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Our experts are available now to prepare, sign, and file your taxes and get you every deduction you deserve, guaranteed.

File your business taxes with us now and then receive 20% off your personal taxes! Terms apply

Chris, a TurboTax tax expert for 4 years

How Full Service Business works:

Perfect for small business owners who
file business taxes
as an S-corp (Form 1120-S),
Partnership (Form 1065), LLCs, or Sole proprietorships (Form 1040 Sch-C)

  • Securely upload your tax docs

    To get started, simply share your necessary business tax info to help us match you with the right expert.

  • Get matched to a business tax expert

    Based on your unique needs, we’ll match you with a dedicated expert who understands your business situation.

  • Review and confirm your return together

    Review everything before they file. They won’t sign your return until they’re 100% sure it’s done right, guaranteed.

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Full Service Business

Meet Susan, one of our business tax experts. She has 13 years of experience

The right business tax expert to handle your business tax needs

We’ll get to know you and your business, then match you with a dedicated expert who specializes in small businesses and will help ensure yours is benefitting from the latest tax laws.

Meet Chris, one of our tax experts. He has 4 years of experience.

Unlimited, year-round advice and answers

Direct access to our small business tax experts. Connect with an expert as often as you need, even on nights and weekends during tax season, at no extra cost.

Maximize credits and deductions

We’ll help lower the amount you owe, save money on taxes, and find tax credits that are specific to your industry. We’re determined to get you every tax benefit you and your small business deserve.

Expert approved guarantee

Backed by our 100% accurate, Expert Approved Guarantee

Get your business taxes done right knowing your return is backed by America’s #1 tax prep provider. If you pay an IRS penalty because of an error made by a TurboTax Live expert, we’ll pay you the penalty plus interest.

Customer on laptop using included Assisted Business Tax feature, Audit Defense

Added protection for extra reassurance

If by chance you’re audited, you won’t have to worry because a dedicated expert will be there to represent you and communicate on your behalf—at no extra cost. More info

Frequently asked questions

Full Service Business is designed for the needs of small business owners that must file their taxes as an S-corp, Partnership (GP, LP, LLP), or Multi-member LLC. Full Service Business pairs you with a specialized business tax expert who will do your taxes for you from start to finish. You’ll meet on a video call, and they’ll take it from there.

Our business tax experts have experience and a depth of knowledge in small business. They're tax experts that can help S-corps (form 1120-S), Partnerships (form 1065), or Multi-member LLCs. Our tax experts have an average 16 years’ experience. When you connect with a business tax expert, you’ll be able to see their specific credentials and experience. Our tax experts stand by their work and proudly offer personalized service. Every return filed with TurboTax Live Full Service Business is backed by our Expert Approved Guarantee.

Full Service Business offers all the benefits of going to a traditional CPA without any of the inconveniences of needing to leave your home. Our business tax experts can help you as often as you need and work around your schedule to do your taxes for you.

Have your books clean and up to date. Make sure they're tax-ready so your expert can get to work: transactions categorized, accounts reconciled, and balance sheets balanced. Also, have your tax documents handy, so TurboTax can help you get them to your expert easily and securely. This includes all relevant forms: your prior year 1065 if you file as a Partnership or 1120-S if you file as an S-corp. Schedule K-1, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and end-of-year bank statements.

To file Form 1065, you'll need partnership financial statements, a profit and loss statement, net income and revenues, and all partnership expenses. You'll also need a balance sheet for the beginning and end of the year.

Form 1120-S is how S corporations report how much they make to the IRS. If your business is an S-corp or is taxed as one, you'll have to file form 1120-S as your company's federal income tax return.

If your business is classified as a Partnership or an S-corp, you must submit your tax return on March 15 or the 15th day of the third month after the end of your organization's tax year.

There may be a number of reasons you need to request a business tax extension with the IRS. You may be busy with running your small business or perhaps you don’t have all the documents you need when your original due date arrives. If you file in Full Service Business, your expert can help you file a business tax extension. Your expert will file Form 7004, giving you extra time (6 months) to complete your business taxes. IRS Form 7004 is used by various types of businesses to extend the filing deadline on their taxes. This form is different than the individual tax extension form, which is filed using federal Form 4868.

Audits by the IRS can be random. If, by chance, your business return gets audited, you won’t have to worry because a dedicated expert will be there to represent you and communicate with the IRS or state agencies on your behalf—included and covered at no extra cost.

After you’re matched with your dedicated Live Full Service tax expert, they will share the hours they’re available.

If you need help when your expert is unavailable, you can reach our other tax experts 7 days a week from 5 AM to 9 PM PT from mid-January through 4/20. From 4/21 through end of early August, our experts are available Monday–Friday from 5 AM though 5 PM PT. From 8/4 through mid-September, we return to 7 days a week from 5 AM to 9 PM PT.

Get your taxes done right and your biggest tax refund—guaranteed

  • Maximum tax savings

    Maximum tax savings

    TurboTax finds every tax deduction and credit you qualify for to get you the biggest tax savings, guaranteed.

  • Expert Approved Guarantee

    Know it’s done right

    Our business tax experts can review your return before you file, and back it with an Expert Approved Guarantee so you can be 100% confident it’s done right

  • 100% accurate calculations guarantee

    100% accurate calculations

    TurboTax calculations are 100% accurate so your taxes will be done right, guaranteed, or we'll pay you any IRS penalties.

  • More ways to get your business taxes done right

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Get matched with a dedicated expert who will do your self-employment taxes for you–start to finish.

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File with unlimited
expert help as you go

Get expert help as you file your Partnership, S-corp, and multi-member LLC business taxes.