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Simply start your taxes online from anywhere and if you ever need tax advice, simply select the “Live Help” button to be connected to a CPA or EA by chat or via one-way video.


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100% of TurboTax Live experts are CPAs, EAs or Tax Attorneys with an average of
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They can work around your schedule and provide personalized tax advice specific to your state and
tax situation.


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Our CPAs and EAs will answer any tax questions you have, and can even review your return line by line, sign it, and guarantee it’s done right.

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  • katbsg182,
    San Jose, CA
    February 22, 2020

    "Their summaries of explanations are very helpful and I learned a lot from them. This is my first time filing my taxes by myself, so it was rather intimidating. TurboTax made it smooth like butter."

  • Lyvu89,
    San Jose, CA
    February 21, 2020

    “I decided to give TurboTax live a try since I knew that there is always an accountant available to help with any questions. I will definitely use this product again next year due to its convenience and
    ease of use.”

  • olioli1990,
    San Jose, CA
    February 17, 2020

    “Had excellent service from the CPA provided, and they
    took the time to
    walk me through each step of the
    TurboTax software."

  • ortega56,
    San Jose, CA
    January 29, 2020

    "I liked the help I received from the
    three wonderful tax people
    on the
    phone. TurboTax actually walked me all
    the way through and was there when
    needed help."

  • Jolene86,
    San Jose, CA
    January 24, 2020

    "Thanks to my TurboTax assistant,
    Donna B., everything
    was done fast
    and easy!
    Thanks TurboTax!"

  • Jandra,
    San Jose, CA
    February 18, 2020

    "She was excellent
    and helped me with everything
    I needed
    to add and more."

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Connect with a CPA
on demand

More About Tax Preparation

TurboTax Live enables you to connect with a real tax expert using one-way video to get personalized assistance so you can file your income taxes with utter confidence. For more information about tax preparation in the San Jose area, refer to the tax tip articles below.


What is a CPA (Certified
Public Accountant)?

Some accountants work inside businesses, some work
for accounting firms, and some
offer their accountancy services to members of the public. Those who provide accounting services—including income tax preparation—to the public must be licensed by the particular states or territories where they ply their trade. These individuals are certified
public accountants, often referred
to as CPAs.

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Had a Life Change? TurboTax CPAs
and EAs
are By Your Side

Major life changes, including purchasing
a home in
the San Jose area, getting married,
or having a child
(or adopting one), can have a major impact on your
taxes. You can
count TurboTax Live to ensure you
make the most of the tax advantages that
accompany these
life changes.

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How to Find a Good CPA for Your Taxes

There are easy ways to identify a good CPA for doing your taxes. These include checking public records regarding their CPA license and their Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN). You can also ask them up front about
their specialties, fees, and experience.

Read more


4 Types of Tax Preparers

There are four basic kinds of income
tax professionals: certified public accountants, known as CPAs; enrolled agents, often referred to as EAs; tax attorneys, who are tax law experts; and non-credentialed preparers. Here's a
brief overview of how they differ from
each other.

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What is an Enrolled Agent for Taxes?

The IRS permits only certain tax professionals to represent clients before the agency.
These include CPAs, tax attorneys, and enrolled agents—also known as EAs. Many EAs
are former IRS employees with many years of tax preparation knowledge. Enrolled agents
enjoy “unlimited practice rights,” signifying that they can represent all kinds of taxpayers, including individuals, organizations, and businesses, in IRS proceedings,
including audits.

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What Is a Tax Accountant?

Accountants specializing in the preparation of federal, state, and local taxes are known as tax accountants.
These individuals are experts
in the laws and regulations pertaining to the calculation of individual
and business taxes. Tax accountants can offer tax advice, provide tax
planning, and prepare, sign, and file tax returns
for their clients.

Read more

Get expert help with filing your taxes without leaving your home in San Jose
  • Connect with a credentialed tax expert to get
    unlimited tax advice

    If you’re seeking help from a San Jose CPA to prepare and file your income taxes, TurboTax Live has the answer. You can now connect with a CPA, EA, or tax attorney on-demand, right from your San Jose home. You’ll be able to speak with a credentialed income tax expert and receive answers to your tax questions and unlimited advice about deductions and credits. You can even get a comprehensive final review of your return to make sure every detail is right. Your TurboxTax Live expert will make sure you save every dollar you can, guaranteed. It’s a service that’s available to you when you file your taxes from your home in San Jose, for both your federal and your state tax returns.

  • Live tax experts ready to help you

    A TurboTax Live CPA, EA, or tax attorney will help you with your unique situation to identify the tax credits and deductions that apply to you. You can ask as many questions as you want, because your TurboTax Live expert to answering them all, whether you’re discussing your federal return or your state income taxes. You can rest assured that you’ll get the maximum refund you’re entitled to receive—guaranteed. And before your return is filed, your TurboTax Live expert will review it line-by-line to ensure it’s 100% accurate.

  • Experience that inspires confidence

    TurboTax Live’ network of credentialed tax experts, including our San Jose CPAs and EAs, have years of experience. With an average of 15 years of tax preparation experience, you can be confident the advice you’re receiving will maximize your refund. Available on desktop, mobile web, and the TurboTax mobile app, you can switch between devices to access your account or speak with your TurboTax Live expert at your convenience, wherever you are.

  • Your unique tax situation will
    be addressed

    Whether you file as single, married filing jointly, married filing single, or even head of household, your TurboTax Live tax expert has you covered. Whether you’re an employee, a self-employed contractor, or a San Jose small business owner, you can get unlimited advice from TurboTax Live experts that are fully credentialed CPAs, EAs, and tax attorneys, so you can reduce the amount you owe and maximize your tax refund. If you’re in business for yourself, you’ll get expert insight about industry-specific business tax deductions and be able to integrate your tax return with QuickBooks Self-Employed.

  • Flexibility for your needs

    Just as your tax situation is unique, TurboTax Live has a product
    that’s right
    for you: TurboTax Live Basic, Deluxe, Premier, or Self-Employed. Whatever product you choose, you’ll get advice from
    a credentialed tax expert. TurboTax Live experts have an average
    of 15 years experience, including for certified public accountants and enrolled agents from the San Jose area. You have
    the flexibility
    to get the exact assistance your need for your particular
    tax filing needs.

  • 100% guaranteed accuracy

    The line-by-line review of your tax return by your TurboTax Live CPA, EA, or tax attorney is guaranteed to be 100% accurate. Regardless of where you live in the San Jose area—from Mountain View to Evergreen, Milpitas to Los Gatos or anywhere else in and around Silicon Valley—TurboTax Live credentialed tax experts are ready to deliver unlimited tax advice to you, on demand, from the comfort of your home. Start right for free and pay only when you file your income tax return.

Connect with a CPA
on demand