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Rated 4.2 out of 5 by 17765 reviewers.
Rated 2 out of 5 by Disappointed in Changes to Available Features As usual, Turbo Tax was an effective method for filing my taxes. Usually I give it a 5-star rating. However there was one aspect that was very disappointing this year. For the 2014 Tax Year, TurboTax adjusted features available with different versions. Over the past several years I have been able to use TurboTax Basic to calculate cost basis on shares of common stock. This should be an easy application as all the required info is already provided by my broker. However, I had to upgrade 2-levels to TurboTax Premier to use the feature this year. I had no other option!!! This was a considerable expense compared to previous year. For the first time in nearly a decade, I'll be considering alternative tax filing methods for 2015 tax year. April 13, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Even faster this year, despite schedules A, B, D I've used TurboTax for over a decade, for returns that include not just salary, but interest/dividend and capital gains/losses. All handled flawlessly this year. TurboTax still isn't particularly clean on how sale of employee stock purchase plan shares get from my employer's forms into TurboTax. An unnecessarily complex part of the law, with unnecessarily complex reporting and forms. So if I had to challenge this excellent product, it would be to improve usability of that corner of the design. There has to be a more productive way to enter data into the Schedule D interview. I'm not smart enough to figure it out, but again would challenge you all to spend some usability time on that front. I've already signed up for next year... February 14, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Raw deal you didn't tell us about I am disappointed in this program and it has gone downhill in the past couple of years. Specifically: 1. I had to upgrade my operating system to OS X Yosemite before I could use the program. That would have been nice to know beforehand 2. I was forced to upgrade Turbo Tax to premier to be able to do my schedule D and itemized non cash donations. You hooked us into that - even though it was a free upgrade. 3. Every time I go into the program to continue where I left off, it tells me to click the continue button. When I do that, it wants to start all over with my return. It happened on every time I went back into the program If you don't make improvements in the program and step up your game, I will not purchase this software again. March 29, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Great software...bad experience. I've been a loyal user of TurboTax for over a decade, and this year's edition, as usual, made the tax preparation process relatively painless (as much as paying taxes will ever be painless!). I'm quite happy with *most* of my experience. However, the switch of certain functionality from Deluxe to Premier was badly handled, and cost me money it shouldn't have (I sold my home at a loss this year, and once I had told Deluxe that I had sold my home, it wouldn't let me proceed without upgrading to Premier, even though I knew I was not going to have any capital gains from the sale). With the $25 refund for previous Deluxe users, I'll only end up out five bucks from this, but it still left a bad taste. I'm not sure I'll be back next year. January 25, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Improve handling of 1098-T & IRA contributions Early in the process you have people enter their 1099-Q data, but then very much later on, you have people enter the 1098-T data. This means that for most of the tax return preparation phase, TurboTax shows an inflated amount owe that is worry sum. You should have the program take both forms at the same time. Re: IRA contributions. TurboTax should provide basis data for both regular and Roth IRAs. Right now, when you contribute to one, it does not provide the basis to the other unless you contribute to both. You should also include a calculator that shows how contributing to an IRA will affect your return. For example, if you contribute to a Roth, you will owe $X to the IRS, but if you contribute to a regular IRA, you will owe $Y. April 4, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by This is the forth or fifth year I used Turbo Tax. I've different versions from Basic to Home and Business. Since retirement, I have used for the first time this year the Premier version, because it has the investments portion. I no longer need the business version. All products are great. Easy to use and very organized. I once used a CPA to do my taxes when my wife had her business. He gave us a work sheet based on the new tax laws for each year. I have computerized that spread sheet (Excel) and use it to enter the results into Turbo Tax. It's like a worksheet. It keeps everything organized. All the work is done up front. All I have to do is enter the figures into Turbo Tax. Each year gets easier!!!! Thanks for a GREAT product. Al February 10, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by TurboTax just keeps getting worse I've used TurboTax since it was MacInTax, long before Intuit acquired the company and product. Over the years, it has become a bloated mess, as Intuit has sought more and more ways to monetize the product. The inability to use certain forms with different versions of the product was a major pain; even when they sent me a free upgrade to Premier from Deluxe, my Mac used some hidden internal Intuit code to keep running Deluxe. I finally installed Premier on a different machine, where it worked OK. But the fact that I should have to upgrade *again* to Home and Business because of a small amount of outside income was just too much. There must be a better way to do my taxes without paying $500-1000 to an accountant. I'm going to look hard. April 3, 2015
Rated 1 out of 5 by Highway Robbery! First the program cost $40 for Federal taxes. Input of 1099-B for my college student caused me to upgrade from deluxe to the next package. Thankfully I believe there were complaints and the upgrade was free. Preparation of state taxes for my college student cost an extra $40 with no mention that it was going to cost an additional $20 to file for a total of $60. I had no choice as there is no option to print and mail in the forms. Too bad I didn't know that upfront; so much for full disclosure. Of coarse you can cancel and let the hours of work you put in plus the $40 dollar initial investment go to waste. I'll look into another federal tax preparation software program next year and complete the state forms manually. How disappointing. February 21, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by TurboTax Premier Having used TurboTax for many years, I am generally quite satisfied, although each year it seems to try to "dumb it down" a little bit. It is getting more difficult to get to the IRS rules. As an example, I had an entry flagged as an error on a brokerage import and there was no help except "Correct this line" and it was not possible for me to find the imported data. On the State form (Massachusetts), constant data such as County is consistently not imported. Also, the cost of a State e-file ($20) seems excessive. Having said all that, I would still recommend this product as it is accurate and mostly easy to use. While the user interface could stand some work to make it easier to use, it works and the program itself is very reliable. March 15, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Traditional IRA conversion to Roth IRA (backdoor) Turbo Tax is very confusing on the methods needed to preform a "backdoor" Roth IRA conversion from a traditional IRA. In attempting to do this conversion you may find yourself calling the conversion a recharacterization and then have a 6% excise tax placed on your conversion. You may also be double taxed on such a conversion when entering the 1099-r data in Turbo Tax and then doing the IRA conversion to a Roth IRA in later sections of Turbo Tax.. This problem has been an issue for years and the only bright spot is an article from "thefiancialbuff.com" dealing specifically with the problems of Turbo Tax, and other, tax software. I wish Turbo Tax would stream-line this process for those of us whom convert traditional IRAs into Roth IRAs. April 5, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Functionality Your product doesn't seem to be getting easier, it is getting less helpful. My tax situations haven't changed either or are no different than what I have had to deal with in the past. Nothing new to deal with. Transfer from last year should mean transfer all data and ID where if came from and provide cross reference by mousing over and show link/address/etc. More explanations. Help is useless and should again relate to the section you are on. Using the community is a cop out and has always been a pet peeve of mine. You end of with instances of multiple answers and no clear indication of which one is correct. You also try and fool people into thinking some of these people answering are related to or associated with or employed by intuit. April 18, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Dropped Forms Because I have used Turbo Tax over the last several years, entering this years tax information was simple and easy. Since I have and will continue to have a K-1 form, I will require the appropriate forms. Please continue to include them in the basic (Deluxe) version. Also, when I moved to the California State calculations, Turbo Tax told me that my state was complete. However, the program did not ask for my state adjustments related to my K-1 form--I had one. Therefore, I manually made the adjustment by going to that section of the state calculation. Printing: When printing, the buttons to push are confusing. I have to cancel printing to get out when I finish. Why doesn't Turbo Tax know that I have printed or give me a box to say "Done." April 2, 2015
Rated 1 out of 5 by Very Disappointed using Turbo Tax this year. I used Turbo Tax since it came on the market for over 15 years with no problem with the Basic every year. This year I got issue with the basic because it won't let me go to capital gain / stocks so I'm force to upgrade to Premier and paid an additional $75.78 on top of the Basic I brought in January 2015 for $16. Total cost me $91.78 for the program. Next year I will be more careful when I purchase Turbo Tax and decide which program vendor to use eg. H&R Block which friends told me is allot cheaper and good service. i said enough. All I ever need is basic program with no help and all your tax forms so I can finish my 2014 tax year but have to pay extra. Very disappointed after being a long time customer and probably not return next year. April 7, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Life's a Breeze A wonderful program that takes you through the program step-by-step, yet also allows you to proceed with items as you chose to work on them. The real blessing is that the program takes your data and then does all the computations and prints the tax forms accordingly. I'm not saying tax prep is fun. . but almost. The only other things I would like to see offered by Turbo Tax is an ongoing program throughout the year where one could collect the pertinent tax info as it is available and then import it for the year-end tax filing. Also, it would be nice to see a comparative chart showing 'average' or 'typical' figures for the various fields so one could see where there might be 'red flags' or questions about a particular item on their return. February 12, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Was it worth buying Premier Vs Deluxe? I've been using Turbo Tax since ~ 2000. Bought Turbo Tax Premier 2014 strictly due to sale of stock options & restricted stock. Perhaps I'm spoiled by the hand holding through the standard tax return sections. This level of support seems markedly less in the investment income sections. 1) Poor Federal guidance on reporting stock option sales (floundered ~ the same as with the Deluxe version for 2013) 2) No State support on answering stock questions (I had to Google for the answers). And why was there a check box option to indicate PA doesn't tax stock options when it does? Conclusion: I guess you have to get Premier now (to use Schedule D) for stock sales so it's a moot point. I'm sticking with Deluxe unless I get more more stock awards. February 7, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Not a happy camper First, not happy that I could not use the Deluxe version and had to upgrade to the Premier, for basically filing the same forms as last year (2013). It never asked me about my medical expenses and had to go find them and add them. Didn't take into consideration taxes on 2nd property and again I had to go find it and then add it. Never showed my dividends and interest from my brokerage account (downloadable), had to go in and find them and then verify that they were correct. Every time I opened up Turbo Tax, it had updates, that gets frustrating because for the sake of peace of mind I then went back and verified that correct information was there. I have been using Turbo Tax for years, next year I will seriously look at something different. February 20, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Have used for last 12+ years I love the tool for filling out the tax forms and understanding what information I need to provide. The price to benefit is very good. Many years ago I used to do my own taxes without any tool and it was a stressful time of year. It still is if I don't organize my records well throughout the year, but TurboTax then keeps the stress from creeping in. I don't need to fully understand the tax law or form changes. And I can guide myself through the flow to explore what may affect me now or in later years. What I don't like is that once I buy TurboTax (Deluxe or Premier), I now have to pay by credit card to email my state return unless I pony up more money to upgrade TurboTax. Why can't I pay with Paypal and why keep asking me for more money. March 8, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Five-figure refund was TurboTax mistake! My faith in TurboTax was severely shaken this year when, as noted in the Cons snapshot, the program showed we had a 5-figure state refund and we had to manually override data to get our 4-figure state tax due! Others have had this problem with the TurboTax Hawaii State Tax too. The worst of it is, when you do have faith in TurboTax you are liable to believe them and submit the crazy numbers. Otherwise it is so convenient, and they have cut back on some of the waste, like the annoying videos. I still would like to be able to go back and forth between EasyStep and Forms without losing my place. Also, what a surprise when e-filing to find it registered in Pacific Time, 3 hours later than Hawaii Time! I'm glad I didn't leave it til after 9pm! April 15, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Finally Done! Thanks! Overall excellent product. Tedious, but thorough! Please add a way to edit typos in the top level description for charitable contribution organization in the stepbystep view. I had to go to the forms view to correct this. Data entry is tedious, can you do the same thing here as described below? In the stock sales section, please add a feature where I can copy data from my spreadsheet and paste the whole section into an empty table for individual stock sales, including ESPP or ISO/NQSO. This would save me a TON of time. It's easy for me to organize the data in the spreadsheet to match whatever table organization (column headers) you pick. I could have done the work in minutes rather than hours!. Please, please put this on your change list. April 2, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Problems with IOWA return (1) After leaving a step-by-step to go to forms to check something, one could not later easily return to the same place later without going through many screens to get there. (2) Instructions for completing IOWA Depreciation Accumulated Adjustment Schedules for 2013 was very poor and down right convfussing. I expected it to be in proved for 2014. But it wasn't. It is every as bad, perhaps even worse since you need to consider even more data. The state depreciation data entered for 2013 should have carried over to 2014, but it was not. (3) Requiring one to provide a nickname different to all others, when you claim you only want a review, drops my opinion of your intent and likelyhood anything will be done to correct software short comings. April 14, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Saved Hours of Time TurboTax Premier(not online version) was easy to download, set up and run. It runs you through a step by step entry of all information that may be needed. It helps remind me of things I may have forgotten to dig into. The part I really love that saves me time is the automated download of financial institution data, such as individual stock transactions. Without this I would still be typing these in right now. If you own any MLPs in your portflio or anything that involves a K-1, TTax really helps. There are a few glitches that should be fixed but with a little ingenuity can be worked out. If a K-1 seems to be there, but you kn ow it isn't needed, just type something in and then delete the K-1 and it should fix it. Otherwise it has been great. April 13, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Next year ---- no TurboTax for me As has been commented on by many --- the change in what is included affected me as well. It was good that having used Turbo Tax last year that all the information was pulled in and shown as a comparison but having to pay an additional $32.40 to upgrade to the higher package for $41 of royalties is ridiculous. Then when I applied for the $25 refund it does not recognize my software usage for last year. While I appreciate the thought - in theory it does not work. Next year I will use another product. This was simply a bad business decision and rather than refunding $25 the fix should have been a no-charge upgrage. This is like a rebate that you can never seem to get...... It's unfortunate considering I have used TurboTax for over a decade now. February 1, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Turbo Tax I did not find this year's tax package to as user friendly as previous year's. It seemed like I kept on entering the same thing many times. Each time one went back to review something and you continued on then you had to answer all the questions all over even if you did NOT change anything. Plus, even when you did save it and go back in, these may not have been how you left them when you saved the tax return. Also, it seemed like to get certain credits on the OH return you had to jump through hoops and do some detective work to find where and what needed to be done to get the credit. I do not remember having that much problem last year getting the appropriate credits. I sure hope next year you do not split the product like you did this year. February 27, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by 2014 Turbo Tax Number 1. Issue: My tax filing is normally very simple. Other than a standard 1040, I normally only have to file schedule B and schedule D with 8949's. I've been using Turbo Tax for over 10 years and normally only need Turbo Tax Basic. This year they changed the software so that I have to go all the way to Premier in order to file. Bummer. Number 2 issue: They've tried to simplify the Q&A so much down to a level where customers would not need to know anything about 1040 form or other form calculations. I think this makes it more difficult for individuals who have some knowledge of how calculations are made. Next year I may switch to TAxAct or H&R now that they have software that will download my previous year data and IRA info from Turbo Tax April 15, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Deluxe and Free Turbotax was going to increase the software required to file a Schedule D. Having capital gains or losses is not unusual and should not have resulted in higher costs. I am happy to see that Turbotax relented on increasing the cost of Deluxe. However, I hope this is noted when releasing 2015. My children have filed with the free edition. Rather than carry forward the prior year information for free, Turbotax will only do it if you pay $30. You then have to reinput information that could easily be transferred forward. This is just plain annoying. The IRS set up the program to be free. You should not have to reinput basic information every year for the free edition. You should make it easier on the tax filer and not seek fees for doing nothing. February 15, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Making a compliated process easy I've been using this product Turbotax or MacIntax for over twenty years. I appreciate the ability to be guided through sections or let me select sections/items I need to work on. We cannot count on the tax code getting any less complicated or frustrating, but I can count on Intuit to make a more powerful product, accurate and precise with regard to the tax code. I read about the security lapses with regard to lack of email authentication for account holders, but that has been addressed. Life changes are always upon us and one of the nice things is to check out the "what if's" or click the links that provide more background about topics I know little about. One can easily find out how a change or life event might impact taxes this year or next. April 15, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Federal was good; States so so We are long time users of Turbo Tax (from times before Intuit.) Federal returns are consistently great on their information gathering and computation. The document import features vary in effectiveness and with some of the imports, it was just easier to hand enter the data. State returns (we file 4 states returns in our family) are very inconsistent and difficult to use, California is definitely the best and most through. Wisconsin on the other hand appears to be incomplete and confusing. Fortunately we only need to file for Non-resident loss carryforwards on a K-1 at for the last couple of years, but that will change and we are considering skipping out to a professional when it does because we don;t trust Turbotax Wisconsin to get it right.. August 15, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Reliable and Easy I appreciate the consistency of the product year to year and the transfer of the prior years information. The guidance through the forms is clear and easy to follow, using questions that can be answered quickly. Links to more extensive informations are at the right place and time to keep the process on track. Being able to stop and pick up the process later is very convenient, as is the saving of the files so that no information needs to be re-entered. While the trend seems to be to do things online, I do not like this approach to doing my taxes. I found it difficult to locate the way to purchase and download the program to my computer, as I have in years past. I also am not interested in being sold additional products, like audit insurance. February 17, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Very Good. Could be better. I REALLY LIKE TURBOTAX. The improvement I would like would let me quickly double check numbers from source documents (I do not use getting info electronically - don't trust it after a couple of bad experiences with Quicken). This would let me burrow deeper on a particular number if I want to. For example I enter total medical expenses from a Quicken report. This new type review would let me start with the total allowed deduction, like what is shown in your "I'll Explore On My Own" approach, but then let me bore down step by step to see where the number came from, including individual tax category entries. AND I WOULD LIKE YOU TO SHOW MY TAX BRACKET SOMEWHERE. I use this in my IRA withdrawal planning strategy and it is effort to dig it out now. March 26, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Overall solid product We've used TurboTax for several years. Overall, the program is easy to use, easy to set-up and provides step-by-step instructions to help guide you through everything. We love that you can purchase an audit protection that allows them to represent you in case of audit. My only negative is that we always end up having to purchase an upgraded version. It's never clear exactly what product to by and it always seems we end up buying the next one up due to some form requirement. I also find it iritating that they say once you purchase the software everything is free, it's not. You have to pay a fee to file your state taxes. I would rather you either charge me for this and bake it into the purchase price, or don't advertise that the filing is free. March 31, 2015
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