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TurboTax Premier software makes tax filing easy. It calculates investment & rental property tax deductions to get you a bigger tax return.Efile taxes online with TurboTax. Choose easy.

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Rated 4.2 out of 5 by 17769 reviewers.
Rated 3 out of 5 by Good product, could use more fluid navigation Overall great. Only focusing on the points of improvement: - I could only import 1 Computershare account - each new one overwrote the previous (My wife and I work for the same company, thus having similar benefits/investments in separate accounts - functionality should be given to multiple accounts from a single souce - the program feels choppy in the sense that if I want to go back to review one response from earlier in the return I may have to repeat a spectrum of inputs/questions for one item - (May just be my laptop screen - and sound petty) It would be great if "Continue" and "Back" buttons are additionally available higher on the screen for input pages - one nearly every input screen the buttons were just of screen March 26, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Credit Card Payment I've been using the software for over 5 years. It is very easy to use. But this time, it was a nightmare to use my credit card to pay for State Tax and Audit Defense. I had to call a number of times to get it through. All the associates that I spoke with were nice but it took a long time to reach to them. The automated phone took a lot of time as it didn't recognize my email address. Also, the first associate that I spoke to would take payment for only State Tax, but not Audit defense. She gave a phone number to call. I called but came to know that they would not give me a confirmation number to enter in the software.So, I had to call Turbo Tax again. Not a good experience and would certainly need to see better next year. April 8, 2015
Rated 1 out of 5 by Desktop version really slow I trade a lot of stocks - 2,500+ transactions last year. The web version couldn't import my trades from Merrill, as it has a cap (think it was 500 trades) so I had to buy the desktop version. Yes, the desktop version pulled my trades, but MAN was it slow. Whenever I tried to do anything (eg: type something in or click "Next"), I would get that slow spinning wheel of death. It usually lasted at least 30 seconds and often 1 minute+. This happened literally every time I tried to do something. So, doing my taxes took an entire day and 1.5 full charges of my laptop battery. Good price. Terrible experience. That said, I will use it again next year, even if nothing changes. My accountant charges $1,000 and this thing was $90. April 10, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Good Product I think Turbo Tax worked the best for me this year that it ever has. The federal part seemed improved. Specifically, importing various 1099 DIV and INT and stock trades was all done without manual fixes. My federal return asked the right questions and went smoothly. The Oregon program leaves something to be desired. Appropriate questions based on my 2013 return were not asked. I would have missed quite a few state items had I not downloaded a state publication in PDF form and used it to double check my turbo-tax. Plus memory of past year's state returns also helped. I use Turbo Tax Premier and have both rental real estate and brokerage transactions as well as differences in depreciation between my federal and state return. April 14, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Disturbed at finish. Disappointed at time of puchase to learn of significant price increase. I would have gone to another software provider if Intuit didn't offer a free disk. At beginning of tax prep the program stated it would provide FREE e-filing including one state return. However, when i finished my return and got to the e-filing point, Turbo tax required a $16 payment for the state return filing. I tried to back up (several times) to the point where i could e-file the federal return, but manually file the State return, but could not do that. Because I was trapped at the end of the lengthy tax filing process, I agreed to provide my credit card info. After 18 years of Turbo Tax it's time for me to go to another tax prep provider. Urazac March 18, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Disappointment I've been a satisfied TT user for 8 years, but not this year. Two big problems soured my experience. The first was that TT did not read all the fields on a tax file that was downloaded from my brokerage account. Consequently, I had to hand enter the data for a missing field on 149 transactions. TT would only let me enter the data one transaction at a time, and then TT "calculated" for 1-2 minutes before the next transaction loaded. Multiple times TT crashed during the process. The second problem was that TT failed to transmit my returns several times, shutting down before they were sent. They did transmit the 4th time I tried. The whole experience was very frustrating and causes me to question whether I'll use TT next year. April 14, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Tough to correct Turbo tax was very friendly all the way to the point where I e filed it. It said everything had been reviewed and was good to go. Unfortunately, my return was almost immediately rejected because I did not have form 8962, the Premium Tax Credit form. It appears that turbo tax, did in fact, do the calculations for the form, but it was not e-filed with the rest of the forms. I could see the individual form that showed numbers that i had previously input as answers to turbo tax questions, but this seemed to not exist when viewing the tax return as a whole- either in the e-format or in the hard copy I printed for my records. Quite frustrating trying to figure out exactly what I needed to do in order to correctly amend my return. April 18, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by My Turbo Tax We have been using Turbo Tax since 1990, when we first went online with our home computer. We will use no other product because you cannot go wrong with Turbo Tax as long as you buy the product that is appropriate to your individual tax situation. A very simple return can get off on the lowest priced software. I always say, go to medium price software to do even your simplest tax return, because it includes more options and possible tax deductions. We use the Premier (Investments and Rental Property) software edition, which is exactly that, "Premier", and it addresses all of our tax situations. I just don't know what we would do without Turbo Tax. Knowing that it is there for us every year is such a great personal relief!!! February 10, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Good, Bad and Ugly? I have always liked Turbo Tax and have used it since before Intuit purchased it (it originally had a different name). The walk-through process makes things a lot easier. Every year I have some small glitch, as in when TT asked me to state "5 or more" but doesn't give me a clue as to 5 what -- dollars, maybe? Miles? Maybe they're thinking of trips to a clinic. Also, I once had a very tiny business and had to create and dissolve the business all in the same year. That was 4 years ago. TT wants me to plow through anyway, entering zeros throughout. TT has a delete procedure for getting rid of the form -- it didn't work as instructed. But, all that is relatively minor; it is a great program and I will use it for 2015 and beyond. April 13, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Very Helpfull but does have a bug Generally good product. Speeds up calc's. Download of Interest and Dividends and capital gains 1099 info from banks and brokers save agreat deal of time for anyone with significant investments (assuming you have accounts at the major banks and brokerages that turbo-tax has a an agreement with to do this download#. There is a problem with form 2210 # calculation of penalty for underpayment of estimated taxes and under withholding). Program did not and I could not get it to ask the right questions to get the right data and calc the correct answer to line 8 on this form. It calc'd a wrong number! resulting in it showing I owe a tax penalty when one is actually NOT due! I used TurboTax to do rest of return and did 2210 manually. October 10, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Still satisfied, but less confident I have filed using TurboTax since 2004. In fairness, my tax preparation has become more complex in recent years, but something seems to be a bit off with the last few versions. Some aspects seem needlessly complicated where I really don't understand what the program is doing or why. Things work okay if you go through the steps in sequence, but if you have to navigate backwards, the results can be unpredictable. For instance, at one point I got into a continual loop in the "check my taxes" function, where I actually had to close out of the program and restart it to get out of that loop. Overall, I feel less confident in the program, and I'm starting to wonder if makes more sense for me to hire someone to do my taxes next year. March 28, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by You can do better Filling out forms 8615 when you have multiple children should be much easier. In order to do these forms you have to stop each child's tax return part way through, print out partial returns, and then manually transfer the information between returns. I am working in a presumably secure password protected program--the current returns of the various family members should be able to communicate so information from one child's return is automatically transferred to the other child's return. It is amazing this has never been fixed in all the years I have been using this program. This dramatically increases preparation time. You can communicate with a prior year's return. Two current related returns should be able to communicate. March 21, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Excellent platform. Easiest I've used I've used HR for years and last year decided to change after the software experience last year. I couldn't be happier moving to Turbo. My returns include a rental property, a move, investments, etc. The premier package made this all very easy. Importing W-2 data was easy and accurate. All walkthroughs for my rental properties and investments were a breeze. They'll even carry over capital losses for you (rough investment year for me). I couldn't be happier. I even used their Amazon gift card promotion that gives a 10% incentive for however much of your federal return you allocate to an Amazon gift card. Amazing. I also paid the $45 for the additional audit coverage. Hopefully I'll never use it, but am confident with Turbo. February 19, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Real Mixed Bag I have been an enthusiastic user for more than ten years but my expectations were definitely not met this year. the password and perhaps encryption part of security don't seem to be well-designed. For example, I associated a password with my file last year. But I could import that data into this year's return without entering the password. When I tried to continue this year's return, the program often took me back to the beginning (to start a return) instead of asking me to log in and continue. Why not give users a few basic facts about security either initially upon use or in a brochure.? Very frustrating to "discover" these one by one. Any company can be hacked - these security issues are ones you have complete control over. April 15, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Stressful hiccups In smart review, the errors were confusingly undefined, forms were not adequately identified (multiple forms with same name). You click on a form that might be right and you are transported back to that point in the entry process and you enter or re-enter data, without knowing that you will not have to complete the entire process again. There was no explanation that all you needed to do was click on forms in the upper left of the tool bar and this would take you to the point of the "error". In my case the error was Turbotax did not put in a "0" at a spot in a form where the only value could have been "0". It was a form that I did not enter any of the values into in the process as there were no questions directly related to it. March 19, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Most good-Some not so good Have been a big fan of Turbo Tax until this year. Not so easy to use when you have more complicated situations. Form 8949 - did not indicate that various could be used as dates for stock sales. Did not ask enough questions regarding basis. Had to go to IRS website to look at instructions and Pub 550 to complete. Form 5695 - did not make entering information for residential energy credit easy. Not at all clear that information for a heat pump that qualified for credit had to be entered under nonbusiness energy property credit section rather than residential energy efficient property credit section. Could have explained that much better. Again, had to go to IRS website to look at instructions and form in order to figure it out. March 15, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by INTUITive Refund! Overall, the step by step Turbo Tax process was great. Turbo Tax does a great job in explaining every income and deduction section in an intuitive way. Often, it will explain what forms you need and areas to look on those forms for the information you need to complete the return. I was very happy with the process, and even happier with the final federal/state return. There were a few sections where I think Turbo Tax can still improve. Specifically, the section on capital gains can get a bit tricky (I sold my primary home and bought another home), but after a little research through the Turbo Tax help forum and IRS tax code, I was able to eventually navigate through the section. However, hands down, I highly recommend Turbo Tax March 15, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Cons about preparing my 2014 Tax return I used Turbo Tax again after not using it for about 10 years. Upon working with imported data from financial institutions, I found some data reported twice. T. Tax calculated the duplicated numbers and produced high, incorrect tax due. I had to find errors and correct. T Tax should separate duplicated data ! Also, some imported "Wash sale" data was imported by financial institution (Proceeds from broker and barter exchange transactions) caused me days of unnecessary error checking because ,together, the total proceeds amounted to $33.71 -- AND were never reported by the institutions. Turbo Tax should have a specific process in the software to account for/dismiss imported data which are "non-covered securities transactions". April 15, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Rocked my refund! We loved Turbo,it is the best. Please bring back the superuser "Inner Circle Group" back. Turbotax missing on the good feedback from millions of people like myself. Some of the expenses like Medicare B premium subtracted from Social Security, when entered in already, Turbotax does not auto carry them to the State level. So the state I live in KY Medicare B prem is deductable. Question at the state level to us was what is the medical premiums paid, it should have said, either of two below. Medical Premiums excluding Medicare B Premium [since already knows that]. Just a small example, or should have asked Total Med Premiums including Medicare B premiums, so we know exactly what to enter. I hope this helps, PLEASE KEEP IN TOUCH . March 27, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Just Okay I had a very difficult time and spent a lot of time trying using the "HELP" system only to find out that a lot of people were having the exact problem. I finally gave up because I just wanted this thing done and the error was in the IRS's favor and I wasn't trying to cheat them I wasn't too happy when I had to upgrade to the Premier Edition because I volunteered to do the taxes for my 91 year old mother-in-law who had to sell her house because she couldn't afford to live in the little and I do mean little bungalow that she owned so for that I had to upgrade at a cost of $31.80. I won't tell her about these additional costs, she has enough problems. I'll just tell her that every thing went smooth as silk Thank you for listening February 28, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Somewhat disappointed this year Never had ANY issues with TT Deluxe in past years. First, this year there was very poor communication on the part of the TT administrators regarding the removal of investment forms from Deluxe. When I learned this via email, I had to return the Deluxe and purchase the Premier (waste of time, gas, and extra money). Then learned in another email that they were putting the forms back into the Deluxe program. What a clusterfoo....! Secondly I couldn't start my State file. I called TT and they said there was a delay until late Feb. they never told me this was due to hackers who compromised there programs. All this being said, I was not overly satisfied with TT this year and may consider an alteernative software package going forward. March 11, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Filed at last I have used Turbo Tax for several years and find that in general it is easy to use. My only complaint this year has been that the changes made to the software mean I will have to pay more for the software next year because I will have to purchase a more expensive version in order to get the forms that I need to file my taxes. I did find that I was able to do most of the work on the income tax over a period of several evenings. Even though the return was more complicated this year than in the previous several years, most of it was just time consuming entry of data. I like the fact that Turbo Tax leads me through the process and I have not had to go to the written instructions from the IRS or from the state Department of Revenue. March 31, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Selling car that was used for rentals When selling as car that was used for rental property use, it is very difficult o to understand what Turbo Tax is trying to say for inputting the fields. There are terms used for inputting into the filed that are abbreviated or acronyms and the explanation is not clear what you want. It asks for price of vehicle when bought, when sold, depreciated value, some acronym and abbreviated values, and AMT value-related questions. These need better explanation as to exactly what should be in those fields. Examples would be helpful. Also do you really need a 1099 MISC for a rental property manager? My property managers said no and don't worry about it. He had never heard of this requirement. What if the property manager is a corporation? April 15, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Disappointed I have been using TurboTax for over 10 years and have always been satisfied. Over the last two years however, TurboTax has changed several key elements including what is included in the different packages. This year I bought the Deluxe as I always do only to find when it came tax prep time that the State was not included even though I paid as much for this Deluxe as I normally pay for Deluxe which has always included the State return as well. Several things are no longer available in Deluxe that were included before and it is disappointing to say the least. It seems that you are simply forcing people to upgrade and pay a higher price to be able to do the same things. Next year I may use one of the other tax preparation software. April 15, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Update issues 1. The insurance subsidy was showing I had to pay a big penalty midway through my return. I almost stopped and went to a tax pro for help as my state info was saying I would not owe the penalty. I had to wait until the very end of my return to find I did not have to pay a penalty. 2. There was an error in the program that would not let me enter the appropriate information and the software was not corrected until May. As I had already paid to file before finding this information I was forced to file for an extension. It also was very difficult to find the information as to when the software correction would happen. I have used Turbo Tax for about 10 years and this is the first time I have had issues with getting my taxes finished. May 9, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Perhaps my last time with TurboTax Having used TurboTax for a number of years, it definitely makes my tax preparation easier since it keeps track of last year's information as well as any carryover e.g. capital loss. In all the years I've used TurboTax, the Deluxe version has always been sufficient for my needs. I was surprised to find out this year that the Deluxe version does not include the investment portion. If I wanted it, I would need the Premier version for significantly more. Because of the uproar raised by many people in my situation, Intuit "upgraded" the software for free to include the investment portion. That being said, the damage is done. If the software is set up the same way next year, I will bite the bullet and use something else and start over. April 8, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Always reliable I am a veteran tax preparer, at one time doing 30-40 returns per year by hand. Since retiring, I have used Turbo tax for a number of years, doing 2-3 returns for myself and family members. Changes in programming for 2014 returns was confusing. Previously "Deluxe" was sufficient for homeowner / itemized / investments. This year needed upgrade to "premier" which would have cost extra. Appreciate Turbo Tax correcting the problem(s) and upgrading without charge - but we should not have had to deal with it. The same program (deluxe) should take care of the same type of returns from year to year. Like the ease of entering information; answering questions etc. Appreciate the accuracy of Turbo Tax and peace of mind when filing my return. February 27, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Turbo Tax is Wonderful! I have used Turbo Tax for as many years as I can remember. It is such a wonderful tax software package. It is very fast on my computer, and I can quickly get to any tax form that I wish to work on using the <forms> or <list> feature. I like that once my entries are typed in, the software re-calculates the amount due or owed. I particularly like how the software transfers a lot of my entries from last year, along with my W2-info and my carryover amounts. It saves me so much time. I also like the fact that the software does not crash in the middle of entry. I have had that to happen with other software in the past. I could go on and on, but each year, the improvements and features applied to Turbo Tax are so helpful and appreciated. February 16, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by TOTAL CONFIDENCE! Having worked as an Acct Asst filing taxes many years ago, I know what is involved. I know how simple, and how complex it can be. Having been away from the tax arena, and paying someone else a hefty fee to prepare ours, I was nervous. BUT NO NEED TO BE! Turbo Tax makes it so simple...but it asks indepth questions about income, taxes paid and deductions in such a way that most don't realize how in-depth and inclusive the information is that they pull out. With a simple yes, no or I need more help, we are giving them the tools to accurately prepare our tax return. And at such an affordable cost. I did what a preparer charges me over $450 to do, with as much confidence as I had last year....this is the way I will go---TT all the way! March 14, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Easing the pain I have used Turbo Tax for the past several years. The simple way it helps to organize the sections and walk you thru filling out the form is time saving to say the least. I did have questions about the Heath Insurance section this year. It was very difficult to get them answered. A suggestion might be to offer some kind of support when a change/addition of a new section is added to the form. My question wasn't very difficult but I needed to know where to put my my premiums...was it created by filling out the form with proof of your coverage or did it get listed as a deduction in the medical expense section. I finally got an answer from someone but it was not thru Turbo Tax. Still, I like using Turbo Tax to ease a painful situation. April 7, 2015
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