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Rated 4 out of 5 by Few "hiccups" In the “Let’s Review your Numbers section” under Federal Tax Summary, you have a hyperlink to “detail tax breakdown”. This takes you to the 2014 Tax Breakdown section. I entered Property Taxes, but it’s not listed under the “You Entered” column. Didn’t affect me personally as I always manually sum up the deductions total (i.e., I always fail to qualify and end up with the Standard Deduction anyway). But,,, it may affect someone else. Hope this helps… Also, your program got confusing after I entered an oil royalty income in the 1099-MISC section (i.e., it states you will come back to this later). After entry, it “doubled” the entry and amount in Schedule E section. I ended up simply deleting the two 1099-MISC’s and starting over. You need to let the program take you directly to the Schedule E information as part of the 1099-MISC “or” have it list it in Schedule E section to select and complete. It was like it got hung in a loop. Hope this helps… P.S., tell your boss, Susan Goodarzi, Thanks for the free upgrade for Deluxe. I have one little oil royalty that requires a Schedule E. To purchase the upgrade for that “one form” costs more than the oil royalty pays in a year, and oil prices are falling LOL… March 1, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Drowning in Two States My wife and I are retirees, renters with little income. Toward the end I was tired, I'll admit but saw no distinctions between e-filing feds for free and going ahead and doing same for two states. I felt like I wasted $80 with the State returns, but couldn't shut down the Turbo Tax Locomotive. I paid $50 for the program, 40 for a second state, and $80 additional to file 3 returns, federal and two states. For $170 I could have hired an accountant. I had tons of trouble knowing what was wanted between the two states, Oregon and Colorado, and the Oregon return on how to split the federal pension or whatever was a tough guess on my part. Not sure, given your lack of direction, if I filled things in correctly. I just did my best. You need to explain what is going on and how "splits" are made between two states. My research shows that Oregon calls you a resident only if you've spent 200 days or more as a resident there, so I don't feel I needed to do Oregon at all--but your system guided me into it. But between us, the job is done, and I can head for a couple of very stiff Bourbons. You guys are close to being great, but for me a little expensive and in spots lacking explanation. Thank you. It's a relief. Tired Thurmond. February 20, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Poor Interface I was looking for information on how to print returns prior to filing - Help response appeared to give me directions for the online version, whereas I was looking for information on the dowload version. Start of filing section had button something like "e-file federal return now" - Not a valid label, since it indicated that selecting that button would initiate e-fileing the return, so I was reluctant to select it. In actuality, the button meant that turbotax was asking whether I wanted to initiate the efiling dialogues - BIG DIFFERENCE!!!! When I got to the end, I found I had ample opportunity to print and review my return - so why wasn't there clear information about that when I sought help on printing the return. I got the feeling that the Turbo Tax product is not reviewed by new users - only those who already know the overall dialogue structure. Don't need to add more dialogue questions, but should provide better "HELP" for the download version. Literally, I felt trapped by this product. It was also strange that it appeared that I had to sign-on to the turbotax website every time I wanted to work on the downloaded version of Turbotax. Overall, this product leaves me very unsettled. I may decide to use a different product next year. February 18, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Surprised for 2014! I've used Turbo Tax via two different desktop systems for over 10 years and have been generally very pleased with the product until this year when I got 3 surprises. 1. This year's product - I started with Deluxe but was forced to upgrade to Premier - was buggy which I had never experienced before with a Turbo Tax product. The drop down menus at times would not drop down or if they did nothing occurred when clicked on. The program would stop executing at random times and just lock up; you would have to restart the program (though I never lost information I had already inputted when this happened# in order to continue. 2. The deletion of features #i.e. stock transactions via Schedule D# from Deluxe without a reduction in price was a real downer. 3. This last one could be considered minor but given the product's price continues to rise I see no reason why the appearance of the product on the computer screen has been downgraded; the colors were subdued, the fonts less bold and overall the presentation less pleasing to the eye. #My computer and monitor are the same so its TT#. Bottom line - next year I'll think twice before using Turbo Tax and I will consider other tax prep software and maybe even going to paper and pencil #holy cow did I write that!). March 11, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Peace of Mind, I Guess I've used TurboTax through several years and many life changes - from years working for a preschool while also doing both contract work and running my own business (plus working in two states) to years working one job in a corporate environment. TurboTax certainly helped give me peace of mind during the years during where my taxes were very complicated. That being said, TurboTax made it really hard to find the state taxes when I chose to file them by mail rather than pay an additional $20 in fees. There isn't an easy link to print off just state taxes like there was in the past. I had to search through several pages to find the printable state taxes. When I finally found it, the document looked like a repeat of the federal tax return I'd just reviewed during the e-file process. They'd buried the state taxes at the bottom of a document with pages of the federal tax information at the top. This was so frustrating - I actually thought they'd deleted the information I'd just entered in for the state taxes! Ultimately, I'll probably use TurboTax again, but I know that I just have to be prepared to search to find what I need. Sadly, I'd been enjoying up to that point using TurboTax to prepare my taxes, but this definitely ended my evening on a sour note. February 12, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Maury's 2014 Tax Returns This has been the worst year of completing my taxes because of the confusion about whether I needed to upgrade to the Premier version of Turbo Tax. I have always done my taxes with Turbo Tax Deluxe for 15 years. Many times I have used Schedules B, D, E and 4835. In completing these forms I use the Forms part of Turbo Tax only. Answering all your questions is too confusing for me. This year I was told by your program that I would not be able to e-file unless I upgraded. I think that was a lie just to get me to upgrade, I upgraded just so I could e-file my taxes but now I don't think the upgrade was necessary. The worst part of the confusion was your letter telling me about the confusion and that I could get $25 back after e-filing my taxes. I have not filed for my $25 yet because I think the upgrade should have been free. I got a letter from CostCo telling me that if I upgraded starting February 2, the upgrade would be free. Unfortunately I upgrade on January 31, 2015, 7 days to early to get the free upgrade. You owe me a free upgrade. The cost of my upgrade on January 31 was $30 plus 1.88 sales tax. Would you please credit the full amount ($31.88) back to my credit card account so I don't have to go through is process again after i file for my $25. February 21, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Been using TurboTax for years! I've been using TurboTax for over a decade to get my taxes done. I've never been able to use the EZ forms - my situation has always been a bit more complicated. TurboTax walks me through everything, and when there are questions it's easy to find answers. One issue I've had with it, and it's only one, is regarding deductions. Several years in a row now I've gone through and input my contributions to a Roth IRA, and TT has said that I have contributed too much and I will pay a penalty. It's disheartening because I've contributed about half of the 'allowed' annual amount, but that amount is for people with lower incomes than my husband and I. It's only AFTER we enter alimony paid that TT says that my contribution is okay and won't be penalized. I think this is a glitch that should be fixed - maybe rearrange the order in which the deductions are handled. On a brighter note, a number of years ago I was audited by the state and was facing a stiff penalty for something that had been filed incorrectly. I went back through my returns (both Fed and State) for that year and found that something from the Fed return hadn't been correctly translated to the State return. I sent TT the information and they stood by their guarantee and paid the penalty. Kudos to them! March 8, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by You Can Do What H&R Block Does I have been doing my own taxes for all my life. I started using Turbo Tax over 20 years ago. Prior to Turbo Tax, like everyone else I use to get all the paper forms, try to remember how to fill the out and then mail them in. With Turbo Tax it was great in helping me fill in the blanks, it actually carried over all the personal information about the family members from the previous year, and guided me through filling in the blanks. It also prevented me from making those silly math errors. As time has passed Turbo Tax has made many improvements to keep up with not only the changes in the tax laws but also in helping in filling out the federal tax form and using this information to fill out the state form as well. E-filing, tracking notification as well as direct deposit of the refund or direct debiting of the tax due from the banking account are all pluses. Now that I am retired Turbo Tax allows me to easily enter manually or even better import all the different types of 1099 forms in (dividends, interests, brokers, etc.). Turbo Tax then fills in all the different government tax forms that are required for me submit. The last step you go through is the review and it is very thorough. It gives me a feeling that what I submit to the federal government is accurate. March 3, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Different to the point of confusion OK, but still needs work. Not a mess, but in the end of it the review gave me a migraine. I still don't understand the problem, but I jiggled some numbers and checkmarks around and I guess it did the trick. Still baffled about that. ALSO, it gave me the opportunity to get Quicken for free if I did the automatic sign up thing, but, all it did was reroute me to do my tax return again for 2014 (What the...? I just did it! Why is it confusing me some more? The new page it sent me to should have had the 2014 there as being filed with the Feds and the State. What a migraine!) ALSO: Not all tax returns that I have done with Turbo Tax are visible from the program. It is a pain and scarey to wonder what the hecks going on with Turbo Tax records when they have no .. none... zip... idea that I have been a LOYAL customer of Turbo Tax since over a decade ago! Why the messy account maintenance? Get that fixed. ALSO: I am supposed to get a free Quicken program, which would be great since I am trying to start my wife up in a new business. You need to help me with that. ALSO: I am a student, full time, and I didn't get any opportunity to deduct costs. That's all fouled up! What gives? Maybe next year? I pay so much money for things and your program is basically a miss on that for me EACH AND EVERY YEAR. February 22, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Satisfactory Software On Schedule K-1, I had entries on lines 1 & 3, Software told me to make two separate K-1 submissions; 1 for line 1 & 1 for line 3. It didn't tell me how to separate all subsequent line entries as to what went with line 1 input and what went with line 3 input. It simply said to follow instructions on K-1 document as received. The instructions on the K-1 said it was a "very difficult process and to consult a tax consultant. Right, after already paying for software. Also problems with state software. Filing jointly on the same form and TT asks me to distribute simple interest, as reported on federal forms, between spouse & myself. Software left the first two line blank and provided the breakdown on lines 3 & 4 as I'd reported on federal input. I tried to simply accept it and continue, but the software insisted something be in lines 1 & 2. I finally had to make the entries on lines 1 & 2 the same as the TT offered on lines 3 & 4 & then deleted lines 3 & 4; very cumbersome. then, also on the state, TT failed to ask how to distribute insurance costs between spouse and myself. For spouse, it only included what was reported on line 5 of 1099-R. Even though I reported that total cost included medicare costs, TT failed to ask if a portion was spouse's medicare. Balance was all included on my input. March 8, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Good product but some disappointments I've been using turbo tax for many years now. For several years I got the deluxe instead of the premier which I needed sent to me and always had to get the updates to do my work. This year I finally got the correct one. Seems the needed forms for investments were moved to premier. Overall I do like the product as in the past when I had my work done at a tax preparer, I had to fill out much of the info on a worksheet to deliver to the preparer anyway. I was upset that I had to spend an additional $20 to file my state taxes because I didn't file before the 16th of Feb which I'm not sure was indicated when I got my disc in the mail. Unfortunately, I didn't receive all of the paperwork to file my taxes prior to this date so from the start I had no chance. The initial price I paid for the product was $97 plus the $20 for state. Now the price is $55 plus $20 so I would've saved $40 by waiting until now to get this product. I suspect for next years taxes I will not have this product mailed to me automatically and just wait until I get all my paperwork before using it or doing something else. There appears to be an issue at the end as it indicated I needed to print a form which I couldn't do even though I e-filed my federal and state and had my payments deducted from my checking account. Doesn't make sense. March 18, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Comments On Turbo Tax Interview Process I received a 1099-R for a pension in which some of the income is not taxable. When I had finished inputting the information for the 1099-R I was asked if the entire amount was non-taxable. I said yes but was confused why I was asked the question. After I finished inputting all my income I had to go look at line 16b of form 1040 and trace back the data source. I finally determined from line 29 of the 1099-R summary worksheet that the Simplified Method was used, as I expected it to be, to determine the non-taxable amount. From the interview I didn’t not get the feeling that this was the case. So, I had to use more of my time to ensure that Turbo Tax was handling this correctly. As I recall the interview for medical expenses asks for input separately for dental, medical, and pharmacy. Since I had the total for all of this combined I had to ignore the interview and go to the form and data source to input this myself. The interview process should allow you to input them either separate or combined since IRS doesn’t care anyway. I had income from several tax-exempt mutual funds. All of this income is not taxable on federal. But Colorado wants me to pay tax on the amount of that income that was derived from non-Colorado bonds. The interview process for Colorado never asked me if I had income that needed to be added back in. I ended up having to manually go to the “Other Modifications to Federal Taxable Income Worksheet” and on line 3a add my income from non-Colorado bonds. The interview process for federal and state needs to make this easier. I have had this problem ever since I started using Turbo Tax but have never complained before because I know how to get around it manually. Maybe I’m missing it on the interview process or something. I end up doing this in a spreadsheet based on what Vanguard tells me the percentage of income for Colorado is. Then I input that into Turbo Tax manually. I was going to get part of my refund on an Amazon e-gift card. I wasn’t comfortable going through your 3rd party bank. I noticed they were going to get my taxpayer id. I didn’t like that. I also read their privacy notice and wasn’t comfortable with their information sharing policy. It is too bad. I was looking forward to making an additional 10% on that portion of my refund. March 25, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great if you know what you're doing If you already know what tax benefits and deductions you are eligible for and generally where to to put the information Turbo Tax is great. However, if you are not aware of the subtle deductions and exclusions available to you it will miss a lot of them (as will most common tax prep services.) Even when you are aware of deductions and exclusions which you are qualified for Turbo Tax does not always make it easy for you to input the data necessary to obtain these deductions and exclusions. One example is the home health care income exclusion. At no time while filling out your taxes does Turbo Tax even hint that this exists. Even knowing that it existed was of little help. The assistance provided by Turbo Tax was of no help and actually wrong in some cases. It was only by reading IRS Notice 2014-7 with its questions and answers that allowed me to figure out how to get it into Turbo Tax and get the resultant $1700 tax reduction. I've found this to be the case with other things in the past. If you know what you're looking for, Turbo Tax will help get the deductions for it and as much associated deductions as you can. BUT YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR. If it's any consolation, a friend of mine went to a nationwide tax prep service and told them she wanted this exclusion included with her taxes and was told that it didn't apply until next year when in fact the IRS says it goes back to 2011. March 22, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Still the easiest way to file I am the only one of my colleagues that does my own taxes but, as I see it, by the time I gather all my materials, I might as well enter the data myself and be sure it's done right. I have used TurboTax for may years and appreciate the way it allows the user to be guided or to enter information directly at every step of the way. Although some things have improved with time, I lament that the actual forms are now pretty well hidden, making it difficult to check things over until the very end. Also, some issues have never been fixed in all these years. For example, list entry is as cumbersome as ever - there is no way to copy, move or delete rows of data - things that spreadsheets have supported for more than thirty years! What is particularly infuriating is the way TurboTax has extra charges that are tacked on along the way. Although I didn't experience it, many have complained that features that used to be included in their version now require a paid upgrade. I hate that I have to pay extra to e-file a state return, on top of paying extra for each additional state return. Thank goodness New York prohibits the practice. Too bad I also have to file a New Jersey return. All in all, TufboTax Premium is an excellent software package, but I can't justify giving it five stars until they fix the issues that have been a problem for years. Also, I'm sick of tacked on fees, which should be disclosed at the start of the process. March 22, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Not much improvement year to year Turbo tax does the job, but it's not as good as it could be. There's not much improvement year over year. A few examples, when it comes to rental property, work expense, car expense and and miscellaneous deductions, it seems like there could be a better flow thru those sections. I spend a lot of time entering deductible items subject to 2% AGI limit but in the end each year either barely qualify or don't qualify for the deduction. It would be nice to get a better feel as to how close you are getting to the 2% limit as you enter expenses throughout the interview. As well as which deductions are subject to the 2% limit. The car expense/mileage deductions section could also be a bit more user friendly. It seems like the details of commuting miles, beginning mileage, etc. could all be carried over from the last years return and the whole section made a little clearer. With the rental property section I never got a good feel for how my rental capital loss carryover or disallowed capital loss was calculated or how that was applicable for future years. How did my deprecation work into the calculation. Was it really included? What part of my expenses were disallowed because of my income level. Are there any strategies I could implement to better my deductions? I'm starting to think I could get a better return if I brought my taxes an actual person. February 19, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Suggested check for duplicate entries Two years in a row I have encountered the same thing happening. I download all the forms from my financial institutions. Then, as I go through the questionnaire, I have (both years) somehow re-entered data for my mutual fund sales, (though I do not recall entering the information twice-- perhaps it is coming from Schwab twice??)I complete my return, andTurbo tax finds an error-- seems one of the (very minor) boxes on the Capital Gains form is left empty. I enter it. Then it asks me for the same information again, and I think to myself "Odd- I thought I just entered this". that's when I notice-- it is asking me twice because the worksheet is in there twice! When I go back and look, it is indeed listed twice. I do not know how it happens, but it seems to me that TurboTax ought to check the array of data entered, and if it sees two sets of capital gains numbers that are identical, it ought to flag them and suggest "Did you maybe enter something twice?" In this case-- difference in federal tax owed-- almost $2000! Last year I didn't catch this same error until I had filed my taxes then had to do an amended return. This year I was looking for it-- and son of a gun it happened again. Using Turbo Tax is so easy that this is something that is quickly glossed over and easily missed, especially when the reassuring photos of smiling tax-ready people pop up saying "Congratulations! We checked your return and found no errors!" March 22, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Simple and thorough Great software. Have used it for years. Keeps getting easier and easier to use. The one year I didn't use TurboTax, I ended up paying a fortune for about the same level of service. I actually find it easier to use TurboTax than have my accountant do it because I don't have to gather up all of the forms - I can just round them up as I go. I'm not a novice with taxes, but I'm certainly no expert, and it only takes me a couple of hours to complete my return (I do my fiancé's also and his take me an additional hour or so#. I own two homes, split one with my fiancé #so we're each claiming part of the write-off#, I rent the other property out, so have rental income. We have multiple investments. Buy the Premier version and everything is always pretty simple. Occasionally I have to research something, but between the IRS site and TurboTax's, all of the answers are pretty easy to find. Every once in a while you find a bug. Last year, it kept telling me there was an error on my taxes that didn't exist when you went to go back to it. So, I had to file with that error being listed. A little nerve-wracking, but the error was false so it was my only choice. This year, it kept saying "you entered zero profit and zero loss for your farm" or something like that, when I never even went into the farm section #since I don't own a farm#. All-in-all, I recommend TurboTax to everyone. March 8, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Are you really sure? I have used Turbo Tax for many years now because it was a quick and easy way to prepare my taxes. However, this year my use of Turbo Tax has resulted in additional headaches. The two in particular that was annoying was how after Turbo Tax was prompted to review the taxes for errors, I still had to make corrections and they were errors that Turbo Tax caused due to incorrect value inputs to certain fields such as inputing 0.0001 versus 0. The worst annoyance was after a software update, what I owed to my State tax increased by $500+ dollars. After I had to do a review to see what happened versus Turbo Tax telling me that they had a software error that resulted in an incorrect field completed, I was very upset because if I was to have submitted the taxes prior to getting that software update, I would have filed an incorrect return that could have been bad for me if an audit occurred. I buy Turbo Tax for convenience and ease of use and the trust that it prepared taxes correctly and I was severely disappointed that I felt like I had to do more work this year to prepare my taxes. My experience with using Turbo Tax this year will definitely cause me to reevaluate how I will do my taxes next year since I am looking for convenience and ease of use and Turbo Tax did not do that for me this year. Finally, the trust that Turbo Tax will do it correctly has diminished with me. March 8, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Works but could be better First off let me say that the product did my taxes 100%. It works well if you go straight through the process front to back in their expected sequence. However, my life does not often work that way. I wanted to do an estimate early. They don't have a process that lets you do a pass and estimate at places you don't have all the data, book mark it and go back and complete that step later. So I did a pass with estimated numbers and when done created an entire new file for the real run. Then I got about 2/3s the way in to find out one of the companies I needed a tax form from was going to be a month late. By this time I had put a lot of effort into entering all that detail, so I skipped that one form and went on. It was not easy or clear how to later go back and add that one missing form when I did get it. I did need to go on as I had to estimate my taxes for next year so I could make that first payment now. Missing the one form it would still be close enough for the estimated taxes in this case. Just not close enough to actually file. The last thing that could be better was that it does generate the estimated taxes forms in the stack of paper but does not seem to actually tell you on the screen to process them or that they are there if you don't happen to actually read that stack which in my case was a LOT of paper, to notice the forms are there. Bottom Line: This works and does the job. However, it could be better, in terms of ease of use. March 22, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by I have used turbo tax for many years. I have found it easy to use, and like that it saves all my previous information, even if it is a little big brother/creepy. We moved this past year, and so had to file two state returns. I have had to do this manually in the past (Pre Turbo Tax), and so put the extra money out to buy the extra state form. I found the federal turbo did not "talk" to the state form very well, and the means of entering my state information for Virginia and SC were very different. I was very surprised that there was not an easier explanation via turbo tax to reassure me that I was on the right track... I would say that given the amount of money I paid for the state version, and again for the e-file, you could designate more of your budget to making the language and transition between state taxes more understandable. The only other hiccup I had with the process was with regard to the sale of one house and purchase of the next. I only had a mortgage on the house that I sold, so I only paid interest on one home, but paid taxes on both. I would have expected that it would ask me separately for each home, but it only focused on the firs home. Also, even though I clearly did not have capital gains on this home and said so, it insisted on "upgrading" me free of charge. I sold my home for far less than $500,000, so it took me through an unnecessary transition. February 18, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by My friend TurboTax I have used TurboTax for several years, finding it easy to use and straightforward -- except for two problems: 1. New York State taxes interest on municipal bonds from other states. If the bond pays interest directly to you, the information is easy to enter. But if you have 0% coupon bonds, interest falls under the "Original Issue Discount" (OID) category; your broker will tell you the amount, but it is not reported to IRS and therefore not a direct entry to the system. I finally figured out the answer: treat the OID as if it were a direct payment. TurboTax didn't explain this; I had to figure it out. 2. There is no way with TurboTax to enter the charitable gift portion of a Deferred Gift Annuity. In my case, the gift was through stock transfer; which can easily be entered into the system; but the amount of the deduction is less than the amount transferred. When I made the gift I was given a sheet of calculations to attach to my tax return; but there's no way to attach that to an e-filed return. I called the TurboTax Help line for advice; we finally figured out that if I reduced the transfer values proportionate to the amount I was entitled to claim, the practical result would be the correct amount. In this case, I was entitled to claim 71% of the totaltransferred; by adjusting share amounts by 71% I was able to generate a result within 12 cents of the number I needed! So the Help desk and I were able to make TurboTax do the job. March 21, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by fair but confusing I had problems with a schedule E issue. Natural gas rights are now leased as a "rental" You get a 1099 misc. Turbotax wants to assign you a rental property and later a schedule e for the gas and count the income twice. The community tried to help me but it seems you change your terminology from year to year or maybe from one download type (like premier) to another. People told me things to try which had no corresponding applicability to what premier gave me as choices. It took me about 4 hours to finally find a combination of 1099 misc and schedule E to prevent assigning me the income twice!. Once I finally submitted my return there was no backup as the file was on my hard drive which failed. Surely when you fine electronically there should be a turbotax cloud which saves the return for you for a short while (week or so) in case there is a problem. Now I am trying to access my return from the feds but they won't have enough info to send me a transcript until july! A second issue is that there are so many changes in the way turbotax runs that you cannot open other years unless you save the whole older program(S)! Very inconvenient! In addition there are a ton of differing prices. I got a discount coming to me in the future I guess for buying deluxe and needing premier as I thought I needed schedule E wich now necessitates premier. I doubt that I will see any refund though! I should have purchased it at a local retail outlet I guess! February 21, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Does the Job at a Fair Price I did 3 of my teenage children's returns as well as my own this year. Worked great for setting up and e-filing for kids and navigating all of the college credits. Our situation is more complicated and time consuming. The most time consuming parts are charitable contributions and 1099-Bs for security sales. Their companion It's Deductible.com does a great job of keeping our philanthropy organized during the year to make this manageable. I continue to use this software As with any software, if you put garbage in you get garbage out. Most of my questions had been asked by others in their generally helpful Wiki. Even if they didn't have an answer, I knew I wasn't going crazy. My biggest peeve was that some of the advertised import partners didn't work while others did. While TurboTax cannot control this entirely, perhaps they could monitor the links and their own import menu so that non-functioning partners are not shown. It is your reputation and brand at work. On the state tax returns, I don't see as much value. We have local income taxes which Turbotax purports to support, but it really doesn't other than filling in the form. I don't expect them to create a system for my municipality, but I just don't get a lot of value out of paying them for the state tax filing. It's relative ease of use, and the import features from both the prior year info and from the partners keeps me coming back rather than seeing if the grass is greener with another vendor. March 15, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Import Warning Needed When Entering Some Info Manu This year I decided to go out on a limb and import my stock trades from my broker. Prior to the section where the user enters long and short term stock sales, the user is asked to import/enter on their own, any dividends from a 1099-DIV. I entered these dividends manually, it was just one line item and easy enough to enter so I just entered it myself. When I got to the section to enter any stock sales I decided to try and import these from my broker just to see how well it worked. Incredibly in about 3 seconds all my stock trades were entered correctly. Later, when I was reviewing my tax forms I noticed a double entry for that broker with the same amount in Part II of Schedule B "Ordinary Dividends." I had mistakenly thought that when I was in the stock sales section of the Turbo Tax software and I was asked if I wanted to import info from my broker that ONLY stock sale info would be imported, not 1099-INT and 1099-DIV forms. So if a user manually enters any interest and dividend info from a broker and then imports stock sale info, the user will have double line entries for the interest and dividend parts of Schedule B. Unless I missed it, I think a warning should be put up to the user stating that if any info from that broker was put in manually and now they want to import some information, they need to go back and check those sections that were manually done to check for double entries. Despite this snafu (if it really is one), I love the program and will continue to use it. Keep up the great work!! February 26, 2015
Rated 1 out of 5 by Turbotax 2014 OMG I have been using Turbotax for 23 years, most of that was using the Deluxe version, and it has served me well and I have enjoyed using it and have been able to get others to use it because it was easy and thorough. This year was a different story as nothing seemed to work. First the Schedule D that I need was removed from the Deluxe without me being aware. The format and process was changed and was in some areas confusing while its predecessor software was very straight forward and understandable. I was sent the Premier version which now has the schedule D and I installed it and started over my taxes. I imported investment data into Turbotax and it said data was there and do I want to replace or what. I said to replace but it did not show up. I tried again only this time I apparently used my user code in lower case. It again had the message that data was there and do I want to replace it and I said yes. Later on I found that the figures imported were double what was on my statement from the bank. So, I went back to edit that and saw one for the upper case data and one for the lower case data. I deleted one set of them. I finally finished the federal, but Turbotax would not continue into the states preparation. It kept looping back to the beginning of the state preparation after requesting that I pay for the state software to be installed on my computer. After a couple days, and through your support group, I had to download the state Turbotax to be able to process my state's tax filing. All of the problems are documented in your support center. March 3, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Everyone Should Try Turbotax at least once! I have been a longtime user of Turbo Tax. I have promoted this product to my friends and colleagues at work as if I own stock in the company. The reason why I did this is that I am a firm believer in knowing to some degree most of your financial situation and like death, taxes are not going away. Most people have a computer and internet connection which can run the software. In addition, you get a better result than handing your documents over to a tax preparer who will just do the basics and not check all of your deduction options. I almost preach this to my friends. I recently got married and my wife was one of those skeptics. She would hand her documents over to a "family" tax person. I told her in short of having one of the quickest divorces ever, I would not be handing over my financial info to anyone and that Turbo Tax is more than capable of handling our tax needs. She relented. Since I own a home prior to marriage as well as a stock portfolio our combined return has many additional entries. This year she just took an new job where she works in NJ but lives in NY. Turbo Tax handled this with ease. In addition, I have a daughter in college and I have a fund which I withdraw money from to pay the tuition. The entries in Turbo Tax handled this as well. In short, this was the most complex filing that I had to do and not only was I impressed with the software, my wife was as well. It must be noted that my wife works in the Financial Industry as a Product Manager for a major Financial institution so this is a big deal. While I am not sure how many units that are sold per tax season I do think that you need to get the word out a bit better. H&R Block has a savy commercial out now (I am sure that you have seen it). I believe that you need to counter this with some marketing savy of your own. February 21, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Hasn't improved in 15 years I've been using TurboTax for years, and it doesn't get any better. For example, going thru the many sections of Income and Deductions, the button to go to the next section is always at the bottom of the page, but when you finish a section, you go to the top, so you have to scroll down and down to get to the button to go to the next section. Information is not displayed in a reasonable way. I rolled over my 401(k) to an IRA; this generates no tax impact. But all $600,000 shows up as income. Instead of $5,000 of income (my pension), it shows $605,000 of income. It does handle the tax implications okay behind the scenes, but the summary pages are really misleading. I ended up getting a $800 refund, but I know I will owe $40,000 next year, so put it to next year's income tax. But I'm not given that option. There are only two options -- direct deposit or send me a check. And it just doesn't look at the information it has before asking a question. For example, after the Federal, it asks if I want to do a State; I say "no" since my state has no income tax. Then 3 screens later, when I'm trying to file, it chastises me for not having done my State return, and asks if I want to do it now. It can see that I am putting my refund to next years taxes, so it says I have no refund and owe no money, and then still puts up the screen saying "How much of your refund do you want to use to buy an Amazon card?" And why do I have to order my 1099's and W2s to match the order that Turbotax wants them? Why can't it just ask "do you have a form to enter?". "What kind of form?" and then take the information that is appropriate to that form, so I can enter a 1099-DIV, then 1099-INT, then another 1099-INT, then a 1099-DIV, then a W2, then 1099-R, 1099-MISC, 1099-R, 1099-R, 1099-INT, in the order that I happened to receive them? I just wonder if the people who develop the program have ever actually used it? Or even watched or talked to an ordinary user. March 8, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by TurboTax 2014 This year Intuit decided to change the functionality (ie. forms) that come with the Deluxe version forcing users to a more expensive Premier version. I believe they have seen the error in their ways based on the many email messages that I have received from them indicating that they will be changing this back for next years tax season. They have also made Premier available at no cost but all this is still a pain compared to previous years. Hopefully Intuit will indeed keep to their word and revert back to the same model that has been in-place for a decade or more. Other than the version issue, the software works as well as it has in the past and I'm happy with the results. I did find one area where I feel they could improve and that is around the Educational Expenses area. I found that even though I didn't qualify for any of the educational credits (base on my income level), the software still used some of my expenses to calculate a education deduction or credit and in doing so, the software reduced my refund. This reduction was due to the fact that I use a 529 plan to pay for educational expenses and by using the amount to calculate the deduction/credit, it reduces the amount of funds used from the 529 that are tax free. After doing a thorough review of the return I found the area where this amount was set and manually set it to zero which corrected the issue. In my opinion, if you don't qualify for the credits based on your income level, and you are using a 529 to pay for educational expenses, this value should automatically be set to zero to maximize your refund. Maybe there are reasons they can't do this, but they should at least explain this within the interface to make it clear to the end user what the effects will be by changing this number. All in all, I still like TurboTax and will continue to use the software. With that said, it is always a good idea to review your returns thoroughly to make sure of the calculations that are being made. February 8, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Easy to use, but pricey This review is for the software version of TurboTax Premier, not the online version. General impression: This is perfect for someone who doesn't like or care about the details of tax laws and just wants to fill in the tax forms painlessly. The questions are easy to understand and are not too wordy (like some other tax prep software). If there's any ambiguity, TurboTax often gives real-life situations as examples of what may or may not qualify to be claimed. This is especially helpful for those who are new to tax filing. My favorite parts: The import feature of bank/brokerage documents is the best of all the software I've tried (H&R, TaxAct). TurboTax doesn't round numerical values as much as I've noticed some other software does, which allows for greater accuracy IMO. I also like the Forms view where I can see how all the tax forms will look before they're filed. (This is only available in the CD/download version of TurboTax. It's a shame it's not available in the online version because this is a great way to double/triple check for errors.) What I didn't like so much: If you've done your taxes before, have all your documents organized, and know exactly what you need to fill out, then TurboTax doesn't have the most efficient navigation menu to get you to the forms you need. Even though you can jump to the whole list of possible income (for example), filling out one category (like a 1099-DIV) takes at least 3 screens. It would be nice if you could just click on the category you need (e.g. 1099-DIV) and be able to fill out everything in one screen. Admittedly, the one-by-one interview process is what makes TurboTax so appealing in the first place; but it's a waste of time and can be annoying for those who know what they're doing. Overall: Great product if you're willing to pay the really expensive price and are intimidated by tax filing. For those who know what they're doing, I'd recommend this over other similar products just because of the great import function and less rounding of numbers. March 18, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Too many issues - expected better given history Starting on Feb 6th I was unable to download federal updates and state products. The process would start and then just sit waiting for Intuit to respond. Opened a ticket and customer support returned my call yesterday evening and we worked the issue for a couple of hours before Intuit customer support found a known issue where TurboTax has issues doing updates (federal and state) when running under windows 8.1. She suggested I find another computer running windows 7 which I did. Re-installed the Premier software and all the updates were successfully applied. Started working on my and my son's returns this morning. Once I got to the state portion of the return, turbotax prompted me to re-buy the state returns to be able to continue with no option to re-download. Initially on windows 8.1 Kansas (KS# was my free state return and I purchased #added)Missouri (MO# and Oklahoma #OK#. When I started working the returns on my windows 7 laptop Oklahoma became my free return and Intuit now wants me to re-buy KS and MO. Tried to initiate a new download for the state products with no luck #couldn't even find an option to initiate a new download#. Having to pay for the premier product instead of the deluxe version just to get the same functionality as last year was an annoying costly surprise. Then to find out that turbotax cannot do updates #an integral function for how turbotax functions overall# when running under windows 8.1 was significantly frustrating especially considering the workaround. And now I have to deal with another trouble ticket that resulted from the Intuit solution done to address the windows 8.1 problem; have #repurchase two state products for windows 7 I#. All this is taxing the limits of my patience. So far I've spent more time working on turbotax problems and interacting with its customer support than working on my taxes. I have been a devoted customer since 2002 but all these issues #especially if not resolved ASAP) will make me at minimum consider other options in the future February 9, 2015
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