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Instructions for the Vanguard Discount

As a value add for its customers, Vanguard Investments offers a discount on TurboTax Online and desktop download products. You must be a client of Vanguard to receive this discount. For all customers, except Flagship customers, there is a discount of $10 off Deluxe, $15 off Premier, $20 off Home & Business, and $20 off Business. This discount applies to both the online and desktop download versions of TurboTax. Only Flagship clients are eligible for free TurboTax.

To access the discount:

  1. Go to the Vanguard.com site for individual investors.
  2. Click on the TurboTax logo for Start saving with TurboTax.
  3. Once you have review all the information on the page, click the TurboTax logo for Get started now and save.
  4. You will be prompted to log on to your account.Enter your User Name and click Log On.
  5. A new window with the TurboTax discount site will open. If the page opens but stays blank then close the new window and repeat steps 2-4.
  6. From within this new window you can access TurboTax Online and TurboTax desktop download products. If the products are not showing the discount, you will need to clear your browsing cache, close your browser and repeat steps 1-5.
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