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Simply start your taxes online from anywhere and if you ever need tax advice, simply select the “Live Help” button to be connected to a CPA or EA by chat or via one-way video.


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100% of TurboTax Live experts are CPAs, EAs or Tax Attorneys with an average of
15 years experience.
They can work around your schedule and provide personalized tax advice specific to your state and
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Our CPAs and EAs will answer any tax questions you have, and can even review your return line by line, sign it, and guarantee it’s done right.

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  • Vincent P,
    St. Louis, MO
    March 18, 2020

    "Rick helped me and I couldn’t be more grateful. I was struggling for a while and he called and made things understandable! Thank you thank you!"

  • Kevin788945561223,
    St. Louis, MO
    March 5, 2020

    "It is straight forward and as simple as taxes can be. The help of the live CPAs and EAs are very helpful. It's very nice to have the ability to do this and get a live call at
    8 PM at night."

  • Missyw84,
    St. Louis, MO
    February 16, 2020

    "Sohail was amazing. He walked me through everything and fixed the issues I had. I would have owed the state $3,000 if I didn't have his assistance!"

  • Nicster1515,
    St. Louis, MO
    February 4, 2020

    We had a rough year, but TurboTax made it easy! I love the online help! Three qualified people, Don, Christine, and Sugar, helped me! Very grateful!"

  • Kaitlin3,
    St. Louis, MO
    January 23, 2020

    “This was my first time filing
    taxes on my own. I thought I had complicated taxes but TurboTax made it so easy. I talked to a tax professional with 32 years of experience. She was so kind and walked me through the issues
    I was having.
    I would highly recommend this method
    to anyone!”

  • Steph G,
    St. Louis, MO
    January 18, 2020

    "TurboTax is simple to work with. They have friendly and helpful experts. I love filing
    this way."

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Connect with a CPA
on demand

More About Tax Preparation

Income tax preparers have a range of backgrounds. Some are tested and credentialed by third-party professional organizations while others are not. Learn about how these differences can impact tax preparation for St. Louis tax filers by reading the articles below.


Everything You Need to Know about a
Tax Attorney

Attorneys who practice the interpretation and application of tax laws, policies, rules, and regulations are known as tax attorneys. People often hire tax attorneys to help them file their taxes and to reduce their tax liabilities in advance of tax season. Tax attorneys can offer advice on how clients can manage their personal wealth to minimize their taxes.
To find out more, see the full article.

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What is a Tax Preparer?

Tax preparers complete and file tax returns for their clients. Typically, a
tax preparer will review a client’s personal and business information to determine which expenses and situations might result in tax deductions or credits. To further explore the different kinds tax preparers and how they can help you file your taxes, review the article below.

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What is a CPA (Certified
Public Accountant)?

CPA is the abbreviation for certified public accountant. CPAs can provide a range of services depending on whether they offer their services directly to the public
or work for a business as an in-house accounting professional. The services CPAs can provide include the analysis of financial data, the maintenance of accounting records, the preparation
of financial projections, and the calculation and filing of taxes.

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What is a Tax Accountant?

A tax accountant is an individual
who specializes in the preparation of local, state, and federal tax. Although a bachelor’s degree is not required for the position, most tax accountants have
one. Some tax accountants are further credentialed by the American Institute
of Certified Public Accountants or the
IRS itself. For more information
about tax accountants, see the
accompanying summary.

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What Documents Do I Need to Bring to My
Tax Preparer?

In order to file your taxes with a CPA or online through a DIY service, you'll need to provide certain documents
and forms. It can involve
one form, several, or many, depending on whether you’re filing as an individual, a married couple, or a family, and whether you’re employed
by a company or in business for yourself. Here’s a quick overview of the document’s you’ll need to prepare your taxes while minimizing your
tax bill.

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TurboTax Live Offers CPAs to Answer Your Tax Questions and File Your Taxes

Think how convenient it would be to discuss your taxes with a licensed CPA without needing to visit their office. Now it’s possible! Thanks to TurboTax Live, you can enjoy the full benefits of discussing your taxes with a fully credentialed CPA right from your home in St. Louis. Your online meeting can take place via any internet-enabled device, including your smartphone. See the article below
for details.

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Access live, online assistance from your St. Louis home
  • Let TurboTax Live tax experts help you

    When it comes to doing income taxes, everyone can use a little help. Now expert assistance is as near as your smartphone, laptop, or any other internet-enabled device. You can use the device you prefer to connect with TurboTax Live tax experts right from your St. Louis home. You’ll get savvy advice and answers so you can rest assured that you’re getting every tax break you deserve when you file your tax return.

  • Zeroing in on circumstances that can lower your taxes

    TurboTax Live experts have the knowledge
    of the tax laws, rules, and regulations to quickly spot areas in your tax situation that might yield credits, deductions, and other
    tax benefits that can lower your taxes and—if you’ve had too much withheld—get you the largest possible refund. Whether you’re filing as single, married, or head of household,
    you can rest assured that you’ll get every tax break you deserve. Same is true if you’re employed, self-employed, or run a St. Louis small business. You’ll get the answers and advice you need to file your return
    with confidence.

  • Highly credentialed and eager to help

    The experts in the TurboTax Live network are all fully credentialed in their fields and eager to share their expertise and insights with you. For CPAs,
    this means being licensed by their respective states. For enrolled agents, it means being sanctioned by the IRS. And for tax attorneys, it means being
    bar-approved. These standards are met by 100% of the members of our network, including St. Louis EAs, CPAs, and tax attorneys. As an added
    bonus, TurboTax Live experts have real-
    world knowledge, averaging
    fifteen years
    of experience.

  • Answers on-demand

    One of the best things about the TurboTax Live network is that it’s easy to reach. You’re able to set your appointment for the time that works best for you. You can connect via your favorite internet-enabled device—whether that’s your phone, your tablet, or your PC. You can complete the process in one session, or take a break and resume as needed. Your information is securely stored and ready to use whenever you continue.

  • A product that suits you

    TurboTax Live is available at four different product levels: TurboTax Live Basic, Deluxe, Premier, or Self-Employed. If you’re self-employed and decide to file your tax return with TurboTax Live Self-Employed, you’ll get QuickBooks Self-Employed at no additional charge. Regardless of which product level you choose, rest assured that you’ll have full access to fully credentialed tax experts, including any participating state-sanctioned CPAs, IRS-approved EAs, and bar-qualified tax attorneys from St. Louis.

  • Our pledge of accuracy—backed by
    our guarantee

    Our confidence in TurboTax Live is so complete that we fully guarantee that the answers you receive from TurboTax Live experts is 100% accurate. No matter which part of St Louis you call home—from Glasgow Village to Lemay, from Caseyville to Des Peres, and everywhere between in and around The Gateway to the West—you can put your trust in TurboTax Live.

Connect with a CPA
on demand