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Rated 4.2 out of 5 by 17443 reviewers.
Rated 4 out of 5 by Overall excellent experience The preparation of the returns(Federal and State) was done in a methodical, logical manner. All the areas covered were done so thoroughly. There were schedules completed for me that I, likely, would not have prepared on my own. Should I need support for questions in the future, it would be available. Good job here. I did find that I was prevented from completing the e file process because of "errors" in a support schedule for the Form 8949. The schedule did not contain an adjustment code because one was not included on the 1099B sent to me. Until a code was added, I could not e file. Help was difficult to find until I saw an answer given to someone else who had the same problem. The code I added made no sense to me and related to nothing I knew. but made the program work. Very frustrating. Please correct this for next year. April 8, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Needs lots of improvement I have used TurboTax since 2003. This year was my most unpleasant experience. My taxes are complex. Navigation continues to be an issue. I had to go back to a form to check on something. clickety click back, then clickety click forward, a pain. There should be a form summary in a left-side pane for quick navigation. This is an OLD problem. Data entry by form seemed somewhat random. It was not always perfectly clear what forms I was entering. The IRS uses numbered forms (like 1099-R). Turbo Tax needs to align its data entry process with those forms. After reviews, some clicks "did not take." The windows "explaining" the issue were, shall I say, Sparse. It appears Turbo Tax is resting on its well-deserved laurels. But it needs work, more investment. This year, I was not so happy. (However, I would be lost without Quicken.) March 11, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Reliable utility to complete FED & St. tax return Overall TurboTax Premier makes short order of competing ones tax returns. Excellent interface for importing data from most financial institutions simplifies the process & eliminates transcription errors. Does a great job with Investment activity & Education credits. Its fine for regular IRA contributions but things can get hairy when doing re-characterizations and conversions and more explicit Help functionality/Guidance would be useful. The major shortcoming experienced is with the EasyStep interview section for reporting profit/loss with Employer Stock Options. The data entry wizard is hidden from the main interview window requiring prior knowledge to know how to access the EasyStep interview tool in this section. Once initiated the interview helps assure correct entry. Something for Intuit to work on for the next release. March 19, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Get organized I have used Turbo Tax for over 10 years. I stay with the same program so all my data is transferred. We own a few rental properties and their calculations for deductions is complicated. Turbo Tax does the calculations for you and places all the data in the correct forms. The programs puts the information where it needs to go. By using Turbo Tax for many years, it has enabled me to be organized with what receipts to save to be used for tax deductions. I have created files to place tax receipts in all year in each category. Doing taxes yourself is stressful but it saves money. It also enables you to know what receipts to save because doing it with Turbo Tax asks you questions. Then to answer the questions you need your receipts for the information to file your deductions. I have saved a lot of money using Turbo Tax. Thank you. March 16, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Always refining... I have been a big fan of TT and have used it for over 15 years without fail, and fortunately without mistake. I struggled a bit with the IRA section this year as it related to a 1099R distribution as a result of a TIRA to Roth conversion in 2014. The underlying challenge was that there were no checks and balances through the years on the TIRA basis. For example, in years where there was no IRA contribution, and then contributions both deductible and non-deductible, evidently the program did not record it, skipped it, or forgot it. I suggest that a dialogue be created/added to ask the taxpayer if the TIRA basis is correct each year. Calculating tax on the distribution will be much easier. I did find humor in the existing dialogue which mentions that "...most taxpayers do not track non-deductible contributions in prior years". March 27, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by frustrated 2 major problems. On one family return, fed was filed a month ago;when I went to file state, program choked on fed schedule that was never filed. Bad software design. Second was inability to deal meaningfully with download from financial institution--they submit incidental 1099-B transactions (Fannie maes) without basis and with a few transactions in 2015. Can't override them; left to fix 50 or 60 tiny transactions by hand. Can't even relegate the selected transactions to a statement and click the statement box. Really time consuming and annoying. I would have shot the computer if I didn't have such capacity for restraint. You need to develop ways of helping users deal with downloads from firms you have collaberated with when they have stuff you can't figure out with the program. You leave the users in an all or nothing limbo. April 15, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Gah, finally finished I got the postcard informing me that on February 7, I would be able to upgrade the Deluxe to Premier to be able to file Schedule D. This did not happen. I tried for over a week with the automatic updates and even downloaded a 111Mb file to manually update, but Schedule D was a roadblock every time. I was not ready to pay $32 and only maybe get $25 back. (Yeah, you promised a refund, you think I believe you after the switcheroo?) I finally took the software back and bought the Premier edition. This installed fine for Schedule D but would not install the State return. I did not have 3 hours to wait on the help line. Finally found the removal tool on the Intuit site and ran it. Paying taxes is enough of a headache without all the software issues. I'm going to look very hard at H&R Block and TaxAct before buying anything next year. February 20, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Can't be any more complex An example of my annoyance. With foreign income, the software accepts a certain types of entry for state, zip code, employer's Id etc which have to be fictitious. As for example, UK does not have 'states', 'zip codes' and banks there do not have 'ID recognized by IRS'. But having accepted certain 'fake' entries (suggested by your experts) it shows up those as errors and makes it impossible to satisfy the software and reach the end for filing. It is downright stupid and wastage of my valuable time to sort out. Ask you software guys to change the program to make it remember the entries accepted during the main preparation and not to flag those as errors at the end. What is the use of using this software if the program is so dumb and does not help the poor tax preparer to overcome this problem not of his creation? Very unfortunate. April 18, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Not as good as it used to be I Purchased energy efficient doors and windows. I've never used this credit before. Cost split 50/50 with joint home owner, so the maximum credit should have be half of the $500 total. TurboTax used the total amount spent by the co-owner rather than the max credit amount per the instructions allowing only a $23 credit. Took a bit of playing around with the entries to discover this (why spending less would generate more credit?!) before I discovered where to correct the denominator for the ratio in the worksheet (which does not show the math, and should). On state return, the program double counted other state interest on the California addback - figured this out when the add back on California schedule CA was more than the total tax free interest and dividends on the federal return. Too bad, Turbo Tax used to be a great program. March 10, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by procrastination-tomorrow is a good day It doesn't matter when I start doing the taxes each year. I always find something better to do with my time than sitting at the computer for a couple of hours plunking keys to make the U.S. Government happy every year. But, low and behold, TURBOTAX to the rescue to pull me out in a record time each and every year. What a relief... All I need to do is get all the information together at one time and the little people inside my computer ask me the questions and I fill in the blanks. A couple of hours later, CABOOM!!! The fireworks explode and I'm finished with the taxes. What a relief, and sometimes I get a refund back. That's almost as good as a bowl of Ice cream but that's another story all together. Thanks again for the help. Sorry, this is a new computer and I haven't any happy pictures to post at this time, but I'm very happy. April 16, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by TT2014 Mac ISO NONQUAL stock handling is very poor now that brokers are not required to send cost basis adjustments due to inclusion of proceeds into your salary. Luckily I knew something was up when my taxes due significantly jumped. Finding out how and where to input the data was not clear as in the previous versions of TT. Although it has never been very clear at this. I think you should ask a question in the W2 section if any salary was due to inclusion of stock sales and then match that up with stock sales as a sanity check. Also the questions on stock types should always be asked to help ask the right kind of questions when entering stock data. In some ways the data shown still looks a little strange in the app and I had to go into the forms to ensure it was ok. Even worse, I'm still not 100% confident I'm entering the data correctly. February 23, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Quit asking for more money! I've been a Turbo Tax user for years and years. Every year it gets worse - a "free" state e-file is only "free" in the sense that they will take the $24.95 from my refund? And now I must by the Premier instead of the less expensive package, just to accommodate one K-1 with a $135 loss? The extra cost nullified the tax savings on the long term loss. I do NOT want to register the product so quit asking EVERY time I start the program. And NO, I do not want to store my tax return on your potentially insecure cloud server. And NO I do not want your health insurance or whatever that is. And NO I do not want to pay extra for some audit review, especially right after you just told me my audit risk is extremely low. In other words, Turbo Tax works. But I am starting to get sick of it. Let me pay for the software and then STOP BUGGING ME. March 22, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Easy, Easy, Easy Been using Turbo Tax forever (well, almost). Loads easily, transports prior year info over effortlessly, walks me through step by step and checks and rechecks. This was the first year I had a complicated (stocks - bonds) return, and when I got to the hard part a message appeared stating that I would need the Premier software to effectively complete my return. NOT TO WORRY! without even leaving the screen I was on, and (because I was a returning customer) WITHOUT CHARGE (whoever heard of such a thing), my deluxe was upgraded to premier and the info transported over automatically. This did not end the good stuff! I was given the option to electronically transport information directly from my stock broker, and -upon accepting - this was handled securely, swiftly and correctly. Thank you, Turbo Tax, and SIGN ME UP FOR PREMIER FOR 2015! February 18, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Pretty good. This is a review of TurboTax Premier 2014, download version. I like the fact that the program automatically transfers the prior year's data and allows me to download brokerage data. I like the fact that it does not force me to go through the entire interview process, since with experience I know what parts I need to pay attention to. I still need to review the results carefully because it sometimes makes mistakes, which can be hard to fix. Last year I had to go outside of TurboTax for my state return, so that I could submit a correct form. This year TurboTax automatically entered a late payment penalty on the federal return, in spite of the fact that I overpaid and was filing on time! After asking the "community" about this several different ways, I figured out how to go back to a section of the interview process and correct this. February 26, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Good solid tax program The software is really good. I had a question about a tax situation regarding education credits and went to the website seeking advice. I found another person who asked the same question I had. They were told it was not possible to amend their return to change an education credit from a prior tax year. I found it hard to believe so I called the IRS. The IRS agent and I went through my situation in great detail and I was able to amend a previous year's return to change the education credit election. I owed some additional tax and sent that payment with the amended return. I knew there would be a penalty because that tax was paid almost one year late. I then got a note from the IRS telling me they processed the amended return and how much my penalty was. It was worth it for me. I am reluctant to trust the answers given on the website. April 8, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by It has its moments Mostly usable and reasonable product. The pros are it gets it done, and it's always available at a discount off their asking price from any number of sources. The more memorable are the cons: In Fed shows HSA money from off the W2 as income and computes taxes based on it, but if you try to see this "Other Income" entry it is not anywhere on the Enter Income page. The numbers don't align, you can't push into the number to see the source. It's only much later when they do get to HSA specifics that you are able to indicate what portion your employer paid vs yourself and the taxes and "other income" numbers adjust. The other nit was on state taxes where it pulls capital gains from Fed and then asks something along the lines of HOW MUCH OF THIS IS DEDUCTABLE FOR STATE TAXES? but does not offer a clue on how to determine what if any is. April 2, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Best version of Turbotax I've used I read a number of negative reviews of this year's TurboTax - primarily because of a change in Intuit's pricing and version changes. I almost went to the competition but decided I'd stay with what I've used for years. Although I can't offer a comparison, I was pleasantly surprised that this year's TurboTax was, I think, the best version that I've used in the 10+ years I've been using it. I retired this year so I had a rollover to an IRA; RSU transactions; and pension and social security income that I hadn't had experience with before and TT led me clearly through the interview process --- with clear explanations of the topics that related to my situation. So unless they jack up the price excessively next year, I'll probably be a customer again then (recognizing that nothing is certain but death and taxes -- and I'd rather pay taxes). April 12, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Good but a bit buggy Overall, I am very happy with the TurboTax Premiere product I purchased. After initial unhappiness at being forced to upgrade from Deluxe to Premier, I was happy to see Intuit's proactive response and apologies. The product installed and worked well. My only complaint were some buggy pages on how to account for two New York State property tax credits. it was not clear whether these should be taxable or non-taxable (I opted to be conservative), and one of the pages did not work properly. Also, TurboTax provided several worksheets in my final PDF copy after I had finished, and some pages are utterly perplexing, with numbers that make no sense to me. I'm trusting that these make sense to the IRS, but I am a bit uneasy not understanding what some of this means. I've been a fan for over ten years, and I plan to continue to use TurboTax. April 15, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Complete despite incompleteness While TurboTax has this year performed well in covering the various tax situations, the Basic version was no longer useful to those of us who required more of the forms. To unlock those forms required an upgrade to a higher version, which is new this year. An example would be Schedule E. The state version was a bit misleading when stating that my state (Tennessee) would issue a fine if the form was not filed for additional cost thru the TurboTax web site. While that is true for the TurboTax-prepared form, it turns out that the entries from the step-by-step process of the TurboTax state version could have been retyped on my state's taxation web site, and no penalty would have been assessed. This detail was unclear, and seems to be one of those higher-pressure marketing techniques designed to prove once again that "knowledge is power." April 14, 2015
Rated 1 out of 5 by Changed for the bad Even though my tax status has not changed (same tax sources, same documentation, etc), Intuit changed the way that investment income must be reported, thus requiring use of Turbo Tax Premium, even though I have used Deluxe for years and years. There is an actual threat when you load Deluxe that says you will not be able to e-file your taxes if you use Deluxe, thus you MUST upgrade. Fortunately for me, the vice-president authorized a free upgrade, but it was a hassle to go through the process. Another problem is they now require a zip code for any rental property, which was not required in previous years. My property is raw land, out in the middle of nowhere in another state, with no mail boxes, no mail delivery. Again, I could not e-file unless I came up with a zip code. They need to do better next year or I will bolt for H&R Block. February 12, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Don't Fix Something That Isn't Broken For many years using this software has been a pleasant experience, and for the most part it is still easy to use. The additional security added to access your own return if you take a break proved to be an annoyance, and from my point of view unnecessary. I owed on my Federal and had a refund on my State, yet was not allowed to e-file my State while mailing my Federal returns. Whether this is a factor of regulations, or just a quirk in TurboTax is not clear. Either way, this was not a positive experience. Additionally, one screen stated that my payment to Federal had to be received by April 15, yet the printed return states that the payment only needs to be postmarked by April 15. These issues will not keep me from using TurboTax next year, I would just hope that items as basic as these are more clearly defined in the new software. April 3, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Continues to be easy Once again it was easy to do taxes. We used the Premier since we had some mutual fund activity this year. Super easy to do. You still need to gather the information, either electronically or from your files, but it all can be put in the correct places. The only negative is the interface "resets" choices to defaults on many of the screens in the instance where you return to the screen. You have to re-select your choices, which can be annoying if all you wanted to do was go step-by-step thru the process again to review your responses at a later date. One of us prepares the data, and the other checks it over before filing. We need to do the check-over together due to this default reset. The e-file process is a no-brainer. Couldn't be easier. Aside from that, it is an awesome tool to help this process. We've been using it for many years. March 1, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Not up to par with previous Turbo Tax releases Well this the first year that I can't recommend Turbo Tax to anyone, I've been a customer for around 15 years or more. It is sad to say that Turbo can't make simple comparison between to lines Form 8863 lines 4, and 5 setting proper value in 6 (some negative value). The tool needs a better regression sweep to keep errors out of forms. Turbo Tax did catch the error, but the user had to fix it. All inputs to this form were generated automatically based on student dependents (one in this case). Other annoying things are it is harder to view the forms, and switch back and forth after edits in Quick Turbo user friendly mode. Also can you fix next release so user can just print ESTIMATE TAX PAYMENT form without the unending questions that don't apply. Just thumbs down this year. I don't have enough time and space to write all the bad feedback. March 2, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Its a good program - but... For some reason I accidentally deleted Schedule D, form 1040, line 44's worksheet. Even after the deletion it showed up filled out in forms but not as part of my return nor as a printable or saveable form. Fortunately I could recover the information for review without starting over. On the accidental delete I do not think Turbo Tax ever asked 'do you really want to delete this form' from my list of forms. I think this is a flaw in the software, but am not sure. In addition I think in the final instruction letter it would be good if TurboTax listed all the necessary forms to include in the mailing - even if they were deleted. In addition I am sending off one that seems to be a worksheet #Form 1040, line 10, State and Local Income Tax Worksheet# but was printed along with the 'to be filed' forms. At this point the Feds can figure this out. March 14, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Filing Problem Logging into TurboTax, I got a message to check for updates. I clicked on the link to do this and it just sat there for quite some time. Logged out and got back in and proceeded to finalize my return. When I completed it, I tried to E-file. Got the box message that I had to get the most current updates before I could E-file. Clicked on the link to do that and again a prolonged wait. Did this several times. Finally I got out of TurboTax completely. Waited a while and again got the update requirement message. Clicked on the link to do this and waited quite a while for it to actually accomplish the update. After that, things went quite well and I finally was able to E-file. It seemed that either the updater was not working correctly or if the update did occur, that did not register and thus led to repeated cycles of trying to get it to work. March 13, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Import from Quicken still needs work I imported my data from Quicken, then got a bunch of messages about medical expenses, showing an amount, then another amount, then asking me whether to replace the first amount with the second amount, or add the second amount, or ignore it. Something like that, anyway. But there's no indication what these amounts are, or where they come from. Are they from last year's return? Are they from Quicken (in 2014? Something else? The numbers shown don't match the numbers I get when I run a report in Quicken. For example, if I run the tax year's expenditures for "prescriptions" (i.e., medicine), I get totals that differ from what TurboTax proposes. A real mess. I've probably used TurboTax for more than 20 years, and the import feature has been like this all along. Don't just throw a bunch of numbers at me! Tell me -- exactly -- where they come from! April 15, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Good but many overdue improvements needed Turbotax is a big help to do any kind of return. Our tax codes and some of the requirements to pay taxes are downright ridiculous and complicated. Our congress should fix but that is another issue.... Turbotax often does not "know" information that should have been pulled in from last year's return. This year I had to re-enter my bank information for my state refund even though I already put it in for federal (to pay this year) and used last year. If this is a security issue, then just say so and ask to verify. Also, I have a daughter who was dependent last year. I thought she was this year too. She did her taxes first. When she put in that she was a dependent, it DID NOT tell her that she made too much to be a dependent. BUT, when I did my return, it DID tell me. So now, she has to re-open her return to possibly change and file amendment. April 12, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by this year was different.... I have always loved TurboTax, because it is easy to use and covers absolutely everything. I especially love the "step me through it" feature - it makes sure you don't overlook anything. However, this year it failed me. I was unable to use it to do my state taxes. I paid for my state download - twice - but whenever I then downloaded the state file Tubotax went into an endless loop. Apparently it was a recognized problem, because there was a "fix" listed in their Help files, but the fix was so complex it was WAY to difficult to do. Plus, the first time I calculated my federal tax using TurboTax this year, the amount it said I owed was suspiciously high, so I did the investment download over again, and the amount went down by 50%. I examined the investment 1099, and the total change was $32. Hmmm. TurboTax, I trusted you so much until this year!! April 15, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Excellent if you like details Asks the same questions that a CPA will ask you, but in the comfort of your own home at your pace. You can leave the question and save your work and come back later to complete it. That would be hard with a CPA. The forms are also available if you dare switch from the guided-mode to look up and fill out the forms yourself. I like the Quick-Zoom which allows you to see where information flows from one form to another. This allows you to see "where did that number come from?" the Wizard however is sometimes a pain, when you want to review your work, you need to go through lots of questions, and it does not tell you what your spouse answered last time this menu appeared. It would be nice to have the wizard remember that you have already been here, and suggest the prior answer, or allow you to review your spouses work without possibly changing it. April 14, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by A Bit Under Impressive Having used T-TAX for over 10 years now I find it a very good tool overall that does not completely change each year. Generally if you figure it out once you can just fill in the blanks year after year. Quick and easy has been the past and hopefully future of this product. This year there was a problem in the Health Insurance that was painful. If I selected any of the 'more info" blocks it forced my old T-TAX 10 to start and try to update. Could not get around this by clearing histories, relaunching and such. Finally gave up and just guessed at what was meant. In the print section you need to add a save to local backup as well as the e-mail, slow mail and cloud options. Security is bad enough out there in Cloud-Land so don't want that as a backup. That's about it. I will still be using T-TAX next year and probably for many years after that. April 12, 2015
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