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Rated 4 out of 5 by Confusion I am a long time user of TT, but this time I came across a couple of confusing issues when I went to file and print my CA return that I intended to mail. I filed my fed return electronically, and chose not to file the state electronically. I printed out the "Return Only" for both federal and state at that point. When I came back to file my CA return (by mail), I pulled up the state return again and noted that it had certain pages (Side 2 CA (540) 2014 and (Side 3 Form 540 2014) that had electronic markings at the bottom. These markings did not show up on the forms that I had printed earlier. I had no idea which should be sent in to the state. I guessed and chose to file those pages with the electronic markings (RSQ?). Second issue - I generally refer to the first page printed out with instructions, in order to find the mailing address. In this case it showed zip as 94267-0009. My husband noted when signing the return, that instructions on the Form 540 showed that return with payment due should be mailed to zip code of 94267-0001. I verified that the latter was correct by going online at state website, but shouldn't have to take those extra steps to find out what is correct. It appears that your instructions were incorrect on the form printed with general instructions at beginning of the return. Thirdly, I thought that I had electronically submitted my parents' fed return on 3/25, but found out today that it was not submitted. I don't know what happened. Maybe I didn't complete all the steps. Don't recall, but remember submitting it. Submitted it late today. April 16, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Great until state rejects the electronic return I've used TurboTax for 20 years or more. With simple income from wages and investments or pensions and investments I had no trouble. This year, I sold a piece a property which was a long term capital gain. In California, as a part of the sale, tax was withheld on a Form 593. The withholding amount was entered as a withholding amount on your worksheet. It ends up appearing on Line 5 of IRS Schedule A instead of line 8 with an explanation. CA rejected the electronic submission with the following TurboTax explanation: F540-670 - There is an error on Form 540, Line 71 (CA Withholding). Line 71 must equal the total amounts of California tax withheld on all W-2, W-2G, 1099-R and Other Withholding forms. It appeared to me that Line 71 of the California Form did not agree with Line 5 on the Schedule A. Every time TurboTax offered to fix it, the software led me to the same position and your review said everything was correct and it was rejected after two more attempts. I tried overriding the amounts in line 5 and adding into line 8, but your software would not allow that., I couldn't even print forms with the overrides. I finally printed the TurboTax solution to file for the state and then manually changed line 5 of Schedule A accompanying the State return to reflect line 71 and put the other withholding of line 8 of schedule A. I mailed in the forms. In the past I've always felt TurboTax did a great job and I've always been pleased. This time, I'm disappointed. By the way I paid for electronic filing for California State. I'd like a refund of that amount. April 15, 2015
Rated 1 out of 5 by TT still marginal I use TurboTax because it is the least bad of the filing options. Like previous years, significant tax knowledge and research were required to avoid errors and overpaying if I had simply relied on TT. 1. Four years running now TT still does not fully support inherited Roth IRAs. 2. I sold a publicly traded partnership, which was also reported on a K-1 and on a 1099. I imported the 1099 and when I entered the K-1, TT created a duplicate transaction rather than combining the two. It did this without asking or providing any warning! I only discovered it when I did my detailed review prior to filing. 3. TT doesn't support K-1s with items in lines 1 and 2 of Part III. It requires you to enter the single form as if were two separate forms. 4. If your local government charges personal property tax which is deductible, but your state doesn't; TT will erroneously tell you the tax isn't deductible. 5. While some fields in forms view will provide a link (quickzoom) to the form/worksheet the number came from, 90% of the time I tried to use this feature it wasn't available for the line I was looking at. 6. The help is generally useless. Frequently it simply points to generic information about the whole form, or an IRS pub (with no indication of where to look in the pub). 7. If you file an amended return, TT will fill in the amount AGI for the e-file signature when the IRS wants the original AGI. It doesn't even show you it is doing this; you only see it if you specifically look for it. This error causes your e-filed return to be rejected by the IRS. April 12, 2015
Rated 1 out of 5 by Turbotax 2014 OMG I have been using Turbotax for 23 years, most of that was using the Deluxe version, and it has served me well and I have enjoyed using it and have been able to get others to use it because it was easy and thorough. This year was a different story as nothing seemed to work. First the Schedule D that I need was removed from the Deluxe without me being aware. The format and process was changed and was in some areas confusing while its predecessor software was very straight forward and understandable. I was sent the Premier version which now has the schedule D and I installed it and started over my taxes. I imported investment data into Turbotax and it said data was there and do I want to replace or what. I said to replace but it did not show up. I tried again only this time I apparently used my user code in lower case. It again had the message that data was there and do I want to replace it and I said yes. Later on I found that the figures imported were double what was on my statement from the bank. So, I went back to edit that and saw one for the upper case data and one for the lower case data. I deleted one set of them. I finally finished the federal, but Turbotax would not continue into the states preparation. It kept looping back to the beginning of the state preparation after requesting that I pay for the state software to be installed on my computer. After a couple days, and through your support group, I had to download the state Turbotax to be able to process my state's tax filing. All of the problems are documented in your support center. March 3, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by 2014 Issues In the past, I used Turbo Tax Deluxe. This year I purchased Deluxe as usual and proceeded to enter my 2014 deductions.and imported all my info from 2013. Then I received your email notifying me that Deluxe no longer supported my investments. I then traded my Deluxe version plus cash for a Premier version. After that bit of confusion I proceeded to my income data. Things went smoothly until I began the K-1 data entry - I expected that the more expensive Premier version would make the K-1 entry process more user friendly. However, I've come to the conclusion that the people who create K-1's, the programers at TurboTax and more importantly me do not have a clue! Problems that were high lighted by TurboTax at the end would have been much easier to correct during the input stage. Finally, after moving to Premier I uninstalled Deluxe. I was pleasantly surprised to find my initial deduction entries were imported into Premier. When I tried to enter my state info, I seemed to enter an endless loop (no error statement) wherein the program looked for state updates and then returned to the start of state return. I finally found the problem via your help page - it seems that uninstalling Deluxe was not enough because I left the Deluxe Program in my Program Files. The Premier program seems to have recognized the state program in Deluxe and decided I did not need 2 of them. Since you created the problem by changing the Deluxe/Premier relationship you could have notified users via email. This year I found taxes and Turbotax much more aggravating experience. March 28, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by TurboTax Premier works well except on Form 8489 TurboTax and I have generally enjoyed a long and amicable working relationship. The application has done a great job of following the arcane, convoluted and ever-changing IRS tax code, and saves many hours formerly spent filing in forms by hand. This year was the first time in 13 years that I experienced a problem where TT could not fill in a form correctly. The form in question is the 8489 (Form 1040) used to detail sales and other disposition of capital assets. The 8489 backs up Schedule D (Form 1040) Capital Gains and Losses. The gains and losses in question were on some company stock I acquired from my employer that had the basis changed by Recovery of Capital, a rather complex mechanism used in lieu of dividends for rewarding shareholders. The TurboTax Step-by-Step tool seemed to ask the right questions to handle a 1099-B with incorrect Basis entries, but the target 8489 never ended up with the correct values in columns 1f, 1g and1h. I tried several times and finally gave up and used the manual override to stuff the 8489 with the correct information. Unfortunately, when manual override is left on a form, the automated tax return checker will flag an error, and e-Filing is not possible. Is this an inconvenience? Yes. Will this cause me to change tax preparation software next year? No. I do not expect perfection, although it would be nice to eFile! I also hope that Intuit reworks the application pertaining to Recovery of Capital and Form 8489, but it is probably unrealistic to expect one company to make 100% perfect sense out of 73,000+ pages of IRS code. April 12, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by reasonable refund All in all pretty average TurboTax. However, two things really bothered me. First, complete rollovers from a pension to an IRA (G type) was confusing. I had to check the internet because I thought I did wrong. First, the introduction to 1099-R seems to say if I do a total roll-over, that I don't need to report it. After I got into it and checked with docs on the web, I found that was false. This is misleading "help" info that you have. You need to say, if you rollover completely (for instance from a retirement fund to a traditional IRA) that you still must enter everything. Second, please indicate up front that financial institutions will not send 1099-DIV/INT forms if you had less than $10.00 in income from them and that you do not need to report these (anything below $10). It would have saved me a lot of worry. Throughout several other areas, I noticed this lack of information. After paying what I did for Turbo Tax, I would expect for it to document all these "basic" things and several more detailed things too - enough so that I don't really need to go to other web sites for further "basic" tax guidance. Finally, if the home edition could just cover 1099-B forms like those that show up in "consolidated" statements where the institution did some kind of transaction beyond the normal 1099 DIV/INT that resulted in a 1 line B form, then this would be a great addition to the Home edition. Save the Premier edition for when people get long 1099-B's with more than say 3 transactions per form - i.e. people who actually buy and sell stocks and do lots of dispersements. April 6, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Time for some updates. While TurboTax gets the job done, there are some glitches that need to be fixed. First, with a partnership K-1, form 1065, TurboTax allows us to identify only one situation in which a partner without material participation can have non-passive investment income; namely, working interests in gas and oil. However, there is a second situation, which TurboTax needs to include in future versions. There is also non-passive income without material participation in the case of a partnership or S corporation actively trading stocks and bonds for the account of the taxpayer. In this case, the losses or income are non-passive under Reg. § 1.469-1T(e)(6). Losses or income from an entity which trades in stocks and bonds belong in the non-passive column of Schedule E. Therefore, you need to add a question about this along with the question about oil and gas working interests in the Form 1065 section. These are the only two situations that allow non-passive investment income or loss without material participation. TurboTax covers only one of them. Secondly, on Form 1116, when figuring how much of investment interest expense to allocate to foreign income, TurboTax, in its worksheet, requires taxpayers to know their total investment assets and assets generating foreign income. However, for partners who possess less than 10% of the assets of a partnership, it is only required to allocate interest expense on the basis of income, not assets. Generally, the amount of assets producing foreign income are not provided by the partnership and cannot be determined by the partner. TurboTax needs to take this into account. The IRS does. April 14, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Frustrated with the 2014 Premier edition I was very frustrated this year with this version of TurboTax. In the 30+ years that I have been using TurboTax, I have never had so much trouble in entering my data and having it transfer properly. Especially had difficulty with Its Deductible and importing the data. The extra info that Form 8283 required was just about impossible to correct. Also, all overrides came up as errors but only because you apparently can't use overrides if you are filing electronically. There should be a question about filing electronically - I think there was one near the end of completing info. If you answer NO then overrides should not continue to come up as errors. They could be shown once to give the preparer the opportunity to correct them. My federal return claimed numerous errors - they were all related to overrides concerning my non-cash charitable contributions. The overrides were the only way that I could get the info required onto the 8283 form. Your program showed those errors on the review of the Federal tax return and again on the final review after completing my State tax return. Also, when the mention of errors comes up the only option is to review the errors - you can't say to skip them. I took the time nearly at every place I was having problems to give feedback naming the location and explaining my problem. On your feedback requested I could not tell if the page or screen view that I was on would be known to you. Having said all this, I have used your program for I think over 30+ years, with very few problems. I remember that the first year that I used It was a wonderful experience. My returns have grown more complicated. This is the first time that I have had major problems with your program. I hope that my comments will help you improve your program for 2015. April 18, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Bugs or missing functionality I have used TurboTax for more than 10 years, and each of the last 4 yearsit seems that it has been dumbed down by which I mean that it is harder and harder to enter info via forms rather than step-by-step. I can no longer find a way to add a new copy of an existing form when needed, I get into loops and have to close out TurboTax to get out. I don't mean programming loops as in a coding error, rather functional loops, being asked to do something that i have just done. Right now I am trying to find out how to work on my estimated taxes, and to print out Maine estimated forms since they seem not to send them out. When I efiled, I got to that point, but didn't have time to do it then as I had to leave, so I didn't complete that function. I also had a problem with my second state functionality. I downloaded it once, entered in all my info, and was told that I owed $90. I did something, I know not what, and the state downloaded again wiping out all my info. I did not get to any screens that asked me to enter info the second time, TurboTax said that all my info had transferred from the federal, but now I owe $0. So although I efiled this version, I am not comfortable that it is correct. It seems that there are less buttons along the top to allow one to select parts of the process to go to rather than going through all of the questions. In summary, my perception is that it is becoming less and less user friendly, and takes more and more time to get through it particularly if one doesn't have all of the numbers at once. I am particularly unhappy about this version which seems significantly worse that last year.. April 3, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Smart Worksheets - option to hide Program is strong mathematically and accurate with the downloads from employers and financial institutions, but sometimes prompts you to enter data that has already been downloaded (without letting you know what has been downloaded already) This leads to double entries. this occurred in particular with adding back tax-exempt dividends to CT state income. Please, please give us back the option to view the forms without the "smart worksheets". Up until a few years ago, users could unclick the smart worksheets in the VIEW dropdown box. Having to go to a "print preview" is not a good solution to this. Rather than contacting me with a "prize" , why not let me know you can do something with this. Thanks for your consideration. In trying to complete an explantaion statement for Foreign tax credit carryover (something the program required me to do), I repeatedly got an error message and warning "Explanation statement not done". After going back and forth many times, I was finally told I had entered "too many characters". In the first place, the program itself caculated the carryover (for both regular and AMT) and knows far better than I how it was done, and in the second place, no one could write an explanation in just a few characters. Having a smiling face congratulating me on getting a tax return is not rewarding, given that I have foolishly overpaid my taxes and have to apply them all to next years estimated anyway. Congratulating yourselves on "finding deductions" is a little self-serving, especially for me, since most of them (state taxes in particular) get added back the alternative minimum tax computation. April 6, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by some good some bad I used turbo tax to fill out my joint return for my wife and I as well as individual returns for my two young children. For my joint return, i felt like Turbo tax was easy to use, logical, and helpful. For my children's returns, I felt like the process was overly difficult. Because my children are quite young and had unearned income, there were sections of their returns that required I enter information from my joint return. Instead of this information automatically transferring over (from within turbo tax), I had to look it up and type it in manually. There were also sections where I had to enter information from child #2's return on child #1's return and visa a versa. However, since I was in the process of completing the return I did not yet have the information available. To complete this task, I had to toggle back and forth between the two children's returns piece by piece until they were complete. Also I had to write down the questions Turbo Tax was asking me on one child's return, go the the second child's return, write down the answers, and return back to enter in the information (it did not transfer automatically. My final difficulty was while walking through the step by step instructions for Form 3800 for the california returns for the kids. I reached a section that told me I needed to go to the california tax website and calculate 4 values manually and enter them in. However, the 4 values were hard coded in; I was not able to enter them in or change them. As it turns out, the numbers present were calculated correctly, but the contradiction was confusing, and worried me that other areas may be incorrect. April 10, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Incredibly Easy Tax Prep and Filing Having used TurboTax for more than 20 years, after preparing my own tax returns by hand for about 25 years, I found the tried-and-true interview approach perfected by the current iteration of the Question-and-Answer format to be quite comprehensive, easy to understand, and loaded with helpful advice anticipating various questions that might arise and potential difficulties the user might encounter. Many questions about unfamiliar items (usually not applicable to most tax filers) are easily explained and answered in pop-up dialogue boxes. Occasional unusual financial and/or business situations are still addressed in a straightforward manner with several additional resources provided for further explanation and description. The process is made even smoother by the recognition and transfer of tons of entries from the previous year which help to jog the memory for possibly forgotten deductions and applicable credits (and occasional pitfalls). The software application also calls attention to any responses that seem to be made erroneously by the user (mistyped entries or keystroke errors) that could easily trigger a review of audit by IRS. Finally, the security of the TurboTax system is quite impressive and instills the user with some level of confidence that some cyber-global gangster in a dark corner of the universe isn't getting ready to hack into your computer and abscond with your refund. And yes, you still must sort out all those receipts and statements in that proverbial "shoe-box" at the end of each year but you have to do that anyway with a $500 tax accountant so why not spring the $75 and use a tried-and-true system that works at least as well (if not better)? April 12, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by The Good and the Bad This is the third straight year that I bought TurboTax Deluxe. The store charged the wrong price so I had to go back and get it corrected. Before I opened the package, I got the 2 email apologies that the Deluxe version did not handle royalties like prior year's versions did. So I had to go back to the store again to return the unopened Deluxe version and to pay more than twice the first price to get the Premier version. I was very UNhappy! Eventually, I sat down and started using the Premier version. It was better than the Deluxe version in the Royalty section and it saved me tax money. I liked TurboTax until I got the to the end. It said that I had to pay almost $25 to file my one and only state tax, but the credit card payment feature did not work. I repeatedly got out, waited an hour or 2 and got back into TurboTax. After 5-6 such attempts, I called TurboTax and got help from someone as he "shared" the view of my computer screen. He (and the other people who spoke with me before connecting me with him) did very professional and helpful jobs - and I am very grateful for their help. One thing about TurboTax that confuses me is that it occasionally gives progress-so-far summary totals that do not match the numbers that are in the actual tax return or in my manual spreadsheet. In these artificial summaries, TurboTax uses the gross retirement and social security numbers in the AGI calculation so I have to spend time to figure out (and ignore) the differences. Also, the "Other Income taxes" total confused me because it contained both federal and state numbers although I saw no reason for reporting such a combination. Overall, I appreciate and will buy TurboTax again next year. March 30, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Sometimes confusing I've used TurboTax for at least 10 years and am getting increasingly frustrated with it. I bought it well into tax season, so missed the apparent brouhaha between the Deluxe and Premier edition. Had I gotten partway into my taxes and found I couldn't do Interest/Dividend income without paying for Premier, I would have been outraged. As it was, I bought the edition that had state included but not the state efile. It seems as if TurboTax is nickel and diming us to death. I don't mind if they want to sell something and it's clearly marked, e.g. "audit protection." But I glossed over the choice for "deduct state efile fee" form refund and find that's another $40. When I went back, it was semi-obvious there'd be a charge, but if you're just clicking through to finish, it's not obvious. But, more critically, I often found that a form wouldn't auto-fill (in Forms mode) because I'd left out a critical check box to finish and the form wouldn't light up in red to indicate nor would it show as an error. Sometimes, it would be a related form. When I went back into Step by Step, it would ask the magic question that I missed and would then propagate through the appropriate other forms. That happened several times and was pretty frustrating. There's a pretty good chance I'll switch software next year. The different editions of TT are clearly meant to get you to upgrade even though you only need, say, the Premier for one or two forms. There's too many editions out there and it's not clear what they cover. Why isn't state efile included as a matter of course? It makes no sense if you're buying the state form as part of the package. OF COURSE you want the efile rather than find there's yet another charge at the end. April 12, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Pleasure to work with This is officially my first online product review and after reading so many conflicting and polarized views about Turbo Tax and Tax software in general I felt obliged to chip in. My take away has been that most of the negative reviews were a result of the new pricing structure, and while I have to use the Premier version I hope Intuit are able to take the feedback and do something positive with it . In terms of the actual product, I found it amazingly easy to use, written in layman's terms with good support in any area I could think of, it guided me with relative ease through things like foreign rental properties, depreciation, multiple incomes including my wife's Jamberry business, and the normal family costs of living, many of them I had been dreading calculating.. When I first moved to the US I honestly thought I would need to hire a tax professional and tried HR Block etc. I soon realized that they were only following their own onscreen questions and were not particularly knowledgeable or helpful when mistakes appeared in the returns. I have scored this as a five because I find it great value for money, easy to use, well supported and keeps people that do not spend their lives managing accounts and complex tax rules in its minds eye. I did find one minor issue in that I could not automatically pull in data from Quicken for my foreign accounts correctly, I can only assume was due to exchange rates or currency conversion but meant I had to manually enter some of the data and wasn't sure which product had caused the issue. I hope this is of use to someone who is deciding, for me the product is very well thought out and presented in a way that almost makes me look forward to doing it all again next year... April 7, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Fed + MN fine, IL stunk No problems or surprises when I did my Federal & MN State returns. However, when I did my non-resident IL State return, I was asked to manually enter many items that I had already entered on my Federal return. I had to search for and pull up the Federal Forms I had just filled out, find a number, then enter that same number on my IL form. Seems like they could write the software to move the info automatically, kind of like what happened while doing my home-state MN return, instead of having me search thru my T.T. forms that I just filled out, to find some numbers to manually enter elsewhere. Just sayin. The worst part was when it found an error and said I needed to enter the correct amount on IL-1040 Form Line 1A. Problem is, there is no Line 1A on the IL-1040 Form, but there is a Line 1, which is to be your Federal AGI. So, since I could not progress any further until I entered an amount, I figured they must have meant Line 1 instead of Line 1A, so I entered my Federal AGI in that box. My refund then changed from $76 to me owing over $5K! I spent the next 30 minutes trying to figure out what the problem was. Then I did an internet search for the IL-1040 instructions and found that the "Instructions" included a worksheet with a Line 1A in it, while the IL-1040 Form did not. So, the appropriate amount for me to enter into the IL-1040 Instructions Worksheet Line 1A was zero, which I then entered. Problem fixed, refund back to $76. Come on TurboTax, I can't be the only numskull running into this problem. You need to specify exactly which form info needs to come from, not take a rough guess as to approximately which form it is. Frustrating indeed, especially considering the cost for the 2nd state T.T., but life goes on I suppose. April 13, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Fed-Great! NY-Great! MA-Huh? Luckily I purchased TurboTax Deluxe after all the brouhaha, so everything had been figured out. I whipped through the Federal and NY State programs as quick and efficiently as I'm used to. Since I had filed with TurboTax last year, upgrades occurred quickly and seamlessly and K-1s and Schedules C and D worked as well as Deluxe programs of the past. Then there was MA. This was the first time I had to submit a second state return - MA - for an extra $40 plus another $25 for e-filing! The MA program is poor at best. One of the first things it asks is if this is the first time filing in MA, which I answered "yes." Shortly thereafter, a page came up with redundant W-2 listings for allocations between states and a note stating "you cannot apportion MA wages as shown on form W-2 when MA is shown in box 15." Huh?? Okay, then why is this page even included? I made the mistake of investigating the listings to see what they were about, and found that once I had visited those pages, the program expected entries and later continued to flag errors pertaining to those allocations, which were totally unnecessary since my W-2 defined my very small MA earnings. Luckily I hadn't saved the file so I was able to exit the program, start MA again and skip the page this time around. Hopefully that whole section will get fixed so it is understandable next year. Then there were questions about bringing things forward from previous years ... but hadn't I already indicated that this was the first time filing in MA. Poor programing, aggravating, wasted a lot of time. So, since the MA program was so annoying and TurboTax was going to charge another $25 to e-file, I decided to save the money, print out the result and send MA a pile of papers. The Feds and NY got their neat electronic files. April 15, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Just OK I've been using this program for 20 years. I LIKE the easy step by step system. I like the supporting info you can add and print out for reference next year. I DON'T like that it won't import last year's supporting data. I LIKE the person that helped me out on the phone! She was very friendly and helpful. I DON'T like the user interface. It's gone the way of most modern "apps", apparently geared towards tablets. Who would do their taxes on a tablet?. I find it non-intuitive. It takes #me# too long to locate what should be fingertip info, such as context sensitive help, and direct link to related IRS tax code pages. Now, when I click "help" I'm sent to a web site where I have to log in and begin searching for help from scratch. That's completely inadequate. The program asks esoteric questions #generally during the checkup stage# which they don't bother to explain the meaning of. The program asks for information from prior year's returns that it has access to. This is particularly annoying because the programmers LOVE to brag about how they just made your life SO EASY because they've imported your information. I DON'T like the advertisements you have to be read thru and "no thanks". I DON'T like the review screens where I find the highlighted corrections don't display entirely in view and are not very obvious. I gather they are highlighted blue, but there's also yellow boxes. How about RED or an arrow? I DON'T like the dopey pictures of smiling people looking at me, especially when TT asked me a question I have no idea how to answer. "you can report this figure here on form xyz, but you may want to report it on form wxy" Really? Why? They say it's compatible with XP, but it's really NOT. But who cares? #except me LOL# Bottom line, this program is geared toward non-tax people with simple returns. April 14, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Everyone Should Try Turbotax at least once! I have been a longtime user of Turbo Tax. I have promoted this product to my friends and colleagues at work as if I own stock in the company. The reason why I did this is that I am a firm believer in knowing to some degree most of your financial situation and like death, taxes are not going away. Most people have a computer and internet connection which can run the software. In addition, you get a better result than handing your documents over to a tax preparer who will just do the basics and not check all of your deduction options. I almost preach this to my friends. I recently got married and my wife was one of those skeptics. She would hand her documents over to a "family" tax person. I told her in short of having one of the quickest divorces ever, I would not be handing over my financial info to anyone and that Turbo Tax is more than capable of handling our tax needs. She relented. Since I own a home prior to marriage as well as a stock portfolio our combined return has many additional entries. This year she just took an new job where she works in NJ but lives in NY. Turbo Tax handled this with ease. In addition, I have a daughter in college and I have a fund which I withdraw money from to pay the tuition. The entries in Turbo Tax handled this as well. In short, this was the most complex filing that I had to do and not only was I impressed with the software, my wife was as well. It must be noted that my wife works in the Financial Industry as a Product Manager for a major Financial institution so this is a big deal. While I am not sure how many units that are sold per tax season I do think that you need to get the word out a bit better. H&R Block has a savy commercial out now (I am sure that you have seen it). I believe that you need to counter this with some marketing savy of your own. February 21, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Excellent experience using Turbo Tax - I would have appreciated an icon/link that I could click on to save my return several times while working on it. Having to go to "file" first and then to "save" requires an extra step that I would prefer not to have to do. - I had one problem last year with my 2013 return where I reported the sale of an annuity fund that was supposed to be tax free because the fund was valued at less than it had been purchased for ten years earlier. And the Annuity company told me that the sale was not taxable - But nothing I did would change the tax program from making the sale taxable income! It was very frustrating and I couldn't find a way around it I know I should have called TurboTax but I had many complications at the time and I didn't call. I should probably do that now - soon - after this tax deadline passes and things quiet down. - One year I had a question and was connected to a CPA who was very helpful about that question; it didn't cost me anything extra and I felt it was very valuable to have that help - and that's when I realized that TurboTax really was the superior tax program to use - and so I have used it ever since! Therefore I don't think it would be smart for TurboTax to take that feature away or charge extra for it. It's a real inducement to go with TurboTax! Basically I feel this is quite a good, helpful, easy to use and thorough tax program - and I appreciate all that! - There might have been times when I was confused by certain terms or instructions - but it seems that eventually I got things straightened out. The most important thing to me that TurboTax should do consistently is to straighten out ambiguities or things that can be confusing. I'm confused enough as it is!!! If you bear that in mind in general I think it will help you to make the most effective tax program. Thank you! I appreciate how good the program is! April 15, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Smooth Sailing, but with concerns I have been using TurboTax for many years, made the transition when Intuit bought and incorporated Parsons Technology tax software, even came back from a two year detour with TaxCut Pro a few years ago. My tax situation has never been very complex, but TurboTax (Deluxe version) has had the right mix of functionality, completeness and ease for my situations. The Interview (Guide Me) feature is without compare. By using it I have always been able to file a complete, correct tax return that misses nothing, and a few times it has saved me tax dollars by prompting me to think about my situation more completely. I am concerned, however, about being forced to upgrade to TT Premier (in the middle of using this product) just because I sold a couple of securities. This has never happened before. The program determined that TT Deluxe was incapable of handling my situation mid-stream, the moment the interview identified that I had sold a security, and the upgrade was in-place and flawless, but nevertheless I am concerned. Many, many, many middle class Americans have a small, uncomplicated portfolio of investments, and there should be a mid-tier product that meets the majority of mid-tier needs. In the past this was TT Deluxe. What has changed this year? Nothing on my end. TT Premier handles many complicated tax situations that don't apply to me. It would not (and did not) occur to me that I needed the high end product this year for my fairly straightforward, unchanged situation. I have now read many angry reviews of the changes Intuit made this year in TurboTax. If the upgrade to TT Premier had not been free to me I would also be very hot right now. I hope Intuit takes all of the feedback they got this year and tries to understand why the reaction to their changes has been so heated. It seems that a product that was neatly matched to the profiles of their customers may no longer be so. April 16, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Needs improvement Pros: 1. It remembers all your info from previous years so you don't have to retype it. 2. It steps you through every detail of your return, so you don't forget anything. 3. It transfers all the federal data over to the state return. 4. It syncs with "Its Deductible", making charitable deductions much easier to manage. 5. It syncs with most financial companies, making investment info easier to input. 6. I have used human tax accountants in the past and this is easier and cheaper. Tax accountants collect the same information from you, and then put it into their own computer program. Then they charge you $500. Duh. Cons: The explanations need a lot of work. I can't tell you how many times I was scratching my head trying to figure out what something meant. I should have made notes on the particulars to send back to TurboTax, but frankly, I was too busy trying to get my return done and filed. I really didn't think I needed to be spending time beta-testing and documenting their interface. Still, they should hire a Usability expert to review the whole thing. Getting help is difficult. You can try digging through their forums looking for answers, but it's very time consuming. If they really want to be customer-focused, they could clean up their interface. Also - when TurboTax finds errors at the end of the process, it needs to present them to you with better information. For example, I made a mistake on my business mileage. My commuting mileage and business mileage exceeded my total mileage. This is because I entered my *total* mileage incorrectly. Yet the only thing TurboTax presented to me during the correction phase was a field to change my commuting mileage - which didn't need to be changed. They should have just redirected me back to that section of the tax return so I could correct the real error. Instead, I had to dig around and find it myself. April 13, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by 2014 Turbo Tax Review I really enjoy using Turbo Tax for my taxes. I have used it for many years now. With that being the case it auto fills in everything from the previous year. It is easy to go back and add or delete something you find later. Turbo Tax does all the math for you and lets you know exactly what you need. We have a rental property which using the Premier turbo Tax keeps up with all the previous years deductions, and helps to walk you through every step. We are also pastors so Turbo Tax walks you through all the information you need to fill out your forms. Turbo Tax is much easier than filling out paper forms that you don't always know what they are wanting. With TT you have help boxes that tells you exactly what is needed in the form, etc. I have found that Turbo Tax helps you to get all of the deductions that you can and my returns have been well worth the price of the software. I usually buy it from Sam's Club or Costco when they have a 10.00 or 20.00 coupon on it. Not bad. I love filling electronically. So sad that I could not do that this year, was not TT fault, the new church we went too in 2014 had not used the Tax ID number for a long time so the IRS had turned it off. I did not realize the problem in time to get it fixed before the tax deadline. Hopefully, next year the IRS will recognize my employers EIN and I will be able to fill electronically again. I cannot think of any cons at this moment. I guess at times, like not being able to fill electronically I would like to talk to a person, but that's just my compulsiveness! I love TT and will use it as long as I can. Much cheaper than the CPA I paid to do my taxes when I couldn't figure out the forms for myself. Thank you Turbo Tax for making filling taxes so much easier. By the way if you use an approved accounting software (which I do not) it can load many of your items right from the software. How neat is that. April 15, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Frustrating to use this year I've been using TurboTax (TT) for more years than I can remember. Previously, I'd found that TT simplified my tax filing. This year not so much. First I had to upgrade to the Investments and Rental Property version, which didn't seem as intuitive as before. I kept having to go back and try to figure out what I did wrong and how to make it correct. And as I went on, I kept running into problems. Most of the time when TT overlaid a window for selecting something, all I saw was a blank rectangle on my computer screen with the little "X" for exit in the upper right corner. With everything blanked out, there was no way to see what I was supposed to choose. The little exit button did nothing,, so I just pushed the Enter button on my keyboard and went with the default. It was the only way to go forward. I found that really frustrating. At one point the combination of It's Deductible and TT decided that 49 books I'd donated to our library, which It's Deductible had valued at $9.00 each, were a single entity worth more than $500. And the response I got from the community was "what difference does it make?"--First the calculation was wrong and what was the logic of the change from individual items to a mega-item? I imported my investment data, which went OK for the sales--I appreciated not having to key all that in. But things got hairy when it came time to indicate the foreign tax paid on dividends. Somehow TT divided up the account to show each country's tax as a separate entry. That was nice,, but at the same time those individual accounts showed $0 as the dividend (as opposed to including the dividends for each country). .Finally I worked around the problem by manually re-combining appropriate entries back into a single account. Not TT's fault,but each of the sub-accounts had the same title, so I had to print out the applicable portions of the Brokerage materials as opposed to simply downloading them into TT. Made for more frustration. April 14, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Wonderful, only a few small issues Overall, I continue to be just so pleased with the product, and it impresses in new ways every year. However, I was disappointed that an issue from last year was not corrected this year. That is that TurboTax accepts no entry in box 1 of W-2 input, but in final review prior to transmission to feds, an error prompts that with a value less than $1 in box you cannot e-file and must mail returns. In my situation as a disabled person, my private disability insurance is not taxable, but is reported on a W-2 with income in box 12 and no deductions. The work-around fix is input $1 into box 1 of W-2 without any other changes. This does not alter the final results, and the returns are then accepted for e-file and successfully transmitted. Another area that I found some quirky things was with the reporting of the sale of stocks. I would imagine that in the case where you purchased 100 shares of A for X and then 10 years later sold 50 of those shares for Y, it would be rather simple. However, with my situation I sold some shares of a stock that I initially made purchases of in 1996 and 1997. It then split in 1997 and 2001. In addition, these holdings have always been enrolled in a dividend reinvestment program that continuously increases the number of holdings. When reporting this sale, my broker only reported a cost basis on the most recently (18 months) acquired shares that were sold using the FIFO methodology. For the remaining shares sold, no cost basis was reported, just a lump sum proceed. This was my first time reporting stock sales, so let's just say that it was an adventure that I would not take again. This was actually the first time that I felt like TurboTax was making it harder than it needed to be. I actually had "phantom" duplicate items that were transferred from fed worksheets to my PA state worksheets concerning this topic. I could not remove the duplicate, i had to edit in zero values in the boxes for this item. Not good! April 12, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Hasn't improved in 15 years I've been using TurboTax for years, and it doesn't get any better. For example, going thru the many sections of Income and Deductions, the button to go to the next section is always at the bottom of the page, but when you finish a section, you go to the top, so you have to scroll down and down to get to the button to go to the next section. Information is not displayed in a reasonable way. I rolled over my 401(k) to an IRA; this generates no tax impact. But all $600,000 shows up as income. Instead of $5,000 of income (my pension), it shows $605,000 of income. It does handle the tax implications okay behind the scenes, but the summary pages are really misleading. I ended up getting a $800 refund, but I know I will owe $40,000 next year, so put it to next year's income tax. But I'm not given that option. There are only two options -- direct deposit or send me a check. And it just doesn't look at the information it has before asking a question. For example, after the Federal, it asks if I want to do a State; I say "no" since my state has no income tax. Then 3 screens later, when I'm trying to file, it chastises me for not having done my State return, and asks if I want to do it now. It can see that I am putting my refund to next years taxes, so it says I have no refund and owe no money, and then still puts up the screen saying "How much of your refund do you want to use to buy an Amazon card?" And why do I have to order my 1099's and W2s to match the order that Turbotax wants them? Why can't it just ask "do you have a form to enter?". "What kind of form?" and then take the information that is appropriate to that form, so I can enter a 1099-DIV, then 1099-INT, then another 1099-INT, then a 1099-DIV, then a W2, then 1099-R, 1099-MISC, 1099-R, 1099-R, 1099-INT, in the order that I happened to receive them? I just wonder if the people who develop the program have ever actually used it? Or even watched or talked to an ordinary user. March 8, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by TurboTax 2014 This year Intuit decided to change the functionality (ie. forms) that come with the Deluxe version forcing users to a more expensive Premier version. I believe they have seen the error in their ways based on the many email messages that I have received from them indicating that they will be changing this back for next years tax season. They have also made Premier available at no cost but all this is still a pain compared to previous years. Hopefully Intuit will indeed keep to their word and revert back to the same model that has been in-place for a decade or more. Other than the version issue, the software works as well as it has in the past and I'm happy with the results. I did find one area where I feel they could improve and that is around the Educational Expenses area. I found that even though I didn't qualify for any of the educational credits (base on my income level), the software still used some of my expenses to calculate a education deduction or credit and in doing so, the software reduced my refund. This reduction was due to the fact that I use a 529 plan to pay for educational expenses and by using the amount to calculate the deduction/credit, it reduces the amount of funds used from the 529 that are tax free. After doing a thorough review of the return I found the area where this amount was set and manually set it to zero which corrected the issue. In my opinion, if you don't qualify for the credits based on your income level, and you are using a 529 to pay for educational expenses, this value should automatically be set to zero to maximize your refund. Maybe there are reasons they can't do this, but they should at least explain this within the interface to make it clear to the end user what the effects will be by changing this number. All in all, I still like TurboTax and will continue to use the software. With that said, it is always a good idea to review your returns thoroughly to make sure of the calculations that are being made. February 8, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Too many issues - expected better given history Starting on Feb 6th I was unable to download federal updates and state products. The process would start and then just sit waiting for Intuit to respond. Opened a ticket and customer support returned my call yesterday evening and we worked the issue for a couple of hours before Intuit customer support found a known issue where TurboTax has issues doing updates (federal and state) when running under windows 8.1. She suggested I find another computer running windows 7 which I did. Re-installed the Premier software and all the updates were successfully applied. Started working on my and my son's returns this morning. Once I got to the state portion of the return, turbotax prompted me to re-buy the state returns to be able to continue with no option to re-download. Initially on windows 8.1 Kansas (KS# was my free state return and I purchased #added)Missouri (MO# and Oklahoma #OK#. When I started working the returns on my windows 7 laptop Oklahoma became my free return and Intuit now wants me to re-buy KS and MO. Tried to initiate a new download for the state products with no luck #couldn't even find an option to initiate a new download#. Having to pay for the premier product instead of the deluxe version just to get the same functionality as last year was an annoying costly surprise. Then to find out that turbotax cannot do updates #an integral function for how turbotax functions overall# when running under windows 8.1 was significantly frustrating especially considering the workaround. And now I have to deal with another trouble ticket that resulted from the Intuit solution done to address the windows 8.1 problem; have #repurchase two state products for windows 7 I#. All this is taxing the limits of my patience. So far I've spent more time working on turbotax problems and interacting with its customer support than working on my taxes. I have been a devoted customer since 2002 but all these issues #especially if not resolved ASAP) will make me at minimum consider other options in the future February 9, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Strohs opinion I still do not see a place for overall rating??? Oh, I never could find where I could deduct state sales taxes. Can we still do that in Texas? If so, I missed $1850 in deductions, which would be significant!!! (since Texas has a state sales tax rate of .08%) Turbo Tax is much improved from previous years. It was like driving a car currently made compared to the old Model T. It imported my previous year's data! It imported my international company's W2 information! It acted like it actually understood my HSA account which in past years was just a fog where you assume somebody up there is just as confused as you were and you were hoping they would overlook it because they did not understand it either! I was eventually able to find how to start at the beginning and meticulously, line by line, review every detail. Wow, and you even have Spellchecker on this Review! You repeatedly spoke with great confidence that you really were doing me a good job! There were an endless number of opportunities to back out at the last moment. (I would call it foolproof!# I was able to save a PDF. I was able to print a copy before OR after I did the e-file. There were links to Helps all along the way. I did not like the way the PDF Save was not infinitely adjustable. I was forced to limit what I printed to the choices that the buttons/bullets permitted. I think that I should have been able to just check the ones I wanted and exclude the ones that I did not want. I liked the free e-file, where in early years, we had to pay for that which was the easiest and best. Oh, I never could find where I could deduct state sales taxes. Can we still do that in Texas? If so, I missed $1850 in deductions, which would be significant!!! #since Texas has a state sales tax rate of .08%) Also, since I am in Texas and Texas does not have a state income tax, the software should not keep telling me that I forgot to file my Texas state income taxes! So in conclusion, it was expensive, but I felt like I got my money's worth this time. April 3, 2015
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