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Form W-4 and Your Take-Home Pay
Find out how to adjust your W-4 withholding so you're not giving Uncle Sam a big interest-free loan, or setting yourself up for a big bill at tax time.  Read more…

2018 Tax Reform Changes for Self-Employed Businesses
Wondering how the 2017 tax reform impacts your 2018 taxes if you're self-employed? Here is a summary of the changes to tax deductions and credits that you can claim as a self-employed freelancer, contractor or sole proprietor. Read more…

Rise of the Gig Economy: How Self-Employed Workers Can Benefit from Tax Reform
A number of proposed and pending reforms are shaping the way the IRS views workers in the gig economy. Read more…

Tax Reform Impact: What You Should Know For 2019
Congress has passed the largest piece of tax reform legislation in more than three decades. The bill went into place on January 1, 2018, which means that it will affect the taxes of most taxpayers for the 2019 tax year. Read more…

What Is a W-4 Form?
The W-4 Form is an IRS form that you complete to let your employer know how much money to withhold from your paycheck for federal taxes. Accurately completing your W-4 can help you prevent having a big balance due at tax time. It can also help you avoid overpaying on your taxes so you can put more money in your pocket during the year. Read more…

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Tax Reform Changes That Impact Your 2019 Taxes

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