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TurboTax Premier software makes tax filing easy. It calculates investment & rental property tax deductions to get you a bigger tax return.Efile taxes online with TurboTax. Choose easy.

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Rated 4 out of 5 by Good, but beware of possible problems Everyone who reads any on-line review knows the problems with TurboTax this year due to the fact it changed the version you need to do your taxes. But given that, I was able to buy the correct version and do my taxes. My problem with TurboTax was with the 1099-B form. I filled in the information off the form as requested by TurboTax, but this was really incomplete information and the tax due was calculated to be way too high. The information supplied to me by the institution that sent me the 1099-B included one box with the lines of information that TurboTax wanted. But there is a related form, 8949 that has five subgroups, A, B, C, D, and E. One or more of these subgroups is for what you received for selling securities without the institution that sold the securities for you reporting your cost for those securities. So the cost basis is assumed to be 0 even though other information provided by the institution clearly shows the cost basis. So on the 1099-B, the amount you received is correct, but the cost basis is low due to that 0. That results in a very inaccurate tax calculation. I did not see that in the stop-by-step method TurboTax asked about those 8949 subgroups. Only with a lot of work going back through things did I discover the error in the forms and calculations. This probably took me a day of work to find this problem. March 25, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Used for years The step by step approach works well for both new and previous users of the program. While it can be repetitive if you have a simple tax situation, this feature helps to avoid missing things that could help or hurt your situation a lot - the last thing anyone wants is an IRS notice 2 years out that you missed something and owe more in penalties & interest than the tax due. I've used TurboTax for well over a decade,since Parsons Technology sold their tax product to Intuit. I have been quite satisfied. My experience this year was good overall, I did my taxes and all of my children's too. It saved a lot of time by pulling in the information saved from the previous years of taxes saved on my computer and "knew" the status of the education credits so I didn't have to dig through paperwork to figure it out myself. My only real complaint this year was that the program created a Schedule C, even though there was nothing that required it. We had needed a Schedule C the previous tax year for some 1099 income but the program should have picked up that there was no 1099 income and asked it we wanted to delete the Schedule C from this year's return. I ended up going into the Forms view and deleting it there. Luckily that was straightforward, the calculations all checked fine when TurboTax rechecked them. I plan to use TurboTax next year and the years after. April 12, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Good for basic items; poor for Roth IRA/Rental FMV Turbo Tax, as always, is great at the things everyone experiences, but is not as strong at special rental/investment cases as they should be if they advertise a version called "Investments and Rental Property." 2 BIG issues: 1# Description of FMV or "below FMV" is weak. It only calculates FMV by the county one lives in...so if someone's place is in an upscale area of a huge county like Cook County--Chicago--in IL that also encompasses extremely depressed areas, it is hard to trust the "comparisons." These "comparisons" should be conducted by ZIP CODE or Census tracts, not by county. 2) Although the "answer center" online said that TT would help me calculate my Roth IRA contribution limits for earners in the upper end "phase out" income range, it never did...and I went through every single option with a fine-toothed comb. I had to go to the IRS website myself to calculate my "phase out" limit for my Roth. There is a worksheet for this, as well as a Fidelity website calculator, so there is no reason why a computer tax program cannot also ingest the calculation to help maximize. Yes, these are "first world problem" issues, and I was able to use the online IRS worksheets myself to arrive at my answers, but given that I paid extra for the "investments and rental property" version of TT for these two very reasons, I was less than thrilled. April 4, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Not much improvement year to year Turbo tax does the job, but it's not as good as it could be. There's not much improvement year over year. A few examples, when it comes to rental property, work expense, car expense and and miscellaneous deductions, it seems like there could be a better flow thru those sections. I spend a lot of time entering deductible items subject to 2% AGI limit but in the end each year either barely qualify or don't qualify for the deduction. It would be nice to get a better feel as to how close you are getting to the 2% limit as you enter expenses throughout the interview. As well as which deductions are subject to the 2% limit. The car expense/mileage deductions section could also be a bit more user friendly. It seems like the details of commuting miles, beginning mileage, etc. could all be carried over from the last years return and the whole section made a little clearer. With the rental property section I never got a good feel for how my rental capital loss carryover or disallowed capital loss was calculated or how that was applicable for future years. How did my deprecation work into the calculation. Was it really included? What part of my expenses were disallowed because of my income level. Are there any strategies I could implement to better my deductions? I'm starting to think I could get a better return if I brought my taxes an actual person. February 19, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Good But Frustrating I have been using turbotax/Macintax since 1996. I can't wait for the flat tax to be implemented because filling out these forms is nuts (technical term). Even though I use the auto fill feature for transferring last years info I get carryover data from previous years being inserted as well. I end up reviewing every sheet very carefully for bogus data that needs to be deleted. This year I was able to remove three forms that didn't need to be included but were generated by the auto transfer process. I have found it simpler to select forms and proceed rather than use TT's Easy Step process. A major complaint is the comparison tables provided as a way of letting me know how taxes compare to the rest of the population of taxpayers is way off for retired people. It is meaningless my taxes to everyone else. How about comparing to other retirees? Another major complaint for this year was TT's less than brilliant move to restructure the Deluxe and Premier software. Normal companies would raise their rates (as in cost of living increases) not change what forms are in what packages, etc. As a result I moved to H&R Block software to compare. H&R software has its vagaries as well but I ended up filing via TT when TT offered a refund of $25. Had they not recapitulated I would have moved after 20 years of using TT products. The H&R software resulted in the same results. April 1, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Simple and thorough Great software. Have used it for years. Keeps getting easier and easier to use. The one year I didn't use TurboTax, I ended up paying a fortune for about the same level of service. I actually find it easier to use TurboTax than have my accountant do it because I don't have to gather up all of the forms - I can just round them up as I go. I'm not a novice with taxes, but I'm certainly no expert, and it only takes me a couple of hours to complete my return (I do my fiancé's also and his take me an additional hour or so#. I own two homes, split one with my fiancé #so we're each claiming part of the write-off#, I rent the other property out, so have rental income. We have multiple investments. Buy the Premier version and everything is always pretty simple. Occasionally I have to research something, but between the IRS site and TurboTax's, all of the answers are pretty easy to find. Every once in a while you find a bug. Last year, it kept telling me there was an error on my taxes that didn't exist when you went to go back to it. So, I had to file with that error being listed. A little nerve-wracking, but the error was false so it was my only choice. This year, it kept saying "you entered zero profit and zero loss for your farm" or something like that, when I never even went into the farm section #since I don't own a farm#. All-in-all, I recommend TurboTax to everyone. March 8, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Are you really sure? I have used Turbo Tax for many years now because it was a quick and easy way to prepare my taxes. However, this year my use of Turbo Tax has resulted in additional headaches. The two in particular that was annoying was how after Turbo Tax was prompted to review the taxes for errors, I still had to make corrections and they were errors that Turbo Tax caused due to incorrect value inputs to certain fields such as inputing 0.0001 versus 0. The worst annoyance was after a software update, what I owed to my State tax increased by $500+ dollars. After I had to do a review to see what happened versus Turbo Tax telling me that they had a software error that resulted in an incorrect field completed, I was very upset because if I was to have submitted the taxes prior to getting that software update, I would have filed an incorrect return that could have been bad for me if an audit occurred. I buy Turbo Tax for convenience and ease of use and the trust that it prepared taxes correctly and I was severely disappointed that I felt like I had to do more work this year to prepare my taxes. My experience with using Turbo Tax this year will definitely cause me to reevaluate how I will do my taxes next year since I am looking for convenience and ease of use and Turbo Tax did not do that for me this year. Finally, the trust that Turbo Tax will do it correctly has diminished with me. March 8, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by I am disappointed about using Turbo Tax for 2014 I am very disappointed about my experience with filing taxes using TurboTax for 2014. I've been using Turbot Tax for 10 years and I feel the quality of the software for 2014 has diminished. The Help content is displayed in a very small font and it seems to be more limited than for the previous year. I ran an error check for federal and state taxes without any error. Then when I was going through e-filing of federal and state taxes, it suddenly displayed an error alert that an amount for one box on one of my W-2 form was entered "0.00" and this entry is not valid for e-filing. Given that my W-2 form was exported into Turbo Tax, I would rather expect this error alert to get fired while I was running an error check. It made me very nervous. To be on the safe side, I went back to a Wages section, fixed the entry issue for my W-2 form, re-run an error check for both federal and state taxes and went through e-filing again. I used to buy a Delux version of Turbo Tax but this year's Delux version does not include forms for selling stocks, etc. and I had to buy a Premier version but it is more expensive than the Delux is. I also found that if you want to claim "other income", the Premier version does not include a necessary form and you need to "request" it. It does not explain what the "Other income" is and I was wondering if it means that it requires to buy additional forms. April 4, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Change is not always good! Okay, a bit harsh maybe. I have been using TT for more years than I care to think about and I have to say this was the worst yet. Although this year for us was rather straight forward , I think the software lacked the guidance and intuition that TT has always been known for. Although not in finance or tax law, but I do hold a post grad degree (with lots of gray hair). I unfortunately found the program to be unfriendly and asked questions assuming preparer has some knowledge of what the program is asking. Several times questions regarding a previous years return was asked as if the information was at my fingertips. Past years of TT seemed to do a much better job integrating past information with new. I found myself asking, well shouldn't the program know this? This ability to communicate with past years of TT is the very reason I continue with TT year after year. WE made it through another year and granted the accuracy of any return is always only as good as the information the taxpayer provides. I hope the promise to return to "how we liked it" along with "guiding" taxpayers through the muck-and-mire will evolve out of the flames and ashes that I am sure Corporate has experienced with this years (2014) product. I suspect TT will loose many loyal customers next year unless they "re-redefine" what works and what does not. Good luck and hope things turn around next year! March 31, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by I have used turbo tax for many years. I have found it easy to use, and like that it saves all my previous information, even if it is a little big brother/creepy. We moved this past year, and so had to file two state returns. I have had to do this manually in the past (Pre Turbo Tax), and so put the extra money out to buy the extra state form. I found the federal turbo did not "talk" to the state form very well, and the means of entering my state information for Virginia and SC were very different. I was very surprised that there was not an easier explanation via turbo tax to reassure me that I was on the right track... I would say that given the amount of money I paid for the state version, and again for the e-file, you could designate more of your budget to making the language and transition between state taxes more understandable. The only other hiccup I had with the process was with regard to the sale of one house and purchase of the next. I only had a mortgage on the house that I sold, so I only paid interest on one home, but paid taxes on both. I would have expected that it would ask me separately for each home, but it only focused on the firs home. Also, even though I clearly did not have capital gains on this home and said so, it insisted on "upgrading" me free of charge. I sold my home for far less than $500,000, so it took me through an unnecessary transition. February 18, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Turbo Tax does the trick. Turbo Tax is only tax preparation software I have ever used. This year the company made an "oopsie" when they decided to delete some features that were previously available to Turbo Tax deluxe users. The company made good on their offer to upgrade customers versions to Premier in an effort to sooth angry purchasers. It will be interesting to see what the company does next year. Turbo Tax is for the most part user friendly. There are 2 options available to users. One guides the user through the process step by step and the other option allows users to choose which forms they would like to work on. I like being able to switch from one method to the other because I like to check to see if certain items are inputted the proper way. A feature that is very useful is the question box that allows users to look up topics that have been posted. I had a question about our Roth IRA's and was able to find the answer by scrolling through the frequently asked questions section. One change I did not like happened when I was finished and wanted to e-file my Federal and snail mail my State taxes. It did not make sense to pay a $24.99 fee for a small State tax refund. However, the program made me e-file my Federal and then go back to the beginning of e-filing before I could finalize my State tax return and print it. Overall, Turbo Tax is easy to use and allows the user to fine tune their tax return to fit their needs. April 12, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great if you know what you're doing If you already know what tax benefits and deductions you are eligible for and generally where to to put the information Turbo Tax is great. However, if you are not aware of the subtle deductions and exclusions available to you it will miss a lot of them (as will most common tax prep services.) Even when you are aware of deductions and exclusions which you are qualified for Turbo Tax does not always make it easy for you to input the data necessary to obtain these deductions and exclusions. One example is the home health care income exclusion. At no time while filling out your taxes does Turbo Tax even hint that this exists. Even knowing that it existed was of little help. The assistance provided by Turbo Tax was of no help and actually wrong in some cases. It was only by reading IRS Notice 2014-7 with its questions and answers that allowed me to figure out how to get it into Turbo Tax and get the resultant $1700 tax reduction. I've found this to be the case with other things in the past. If you know what you're looking for, Turbo Tax will help get the deductions for it and as much associated deductions as you can. BUT YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR. If it's any consolation, a friend of mine went to a nationwide tax prep service and told them she wanted this exclusion included with her taxes and was told that it didn't apply until next year when in fact the IRS says it goes back to 2011. March 22, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Confusion I am a long time user of TT, but this time I came across a couple of confusing issues when I went to file and print my CA return that I intended to mail. I filed my fed return electronically, and chose not to file the state electronically. I printed out the "Return Only" for both federal and state at that point. When I came back to file my CA return (by mail), I pulled up the state return again and noted that it had certain pages (Side 2 CA (540) 2014 and (Side 3 Form 540 2014) that had electronic markings at the bottom. These markings did not show up on the forms that I had printed earlier. I had no idea which should be sent in to the state. I guessed and chose to file those pages with the electronic markings (RSQ?). Second issue - I generally refer to the first page printed out with instructions, in order to find the mailing address. In this case it showed zip as 94267-0009. My husband noted when signing the return, that instructions on the Form 540 showed that return with payment due should be mailed to zip code of 94267-0001. I verified that the latter was correct by going online at state website, but shouldn't have to take those extra steps to find out what is correct. It appears that your instructions were incorrect on the form printed with general instructions at beginning of the return. Thirdly, I thought that I had electronically submitted my parents' fed return on 3/25, but found out today that it was not submitted. I don't know what happened. Maybe I didn't complete all the steps. Don't recall, but remember submitting it. Submitted it late today. April 16, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Absolutely, Positively "The Best" I have been using the yearly Turbo update for over 20 years. I wouldn't do without it. It is fast and easy to complete and appears to have all tax areas covered. Requires simple input from me - usually "Yes and No" questions or bullets to complete. Takes your last year's return from the system and fills in a lot of basic information in the new form and lets you see what you previously claimed versus the current year. I had different complex forms to complete for two years, and again I was given easy directions to follow. My effort is minimal. It's a winner! It has been improved each year. Hard to believe a competitor could top Turbo Tax. In fact, I cannot think of the name of a competitor at the moment. As far as taking my taxes to a storefront tax service, I would rather stay at home with my feet up on a recliner and the laptop on my lap and be finished in a couple of hours. Plus my one experience with an outside tax preparer was a horror. I had to re-do the tax return. That was pre-Turbo Tax. Also, during the Pre-Turbo Tax years I would sharpen my pencils, get out my calculator and erasers and spend many hours reading IRS instructions and filling out the tax forms. It was a horrible period in history. I dreaded tax time, I dreaded the process, I kept finding reasons not to start, and I was brain-dead when I finished. I love and trust Turbo Tax software. Can you tell that I'm a very happy customer? April 8, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great Tax Software But Not Without Its Quirks! This is an excellent software program for doing taxes. For those who are new to Turbo Tax, or are novices at doing taxes, or require a little hand-holding, this is a great way to do taxes. For the more knowledgeable and advanced tax filers, this is also a great way of doing taxes because they can opt to bypass the simplistic approach/methodology and go straight to the relevant sections and items applicable to them. One area that Turbo Tax excels at is taking a tax filer's information pertaining to Section 179 Property expenses and filling in IRS Form 4562 (Depreciation & Amortization# automatically in an easy way. Like most good software programs there are always a few quirks usually involving more complicated issues and topics. For example, in my opinion they need to redo the "step-by-step" process and/or format when entering/inputting data related to ESPPs, employee business expenses, foreign holdings & accounts, mortgage interest info, and state sales tax matters so that the software is either more logical or reflects reality better. In some cases, the Turbo Tax process or method can be at variance with how a filer would normally handle #fill out# the corresponding traditional IRS forms, though in the end they reach the same outcome/result. While this is good it can also be a little disconcerting for those used to filling out the IRS paperwork the old-fashioned way #by hand). Overall - a good, solid program! March 25, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Suggested check for duplicate entries Two years in a row I have encountered the same thing happening. I download all the forms from my financial institutions. Then, as I go through the questionnaire, I have (both years) somehow re-entered data for my mutual fund sales, (though I do not recall entering the information twice-- perhaps it is coming from Schwab twice??)I complete my return, andTurbo tax finds an error-- seems one of the (very minor) boxes on the Capital Gains form is left empty. I enter it. Then it asks me for the same information again, and I think to myself "Odd- I thought I just entered this". that's when I notice-- it is asking me twice because the worksheet is in there twice! When I go back and look, it is indeed listed twice. I do not know how it happens, but it seems to me that TurboTax ought to check the array of data entered, and if it sees two sets of capital gains numbers that are identical, it ought to flag them and suggest "Did you maybe enter something twice?" In this case-- difference in federal tax owed-- almost $2000! Last year I didn't catch this same error until I had filed my taxes then had to do an amended return. This year I was looking for it-- and son of a gun it happened again. Using Turbo Tax is so easy that this is something that is quickly glossed over and easily missed, especially when the reassuring photos of smiling tax-ready people pop up saying "Congratulations! We checked your return and found no errors!" March 22, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Still the easiest way to file I am the only one of my colleagues that does my own taxes but, as I see it, by the time I gather all my materials, I might as well enter the data myself and be sure it's done right. I have used TurboTax for may years and appreciate the way it allows the user to be guided or to enter information directly at every step of the way. Although some things have improved with time, I lament that the actual forms are now pretty well hidden, making it difficult to check things over until the very end. Also, some issues have never been fixed in all these years. For example, list entry is as cumbersome as ever - there is no way to copy, move or delete rows of data - things that spreadsheets have supported for more than thirty years! What is particularly infuriating is the way TurboTax has extra charges that are tacked on along the way. Although I didn't experience it, many have complained that features that used to be included in their version now require a paid upgrade. I hate that I have to pay extra to e-file a state return, on top of paying extra for each additional state return. Thank goodness New York prohibits the practice. Too bad I also have to file a New Jersey return. All in all, TufboTax Premium is an excellent software package, but I can't justify giving it five stars until they fix the issues that have been a problem for years. Also, I'm sick of tacked on fees, which should be disclosed at the start of the process. March 22, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by My friend TurboTax I have used TurboTax for several years, finding it easy to use and straightforward -- except for two problems: 1. New York State taxes interest on municipal bonds from other states. If the bond pays interest directly to you, the information is easy to enter. But if you have 0% coupon bonds, interest falls under the "Original Issue Discount" (OID) category; your broker will tell you the amount, but it is not reported to IRS and therefore not a direct entry to the system. I finally figured out the answer: treat the OID as if it were a direct payment. TurboTax didn't explain this; I had to figure it out. 2. There is no way with TurboTax to enter the charitable gift portion of a Deferred Gift Annuity. In my case, the gift was through stock transfer; which can easily be entered into the system; but the amount of the deduction is less than the amount transferred. When I made the gift I was given a sheet of calculations to attach to my tax return; but there's no way to attach that to an e-filed return. I called the TurboTax Help line for advice; we finally figured out that if I reduced the transfer values proportionate to the amount I was entitled to claim, the practical result would be the correct amount. In this case, I was entitled to claim 71% of the totaltransferred; by adjusting share amounts by 71% I was able to generate a result within 12 cents of the number I needed! So the Help desk and I were able to make TurboTax do the job. March 21, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by fair but confusing I had problems with a schedule E issue. Natural gas rights are now leased as a "rental" You get a 1099 misc. Turbotax wants to assign you a rental property and later a schedule e for the gas and count the income twice. The community tried to help me but it seems you change your terminology from year to year or maybe from one download type (like premier) to another. People told me things to try which had no corresponding applicability to what premier gave me as choices. It took me about 4 hours to finally find a combination of 1099 misc and schedule E to prevent assigning me the income twice!. Once I finally submitted my return there was no backup as the file was on my hard drive which failed. Surely when you fine electronically there should be a turbotax cloud which saves the return for you for a short while (week or so) in case there is a problem. Now I am trying to access my return from the feds but they won't have enough info to send me a transcript until july! A second issue is that there are so many changes in the way turbotax runs that you cannot open other years unless you save the whole older program(S)! Very inconvenient! In addition there are a ton of differing prices. I got a discount coming to me in the future I guess for buying deluxe and needing premier as I thought I needed schedule E wich now necessitates premier. I doubt that I will see any refund though! I should have purchased it at a local retail outlet I guess! February 21, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Turbo Tax is an Excellent Tax Filing Program I started with MacInTax years ago and then transitioned to TurboTax Deluxe. The surprise this year was that Deluxe no longer covered all my tax situations with respect to investments. The interview, forms, topic lists, help, etc. features were all appropriately updated once I upgraded to Premium. I just availed myself of the $25 refund feature from Intuit. Yes, the Deluxe box said it was downgraded, but after years of buying it, I just looked for the box of Deluxe Federal Taxes Only (I live in Texas which does not have a state income tax.). I have to pay estimated taxes so I always buy in early January to true up my projections before the last estimated tax payment is due. I don't have time to waste so buying a different program and learning it was not an option. Turbo Tax Premium enabled me to refine my estimate, pay the IRS, and then true up as actuals came in. I avoided any and all IRS penalties, which is the goal by buying Turbo Tax early in January. I have just gone to the Intuit website to get my $25 refund. Next year, I will read up on the Turbo Tax offerings in Nov-Dec, and if Intuit decides to not include investments in Deluxe, I will look for a different program. For 2013, I would have given Deluxe 5 stars. For 2014, I would give Premium 5 stars. I am giving this review on Deluxe. For 2014, I am giving Deluxe 3 stars to recognize the basic soundness of its feature set even though it deserves 1 star for the under-stated, under-promoted deletion of investment features. April 14, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Works but could be better First off let me say that the product did my taxes 100%. It works well if you go straight through the process front to back in their expected sequence. However, my life does not often work that way. I wanted to do an estimate early. They don't have a process that lets you do a pass and estimate at places you don't have all the data, book mark it and go back and complete that step later. So I did a pass with estimated numbers and when done created an entire new file for the real run. Then I got about 2/3s the way in to find out one of the companies I needed a tax form from was going to be a month late. By this time I had put a lot of effort into entering all that detail, so I skipped that one form and went on. It was not easy or clear how to later go back and add that one missing form when I did get it. I did need to go on as I had to estimate my taxes for next year so I could make that first payment now. Missing the one form it would still be close enough for the estimated taxes in this case. Just not close enough to actually file. The last thing that could be better was that it does generate the estimated taxes forms in the stack of paper but does not seem to actually tell you on the screen to process them or that they are there if you don't happen to actually read that stack which in my case was a LOT of paper, to notice the forms are there. Bottom Line: This works and does the job. However, it could be better, in terms of ease of use. March 22, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Almost glitch free this year TurboTax has been steady for many years now. It does 99% of what you need it to do and takes a lot of the tedious arithmetic out of the task. But there are always some glitches that pop up unexpectedly. Sometimes you can work around it and other times you just have to leave it alone and hope the dollar cost is minor. One example: I was completing the entries for a 1099-Q disbursement from an ESA. The program wants the basis and the earnings to add up to the total value (which it should). But because the program apparently loses the actual dollar amount after rounding to the nearest dollar (e.g. $20.48 becomes $20), certain combinations of numbers will not add correctly ($20.48+2.03 computes to 20+2 or $22; but in this example the actual sum is 22.51 which misses the mark by a dollar when it rounds up to $23). So the program rejects the entry until you enter a false (inaccurate number to satisfy the program filter. In another instance, I was entering information for a bonus that was documented on a 1099-MISC. The program used "bonus" correctly but also somehow picked up my entry from the prior year and carried it forward as a second 1099-MISC. I could not figure out how to delete this entry so left it alone because fortunately there was no dollar amount listed. These are the kinds of anomalous quirks that always make you wonder if there are other latent errors sprinkled in other forms and worksheets. Fortunately, I haven't had anything bounce back so maybe all is well. April 13, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Does the Job at a Fair Price I did 3 of my teenage children's returns as well as my own this year. Worked great for setting up and e-filing for kids and navigating all of the college credits. Our situation is more complicated and time consuming. The most time consuming parts are charitable contributions and 1099-Bs for security sales. Their companion It's Deductible.com does a great job of keeping our philanthropy organized during the year to make this manageable. I continue to use this software As with any software, if you put garbage in you get garbage out. Most of my questions had been asked by others in their generally helpful Wiki. Even if they didn't have an answer, I knew I wasn't going crazy. My biggest peeve was that some of the advertised import partners didn't work while others did. While TurboTax cannot control this entirely, perhaps they could monitor the links and their own import menu so that non-functioning partners are not shown. It is your reputation and brand at work. On the state tax returns, I don't see as much value. We have local income taxes which Turbotax purports to support, but it really doesn't other than filling in the form. I don't expect them to create a system for my municipality, but I just don't get a lot of value out of paying them for the state tax filing. It's relative ease of use, and the import features from both the prior year info and from the partners keeps me coming back rather than seeing if the grass is greener with another vendor. March 15, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Great until state rejects the electronic return I've used TurboTax for 20 years or more. With simple income from wages and investments or pensions and investments I had no trouble. This year, I sold a piece a property which was a long term capital gain. In California, as a part of the sale, tax was withheld on a Form 593. The withholding amount was entered as a withholding amount on your worksheet. It ends up appearing on Line 5 of IRS Schedule A instead of line 8 with an explanation. CA rejected the electronic submission with the following TurboTax explanation: F540-670 - There is an error on Form 540, Line 71 (CA Withholding). Line 71 must equal the total amounts of California tax withheld on all W-2, W-2G, 1099-R and Other Withholding forms. It appeared to me that Line 71 of the California Form did not agree with Line 5 on the Schedule A. Every time TurboTax offered to fix it, the software led me to the same position and your review said everything was correct and it was rejected after two more attempts. I tried overriding the amounts in line 5 and adding into line 8, but your software would not allow that., I couldn't even print forms with the overrides. I finally printed the TurboTax solution to file for the state and then manually changed line 5 of Schedule A accompanying the State return to reflect line 71 and put the other withholding of line 8 of schedule A. I mailed in the forms. In the past I've always felt TurboTax did a great job and I've always been pleased. This time, I'm disappointed. By the way I paid for electronic filing for California State. I'd like a refund of that amount. April 15, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Edition Change I've used TT for a number of years now and this was the easiest and least "busy" version yet. Language is simple and, for the most part, directions are easy to follow. It covers most typical income and deductions in concise fairly easy to understand and execute terms. There was a hiccup or two trying to follow the directions regarding the Foreign Income/Tax Paid process and it downloaded a 2013 1099-OID that would have cost us an additional $300 in taxes. Fortunately, I caught it in time and deleted it. After completing the return, in order to locate the source of the unexplained increase in tax (above 1099-OID), I accessed the prompt allowing inspection of each individual form. Once there, I was unable to find a prompt returning me to my previous location. While overall pleased with the program, I must admit to feeling a bit taken advantage of. For years I have used the TT Deluxe Edition and purchased it again as always. It's April 11th, I'm sitting at my computer, the afternoon blocked off for taxes, everything organized and ready to roll, when halfway through income entries I get a message that, as of 2014, the Deluxe Edition no longer supports the same income items and I would need to purchase a $30 Premier upgrade in order to continue my return. At that point, I'm a captive audience and irritated that the information wasn't clearly disseminated prior to purchasing allowing me the opportunity to comparison shop and save a few bucks if only by purchasing the needed one first. April 11, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Investment income There were no problems entering known information, entry of simple W-2's and 1099's was very easy. For more complicated 1099's it was much easier to download the data directly from the financial institution. This is where problems occurred: for any tax exempt income the state in which the income was earned was required and in every case was left blank in the download. Also there were numerous instances of missing interest that were actually supposed to be zero but were left blank. I am not sure where the problem exists but it is between TurboTax and the financial institution. On the first review I had over 100 errors/omissions that needed to be corrected and all but 29 were corrected when I located the state of origin.. At first this seemed to be very difficult but after scrolling around the form I found info that helped identify the income in question. All of this concerned bond investments which were tax free for the federal return but some were taxed at the state return. Once the 34 state codes involved were entered most of the 100+ problems were resolved but 29 remained that were the instances were a zero should have been included but was left blank. Had it not been for these problems the completion of my tax forms would have been very easy. Everything else went exactly as it should and once the errors involving the bonds were corrected the completion of the process was accomplished in a short time and the forms were filed with the state and federal agencies without delay. March 28, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Import Warning Needed When Entering Some Info Manu This year I decided to go out on a limb and import my stock trades from my broker. Prior to the section where the user enters long and short term stock sales, the user is asked to import/enter on their own, any dividends from a 1099-DIV. I entered these dividends manually, it was just one line item and easy enough to enter so I just entered it myself. When I got to the section to enter any stock sales I decided to try and import these from my broker just to see how well it worked. Incredibly in about 3 seconds all my stock trades were entered correctly. Later, when I was reviewing my tax forms I noticed a double entry for that broker with the same amount in Part II of Schedule B "Ordinary Dividends." I had mistakenly thought that when I was in the stock sales section of the Turbo Tax software and I was asked if I wanted to import info from my broker that ONLY stock sale info would be imported, not 1099-INT and 1099-DIV forms. So if a user manually enters any interest and dividend info from a broker and then imports stock sale info, the user will have double line entries for the interest and dividend parts of Schedule B. Unless I missed it, I think a warning should be put up to the user stating that if any info from that broker was put in manually and now they want to import some information, they need to go back and check those sections that were manually done to check for double entries. Despite this snafu (if it really is one), I love the program and will continue to use it. Keep up the great work!! February 26, 2015
Rated 1 out of 5 by TT still marginal I use TurboTax because it is the least bad of the filing options. Like previous years, significant tax knowledge and research were required to avoid errors and overpaying if I had simply relied on TT. 1. Four years running now TT still does not fully support inherited Roth IRAs. 2. I sold a publicly traded partnership, which was also reported on a K-1 and on a 1099. I imported the 1099 and when I entered the K-1, TT created a duplicate transaction rather than combining the two. It did this without asking or providing any warning! I only discovered it when I did my detailed review prior to filing. 3. TT doesn't support K-1s with items in lines 1 and 2 of Part III. It requires you to enter the single form as if were two separate forms. 4. If your local government charges personal property tax which is deductible, but your state doesn't; TT will erroneously tell you the tax isn't deductible. 5. While some fields in forms view will provide a link (quickzoom) to the form/worksheet the number came from, 90% of the time I tried to use this feature it wasn't available for the line I was looking at. 6. The help is generally useless. Frequently it simply points to generic information about the whole form, or an IRS pub (with no indication of where to look in the pub). 7. If you file an amended return, TT will fill in the amount AGI for the e-file signature when the IRS wants the original AGI. It doesn't even show you it is doing this; you only see it if you specifically look for it. This error causes your e-filed return to be rejected by the IRS. April 12, 2015
Rated 1 out of 5 by Turbotax 2014 OMG I have been using Turbotax for 23 years, most of that was using the Deluxe version, and it has served me well and I have enjoyed using it and have been able to get others to use it because it was easy and thorough. This year was a different story as nothing seemed to work. First the Schedule D that I need was removed from the Deluxe without me being aware. The format and process was changed and was in some areas confusing while its predecessor software was very straight forward and understandable. I was sent the Premier version which now has the schedule D and I installed it and started over my taxes. I imported investment data into Turbotax and it said data was there and do I want to replace or what. I said to replace but it did not show up. I tried again only this time I apparently used my user code in lower case. It again had the message that data was there and do I want to replace it and I said yes. Later on I found that the figures imported were double what was on my statement from the bank. So, I went back to edit that and saw one for the upper case data and one for the lower case data. I deleted one set of them. I finally finished the federal, but Turbotax would not continue into the states preparation. It kept looping back to the beginning of the state preparation after requesting that I pay for the state software to be installed on my computer. After a couple days, and through your support group, I had to download the state Turbotax to be able to process my state's tax filing. All of the problems are documented in your support center. March 3, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by TurboTax Premier works well except on Form 8489 TurboTax and I have generally enjoyed a long and amicable working relationship. The application has done a great job of following the arcane, convoluted and ever-changing IRS tax code, and saves many hours formerly spent filing in forms by hand. This year was the first time in 13 years that I experienced a problem where TT could not fill in a form correctly. The form in question is the 8489 (Form 1040) used to detail sales and other disposition of capital assets. The 8489 backs up Schedule D (Form 1040) Capital Gains and Losses. The gains and losses in question were on some company stock I acquired from my employer that had the basis changed by Recovery of Capital, a rather complex mechanism used in lieu of dividends for rewarding shareholders. The TurboTax Step-by-Step tool seemed to ask the right questions to handle a 1099-B with incorrect Basis entries, but the target 8489 never ended up with the correct values in columns 1f, 1g and1h. I tried several times and finally gave up and used the manual override to stuff the 8489 with the correct information. Unfortunately, when manual override is left on a form, the automated tax return checker will flag an error, and e-Filing is not possible. Is this an inconvenience? Yes. Will this cause me to change tax preparation software next year? No. I do not expect perfection, although it would be nice to eFile! I also hope that Intuit reworks the application pertaining to Recovery of Capital and Form 8489, but it is probably unrealistic to expect one company to make 100% perfect sense out of 73,000+ pages of IRS code. April 12, 2015
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