you have purchased. So, be sure to print that information when you make the purchase because you can't get back to that page. Intuits support line was helpful in resolving this issue. March 19, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Mostly a Great Product. Needs a few better helps I have been using this product for 4 tax years to prepare two business returns. I am grateful it exists, and the navigation thru the tax prep is easy. BUT the instructions and definitions as well as some of the warnings are not clear. Many places in the program a person can click on an explanation link to help with, for example, what items should be included in an expense category....several of them are not helpful though in that they often just re-state the unclear category or they don't tell what figures make up a category. For instance, there is a warning that the total for payroll expenses should match the total on the company's W-3. But it doesn't give information on what totals to match: My company has Officer's medical benefits included in box 1 W-3, and a SIMPLE IRA so employee's contributions are not included in box 1. It would be nice if there had been an explanation of which totals need to match to make sure the expenses are calculated correctly. In the tax return I needed to add the employee contribution to gross wages paid, and subtract the medical benefit for the Officer in order to get the correct wage amount. I had to call a CPA in order to make sure I was matching the totals correctly since none of the W-3 boxes are an exact match on their own. March 5, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Excellent I love TurboTax. For years I've been using it for my personal income taxes. Now that I've started two businesses, I have begun using it for my companies and the business software package has made my life so much easier since we can't afford an expensive CPA yet. Two suggestions for improvement: First, TurboTax should consider increasing it's state filing options. Maryland has numerous state forms you have to fill out, including the Personal Property Tax for businesses and the quarterly sales and use tax forms. I had do these via the state website. It's confusing having to go to multiple places to complete all of your taxes for a business and for a new business, it's confusing just to figure out which ones you need to fill out! Further, by providing the quarterly sales and use tax forms, it would make TurboTax a year-round solution, not just at tax time. Recently on Facebook I saw an entire discussion thread about the filing quarter deadline and how one small business owner in CA just remembered that the filing date was tomorrow and how she had to scramble to file her quarterly taxes - this got me thinking that Intuit could implement an alert and reminder feature for the quarterly schedule that could plug-in to existing calendars (outlook, gmail) and smartphones. I have no doubt many states have multiple, additional forms and filling requirements, so I realize this would be a huge undertaking but if Intuit would invest the resources to consolidate all of the state-specific forms into one package, it would dominate the market and turn into a year-round solution for business owners. Second, the requirement to print / sign / scan / upload the 8453-PE form is archane and very 1990s! With signature technologies (for example DocuSign), TurboTax should incorporate an electronic signature option. Other than that, very pleased with my first time use of the business and partnerships software. Thank you! February 11, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Saved a lot of money with TT Business-w struggles Used TurboTax Business for first time. Issues with California return: 1. It asked for my California SOS File Number as a 12-digit numeric. Mine from CA was in form C#######. I tried everything I could to get it to accept it. I called the CA Secretary of State and they told me mine was in the right format (C and then 7 digits). I searched help. Finally in desperation I dropped the initial "C", used the 7 digits, and appended 5 zeros. I don't know if this will cause problems but the return was accepted and I wasted 3 hours. 2. I had activity in "Loans from Shareholders" account so I was told to attach a supporting statement reconciling that account. But it gave me no info on how to do that. I wasted a few hours on this one, and then finally found a very hard-to-find way: Go to forms mode, clicked on Open Form, searched on Statement, clicked on Miscellaneous, selected to add a new statement. This was very, very, difficult to find. 3. I went through the interview mode fine but in the error check it said that the "Other Adjustment Account" on form M2 should not be zero. I looked at my prior returns #prepared by an accountant# and that was always zero. I had no way to figure out what to do to fix it. Finally I added one line called "other" and put in $1 and it accepted my return. I have no idea if that will cause me problems down the road but I feel like I had to lie to get my return to be filed. 4. I had one asset #I forget it if was a car or computer# where there was a difference in the section 179 deduction between federal and CA and I was not able to enter that difference in interview mode. It did let me do that for other assets. There may have been a way in Forms mode to sort that out but it was frustrating. In Federal return: 5. company has two automobiles that were both used partially for business and partially for personal. There are a lot of amounts involved, including cost basis, section 179 deductions, prior depreciation, AMT amounts, etc. and it was never clear where I was supposed to use the full amounts and where I was supposed to use the "business use" amount #e.g. one was used 90% for business - was I supposed to enter the full section 179 deduction of the amount x 90%#? It took me about 4 hours of trial and error and poring over my prior year accountant-prepared tax returns to get the numbers right, and also to reconcile the assets on the balance sheet section and the depreciation expense. This could have been easier. I have loved using Turbo Tax for my personal returns for what seems like 20 years but was disappointed in this business product. I'll probably use it again, but I'm sort of annoyed that I had so many troubles. February 14, 2015
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