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Rated 2 out of 5 by My Trust in Intuit is Shaken, cont'd! (I got cut-off by your software ...) Re: Removal of traditional Forms and Schedules (e.g. C, D, E, etc) from TTax Deluxe version G'Mgr Sasan Goodarzi's explanation in his "Apologies" email of 01/23/2015 was particularly lame and unsatisfactory. Further, Sasan's follow-up email(s) leave me thinking that Intuit is reneging on his offer to give $25 back. To complete my 2014 Taxes, I purchased a copy of the Premier "Investments & Rental Property" version for 2014 from CostCo. I have just completed my 2014 Federal return, which I e-Filed. I have not attempted to apply for the rebate. So, we will see how that goes? Also, was the included State return, in the Premier version, supposed to include free e-filing of the first State return? Your advertising sure seems to suggest that it does. When I had progressed to filing the State (I did my Mom's taxes on TTax this year) the program wanted to charge me $24.99, Not the $19.99 shown on the Premier's back label. IF your company now places Maximizing $$$ over product quality and customer loyalty ... I will find a new tax software. Please respond. Thank you, WYOMan April 13, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Upgrade Irritations I was very unhappy about having to upgrade to Premier this year when Schedule D has always been part of the Deluxe package. And the upgrade cost me more than the $25 reimbursement being offered. I sure hope Turbo Tax does the right thing and puts Schedule D back in the Deluxe version - if not I'll be checking out your competitor's software. It was also very frustrating that upon upgrading to Premier I ended up in an endless loop when trying to do my State return where it kept saying my software was up to date but I could go no further. I finally found an error code that indicated I had a corrupt installer file. Took my PC in to have diagnostics and repairs done, to no avail. Finally a co-worker found out that the problem could be resolved by uninstalling Turbo Tax from the Premier sub-directory and reinstalling it in the Deluxe sub-directory. That worked, but I had already done my state return by hand (so the extra cost I paid for my state return was a waste) and I had the costs of having my PC looked at and a lot of unnecessary frustration all around. This was my absolute worst experience ever with software. February 13, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Options are sometimes unclear Turbo Tax could use a better UI design. Sometimes there are two options to handle a tax situation. Turbo Tax doesn't always help you understand which is the right path for you before leading you off into the weeds. Take the Foreign Tax Credit. There are two ways to handle it: as a deduction or as a credit. Turbo Tax says that it will help you decide which is better for you. What it tells you is that taking a credit rather than a deduction will likely reduce your tax obligation more. What it doesn't tell you up front is that taking a deduction is a single step that takes seconds, while taking a tax credit is an incredibly complex process that could literally take hours. In my case, the amount of foreign taxes I paid was so small, taking it as a deduction was the obvious choice. I discovered that only after wasting far too much time off in the weeds trying to ferret out a bunch of info that was so hard to find I finally just gave up. The UI would be vastly improved if when there are two possible paths the steps involved are summarized so that you know what you're getting yourself into before you make your choice. April 6, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Almost Used H&R Block Deluxe I did receive a free copy of H&R Block Deluxe 2014 software offered to unhappy TurboTax customer's due to the removal of tax forms in TurboTax Deluxe 2014. Forcing additional fees for an upgrade to Turbotax Premier just to have the same functionality that used to be included with Deluxe. However TurboTax back tracked it's original decision and offered Deluxe users a free upgrade to Premier. So the H&R software sits uninstalled. Will see about next year. I have always been a bit perturbed with TurboTax and it's pricing structure. Seems every year I'm trying to find sales or discounts for the product when comparing it to other before mentioned H&R's lower cost and similar functionality . Although I believe TurboTax is a good product and have been happy for the last 10 years of service. Pushing a few features to a substantially higher percentage in cost is counter productive. A loyalty program is what I'm wishing for. It would be nice for returning customer's to receive a discount on the following years TurboTax software. Ten bucks, ten percent, whatever to show your appreciation for the consumer. Anyone second? April 12, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Failure to Provide E-file Confirmation/E-VERIFY! After completing reviews of my return I tried to e-file on April 13, 2015. Imagine my chagrin upon logging in to my Turbo-Tax Premier a week later (April 21, 2015) to check my filing status, I found that the program failed to timely complete my e-filing! I was a little suspicious, when daily checks of my SunTrust Bank statement failed to show that my 1040 tax due of $15K had not been debited! At first I assumed that the software update I did today was at fault! Fortunately I had purchased the Intuit Tax Defense option, which gave me a phone number to contact. Ronda of Intuit kindly walked me through the final steps in e-filing leading to a "Confirmation" page. She suggested that my failure to get same a week ago was an internet overload at the time I originally thought my e-file was complete. Hopefully IRS will not levy a late-filing penalty due to this failure of Turbo-Tax to flag filing confirmation failure a week ago! I wold suggest that future versions of Turbo-Tax dis-allow saving of final returns until filing has been confirmed and completed, or use some other warning device for users! Sincerely, Sam Wohlfort April 21, 2015
Rated 1 out of 5 by Frustrated the life out of me I found the interview process inadequate and cumbersome. It asked about account information that it downloaded from the brokerage firm but did not provide the data being asked about that it had downloaded or a means to access it easily. It failed to inform me that it had applied the insurance payments to the medical deductions and I only found out by accessing the actual document. When I wanted to enter the mileage driven for unemployment searches, it wanted to know what kind of car I owned, when I bought it, how much I paid for it, total number of miles driven, and other nonessential information. It did not ask to review or display documents being filled out such as W2 forms and Unemployment income G2 forms to ensure that it had the correct information (almost cost me over two thousand dollars in taxes and lost returns). In my opinion turbotax’s interview process and form access has gotten worse over the years and the only redeeming feature of the software is that it can access my brokerage account and I shall be rectifying that. Oh and to post a picture for this, it must be an exact dimension or it will reject it. April 8, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by 2015 Fed MN ILL Return When you go to edit last year's charities, then are in random order, I suspect it is as they were added and deleted over the past years. If this could be ordered alphabetically, this would greatly help! I do not understand why, after I have entered a donations to an existing charity, after you enter "Done" you are returned to the top of charities and not where you left off. I get tired of entering donations and having to page down to go to the next contribution / charity. When you have a good number of charities this is a hassle. When you choose a charity, on the next screen it has a statement "add another donation". This is misleading between adding another donation and adding a charity. I believe it would be better stated as "add another contribution form". There is no search mechanism for find and go to a charity. This would be helpful if you have several charities to ensure you go to that charity and add contribution / donation forms. Also it would prevent potential duplicate charities Please go through your help text. I noticed a couple of misspellings or incorrect words. Sorry I did not note all the ones I saw. April 1, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Mostly Painless Tax Prep At purchase I missed that e-File is only included for FED. I missed because it never says it is included. Nor does it say it is not included and that there would be a charge for e-filing a STATE return at the end of the process. There is a world of difference in saying something is not included and omitting any mention of STATE e-filing thus allowing a potential customer to assume it is there because it is for the FED. This really left a bad taste after what was mostly an easy experience. If the consumer buys electronic software to do their taxes expecting electronic filing is included is reasonable. If you buy FED and STATE tax prep then an e-filing capability for at least the first state filing should be included at no extra charge. If you are going to charge extra for e-filing STATE it should be abundantly clear in the product literature so the consumer knows about the additional charges. This is a lesson Intuit should have learned when they tried to charge extra for FED forms that were previously free.. Bad enough I have to pay extra to the state but to have to pay twice because TTAX charges extra just sort stinks. April 14, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Improves Each Year - Great Product We have a complex return due to having ownership in a small business (K-1s) and my spouse and I both having legit home offices and business vehicles. In prior years, TurboTax didn't quite handle one or two of the fields completely and I had to override the numbers. Since last year, they seem to be handled correctly, which puts my mind at ease. I do wish there was an easier way than having to do a screen capture to print or save certain non-tax form screens that appear occasionally, but that's not an option. That's not critical, though -- the application seems to be fine-tuned these days and is working great. One last comment... I haven't attempted an import from Quicken in several years since the last time I did, I realized it had no idea how the numbers should be applied for our particular situation. It would be nice if there was a way to indicate somehow in Quicken which expenses should go towards my direct business deductions, my husband's, or my corporate expense report. I realize every situation is different, though, and don't expect that functionality anytime soon. Thanks for making taxes easy, Intuit -- nice job. March 26, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Outstanding Product Compared to H&R Block!!! I initially purchased the H&R Block (HRB) program for my 2014 taxes because the net cost of their product was less than half of the cost of Turbo Tax (TT), especially since I had to buy the Premier version this year instead of the Deluxe version. My experience with the H&R Block product was miserable. The HRB GUI was set up for tax preparers, not individual taxpayers. Therefore, it assumed that the user of their product had more knowledge about tax laws than should be assumed. They also failed to properly or completely import my 2013 TT file data. Finally, they had me insert data from my own calculations rather than the data from the 1098-T form, as well as answer questions which were based upon incorrect interpretations of the tax code. I immediately went online to purchase the TT Premier version since I only had 5 days to file my returns. The TT product was as easy as it always had been to completely fill out my forms and get my data calculated accurately by TT. I learned a painful lesson from this experience. Keep up the good work Intuit. Your TT product desiigners, software coders and tax experts are doing a great job!! April 13, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Very good overall I am 95% happy. It really worked well just like every year. The main problem was that this year the CT (state) alternative minimum tax form 6251 had some problem with it. Turbo tax asked a very cryptic question about what portion of the income (as an out of state employee) was from CT income but with essentially zero explanations of what it means and more importantly how to calculate it and no instructions. I tried putting in something here but it caused an error during error check and then it took a long time to figure out what the problem was. The problem is about apportioning and the actual instructions do not help much either from the state, but this is **STANDARD** and **UNAVOIDABLE** when doing out of state computations: I mean this is not some super special case; anytime an out of state person earns money in a state plus money in other states, they need to apportion it. So turbotax should explain what this means and how to do it or at least take a guess based on the individual W2 forms it already has on file. I just don't understand why this error was in there to start with. Last year I didn't have this issue (I think). April 6, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Mostly good, some bad Not much to say about what works, so I'm concentrating on errors. I have 3 1099-Q from 529 plans for my children's college expenses. On 2 of them the distribution was classified as offsetting expenses; on one of the 1099-Q Turbotax added it as "excess distribution" for no apparent reason, although it should have matched up to my son's college cost. I had to edit the form itself to correct the problem. I was in a REIT that liquidated during 2014. In the K-1 section it asked for the final value of the REIT and the Gain (or loss). Since it was a loss I entered a negative number for the Gain. Turbotax made a big error and somehow added the entire initial value of the REIT as income. When I noticed this I zeroed out the values in the K-1 section, then I entered the liquidation information as a capital gain transaction. This was the only way I can get Turbotax to correctly account for the liquidation. These are significant errors; they would have cost me tens of thousands of dollars of tax due if I had not caught them by going over my return line-by-line. On both of these issues I saw several complaints on the Turbotax support website. March 21, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Overall Great Experience I really like TurboTax and have used it for years and will continue to do so in future. Most of the process is super easy, but there are two things that always take me time to figure out. First, I earn royalty money from a textbook and having to file this as a Business seems really ridiculous, especially when TurboTax tells me I need to upgrade to the most expensive of their tax packages (when in fact, I don't need to). Second, the data transfer from the Federal return to my State return always results in any miscellaneous income I have on the Federal form not carrying over to my State form, except as a warning that there is Federal income not reported on my State form. And, in this case, TurboTax identifies only the first item in miscellaneous income rather than all of them. Plus, at the point of notification that miscellaneous income hasn't transferred, TurboTax should include a link that automatically takes me to where I need to add this additional income in the State form. Instead, I have to wander thru many parts of the State form until I can figure out how to add the miscellaneous income. It would be great to have this fixed. March 28, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Idaho State Tax problem This is my second year with Turbo Tax. I don't remember having a problem with my filing last year- I used electronic filing for both federal and state taxes. This year, I went through the process as usual (as an aside, I was forced to upgrade this year because, even though I don't own a business or rental property, there were changes in Turbo Tax this year). As I was saying, this year I attempted to e-file my taxes as last year but then Turbo Tax wanted to charge $19.99 for e-filing my state taxes "together" with my federal taxes as well as some extra $34-ish charge for some kind of first time filing thing. So I said "no" I would file it myself, because the wording sounded like I could e-file the state tax return on my own. However, after filing the federal taxes, I tried to go back in to see how to file the state, and instead of giving me an option for e-filing the state separately or directing me how to mail in my state tax return,Turbo Tax lead me into e-filing both the federal and the state again. Obviously I don't want to file my federal taxes twice, so now I have to figure out how to file my Idaho state taxes. Thanks Turbo Tax! February 20, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Prettyquick and easy, more expensive than expected I used the premier software download, and it easily handled my sales of ESPP stock and non-qual stock option sales, as well as correctly handling my mortgage credit certificate. HRBlock software did not do it correctly on it's own last year, and required some help, but it was doable. TT asked to import last years data, and said it could handle HRBlocks file format, but couldn't. The only reason I needed premier was because I sold some stock. I tried to figure out how much total out of pocket my purchase of TT would be when all was said and done by looking at both the online and download products, as they price them differently. The cost of the online plus state (with free state e-file) was about the same as the download version which included one state. I missed the part about the state e-file not being included with the download, and was a little annoyed when I e-filed that it was going to cost another $20. Would have given 5 stars if it weren't for this. Unless they get their pricing a little clearer, I'll be using HRBlock tax software again next year, as I know how to get it to do what I need at half the total out of pocket price. February 15, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by 2014 Turbo Change header from: Federal Tax Due to Federal Tax Payment "Due" ...due to you?...due to the Govt? And, make the color representative: Green (back to you) Red (you pay) With a dependent(s) return, their returns may required values from the parents return. To simplify the effort, (1) ask to link the parents and dependents returns so the required information can be automatically transferred or (2) allow multiple returns to be open at the same time rather than determine the data needed, close the return, open the parents return...get the data...close the return, open the dependent return...input the data (and probably determine you need more)...and repeat the process. This was probably the most frustrating process for I had to write down the forms and line numbers I needed to find...write down the amount...go back and enter the data. The link would be from the parent to multiple dependents and also dependent linkage for the 8606 form. The automated "data-fill" could require an acknowledgement by the parent to allow the return(s) to be linked or by highlighting/selecting the forms to link rather than assuming all are automatically linked. April 11, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by You made it easy!!! I have used Turbo Tax for many years and have not considered any other tax preparation programs given the great experiences I continue to have year after year. Our household income is based on commissions, so our income can vary greatly from year to year. We also have a couple rental properties which add to the complexity of tax preparation. With a family of 5, we seem to have other factors that change from year to year that I never know how they will change our tax situation. I also don't know all the tax law changes from year to year and how they will affect our tax return each year, but I know I can buy Turbo Tax with confidence and that the program will ask all the right questions. I always use the guided option so I am sure to cover everything and not worry that I may have missed something. I like doing my own tax preparation so I can see first hand how decisions that we make during the year affect our tax return and that makes me better prepared to do whatever I can each year that will benefit us when filing our taxes the following year. Needless to say I am a HUGE fan of Turbo Tax and highly recommend it for your tax preparation. April 16, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Spent hours correcting TurboTax errors on PA State We've used the H&R Block program since 2005 and were pleased with all the features except its limited ability to download investment account details. Compared to H&R Block, the Turbo Tax screens are much slower to move through. There appears to be endless photos of tax specialists making mindless comments and asking for confirmation of information. The bright spot was that downloading investment data was very easy and there is a convenient table format for entering additional stock transaction data. The worst part was the state portion. Not only are there separate charges for downloading and e-filing states, but the program failed to transfer the ownership of the individual stocks to the state form. Imagine the disappointment when, after you've successfully e-filed the federal return, that you are told you need to correct 1,754 errors before you can file the state. Then you realize that Turbo Tax has resorted the ordering of the stocks so that it is extremely difficult to go back through the list to assign ownership. It took the better part of a day to manually enter the data into the state return. We never had this issue with H&R Block. April 2, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Taxes Made Easy Overall a 5, but I had difficulty trying to get back to a choice I wanted to change on a state underpayment form that would not let me file electronically. I finally had to delete the state return entirely and re-do it. (Not a particularly big deal.) More seriously, on the state (NM) taxes, I was assessed a tax underpayment penalty (in spite of the fact I was due a refund from the state) apparently because I made a large third quarter payment due to cashing in some investments early in September. The program seemingly imputed that lump sum capital gains as though it were distributed throughout the year, making my earlier est. tax payments too low. At least, without any information from the program as to why it occurred, that's the conclusion I came to. My wife and I hold separate investment and checking accounts. It would be helpful to have incomes from these different accounts clearly ascribed to one or the other of us, so I wouldn't have to do the arithmetic (which can always lead to an error.) Overall though, the program was user friendly, intuitive and fast. I got through to tech support quickly on one issue and she was very helpful. April 3, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Bad presentation of IRA information As I was submitting information into TurboTax, I came to a screen whereby TurboTax said I was eligible for a traditional IRA and directed me to a page with a bunch of companies with which I could open an IRA. I suspended my TurboTax entry while I went and did that. When I returned to TurboTax to continue my return with information on how much I contributed, TurboTax told me I was not eligible for a traditional IRA because my adjusted gross income was too high. It was very stressful to then figure out what to do with that traditional IRA to avoid paying an IRS penalty on excess traditional IRA contributions (I recharacterized it to a Roth IRA). When I went back into TurboTax to see if I had missed something in TurboTax's presentation of IRA information, I saw a small link in some fine print that took me to an IRS worksheet that indicated the income limits for a traditional IRA. Since TurboTax figures out everything else for the user, TurboTax should NOT tell someone they are eligible for a traditional IRA if their AGI is too high! It should use MY information to tell me whether or not I am eligible for a traditional IRA, Roth IRA, or neither. April 14, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Overall a Great Tax Program I've used TurboTax for years, and overall it is a great tax preparation program. It is thorough, and will generally hit all of the tax situations which are applicable to you. It does the math and will find any errors that may exist. However, it could be improved. Most sections ask if you want to review or edit the information - but instead of a summary page, you have to walk through the whole tedious 'question and answer' input pages (sometimes several) to review. While you numbers are saved, the questions show up with no answer, causing you to wonder, "what button did I click before?" Of course, you can review the forms, but not always is all the collected info listed there. Granted, the program is made to be easy - but in "dumbing it down" there are assumptions made. One of those is that if you have retirement income, you have no tax withheld (this was in the estimated tax section). My company allows withholding via a W-4, but I could not enter this into the estimate without tricking TT by putting in pension $ as wages. Little things, but given the huge pain the tax code has become, TurboTax does a really good job helping one get though it! April 2, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Disappointing Massachusetts State The federal Turbo Tax premier is great for all calculations. I'm very disappointed, however, with the 2014 MA part year resident return. If you have received interest, dividends and/or capital gains that need to be apportioned between two different states, this program is not helpful. I had to hunt to find the right question & answer section in the interest and dividends part, and once I did find it the little preprinted caption said "not common". Not common? If you lived in 2 different states during the tax year it must happen more often than not. The capital gains section did not even allow for an apportionment using the "guide me". I had to hunt through the forms section using the MA State item by item instructions, until I found the right item # and then had to input it directly. Had I not known that Massachusetts allows for apportionment of interest, dividends and capital gains, I would have overpaid my MA taxes thanks to Turbo Tax. I did not have this issue with NY state. That part year form and guide was straight forward and helpful. I should mention that I've been a turbo tax user for many years now. I'm disappointed this year, though. April 3, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Saved many hours of frustration -- as always My Federal and state taxes were 51 pages -- just the filing copy. I reviewed them with eyes glazing over as I paged past hundreds of lines asking to add or subtract this or that line and fetch values from other forms all with little or no explanation. I would never go through all that without Turbo Tax. The hours of frustration and wasted time are too difficult to imagine. My only difficulty this year was minor by comparison. It was my first time filing jointly. I thought TT stated as I began entering data that they would tell me later what my preferred (tax advantaged) filing status should be once all data was entered. It really didn't or at least not as expected. I wanted to see a side-by-side comparison of married-file-jointly and two individual return along with an explanation of why one was preferred. TT didn't really keep all numbers separable so it could not quite do that. I recognize that perhaps the tax code won't allow that but I didn't find an explanation. I guess I expected this to be a common use case. After some digging, I was able to get a comparison worksheet, so all ended well. Everything else was fast, simple and painless. April 6, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by A big help A big improvement over doing your taxes by hand. But I had to know what I was doing to optimize college expenses handling - TT didn't figure it out automatically. On MLP sales, it double enters the sale, and then it makes it difficult to override the redundant entry. I never fully succeeded - I had to leave in a 'sale' with description "...". This MLP sale issue has been known for years, as I saw on the TT forums. A few other annoyances: -- The PDFs you save for your records can have missing forms. -- The interview is filtered so that you don't get the same questions each time. I went thru the interview, then at the end checked the forms on my return. I realized that I entered something incorrectly the first time around, so I went back to the interview to enter it right the second time thru. But the second time it never asked me that question! Very annoying. -- Entry of MLP related stuff is a challenge for a casual investor like me #using TT Premier#. The TT terminology does not match the MLP K-1 packages in some cases. Don't know where to lay the blame here, TT or the MLP #although I have 3 MLPs this year, and they all present data the same way#. April 12, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by 1098 Difficulties Deduction sections could be more intuitive: 1 - I entered several dependent care providers initially without their EIN. Going back to enter the EIN and change amounts was not intuitive. I had to go to forms mode. When I clicked done with the entire section it showed me a review of my providers which is where i couldve edited this info but it is counterintuitive that you need to click done in order to edit. Done is done. 2 - I found it difficult to enter property tax info from a 1098 or record 1098s in general. I had 3 1098s this year. I summed and entered my interest but it put the # as not reported on a 1098 but it was. I went to forms and found or figured out a way to add/edit 1098s. I had to go back and add another but I couldnt remember how I or turbotax had added the 1098 previously. It let me get to the worksheet but not the 1098. Creation may have occurred as part of a failed import. In the end i could not create the remaining 1098 which included interest but not property taxes. 3) My suntrust and provident funding imports did not work. Imports do a lot to simplify filing. If anything can be done to improve this feature that would be nice. April 2, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by It's all in the small PRINT I have used your product since the first year it came out. I used it the first time a month after I had completed a 3 hour undergraduate Federal Income Tax accounting class. I could not believe how easy it made preparing an income tax return. I was pleased again when you added state returns. I love the way it imports income items, especially my brokerage reports. I have some suggestions. For the first time every I experienced a mistake with your program. It imported the wrong amount for my State refund from 2013 to this year. My 2013 documents showed the correct amount and I am not sure where it got the number it used. I used the edit function to correct the amount. To the program's credit it caught its own error and alerted me to the fact the amount entered didn't match last years return. Needs to be checked. Now for the print issue. The pop up help window's text is sooooo small you can barely read them. Not much help. The same small text appears at the end when you are filing your refund and paying for your state returns with a credit card. Yes I am old, but my vision is 20/20 with my glasses. Overall a great product that I will continue to use. February 17, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Save me lots of $$$ I have been a Turbo Tax user for 10 years plus now. I really appreciate being able to import from last years taxes, Its Deductible, and my broker - everything inserts into the proper fields for you. All you have to do is carefully review. Our taxes have gotten more complicated each year, as we have now entered retirement, but I feel confident that Turbo Tax is still guiding us appropriately. A tax advisor in our area charges $250/hour, so TurboTax has been saving us many dollars. We have never been audited (fingers crossed that it stays that way!) and we have always filed itemized deductions. Turbo Tax helps me organize my paperwork so I am ready to file. I also really love its companion product "Its Deductible". While the values it applies to my donations are very conservative when compared to sites such as Salvation Army values, I feel like it keeps us out of trouble by being conservative. You can enter donations (cash and/or goods) all year long as you go, so that when tax time comes, they are already collated for you and can be easily imported. The guided entry format is very thorough and careful. I really would never consider using anther product. March 2, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by It's good with some exceptions This program has a lot of nice features. I like the ease of use but detest when it comes to printing and filing. I always have problems printing specific pages. I used all my ink on trying to print both returns (give me the option of either state federal or both) and got a paper jam (not TT problem) and went to print the pages needed and it would only give me the last pages first - so I have five copies of the last few pages depending on how quick I would cancel print. Also, I know why you are cross-selling the e-filing for state but I think it is unprofessional. It ends up you do file each separately but at first it looks like you either have to file both electronically or both manually. In a few screens the options are clearly marked but why do that unless you coerce enough people into buying this way? The long and short - I would have had enough to print my review if I could have had the pages print properly from your screen print options - possibly an HP problem? I would still need to print my state out for sending but I would have had enough to complete the federal to e-file. I know I could have filed without printing but decided I wanted to print first. March 26, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Disappointed with this year's TurboTax edition I have used TurboTax for almost 20 years now. I found this year's edition more difficult to use than previous editions especially with respect company owned stock transactions. This subroutine wasn't intuitive and it was only after several colleagues noticed that these transaction weren't being connected to W2 reporting that we realized that you needed to click on "details" to correct the issue. In previous years the interview for ESPP, SOP and RSUs/PUs was clearer and more intuitive. This led to about a $20k error on my return before I caught the issue. Also, I had to submit my return 2 times unsuccessfully before I realized I needed to secure a new TIN directly from the IRS website. While the core of the application seemed to work well, specific elements weren't as well done and intuitive as they have been in the past. I would award a "C" grade overall to this years programmers following several years of "A"'s. I feel that intuit has allowed themselves to lose sight of what has made them #1 in the field. While I remain a faithful customer, this years experience does give me pause and makes me want to consider my options next year for tax preparation software. April 11, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Good Experience I have used Turbo Tax for many years and it does what I need it to do. Overall, it is straight forward and intuitive to use and the help generally explains things well. A couple of cautions: 1. If you have a HSA, entering the amount from the W2 can look deceptive: it looks like your company gave you the money when you contributed it. For me, it was labeling only. The software handled it without adding to my income. 2. I had a schedule K last year, but not this year. For some reason, the software imported one and I had to jump through some hoops to delete it. If you get into some esoteric items, like schedule K for partnerships, it can get difficult to enter these properly. (I had this situation in tax year 2013.) For me, I found the Turbo Tax help thin in this area. Also, the form I received from the firm was not very well explained . Turbo Tax can't help what information comes with my tax forms, but the filing experience was difficult for this situation. However, for very common conditions, wages, interest, stock sales, etc. Turbo Tax works very well. The downloads worked well overall, the state tax calculated efficiently, and the software was easy to use. April 12, 2015
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