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TurboTax Premier software makes tax filing easy. It calculates investment & rental property tax deductions to get you a bigger tax return.Efile taxes online with TurboTax. Choose easy.

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Rated 3 out of 5 by Drowning in Two States My wife and I are retirees, renters with little income. Toward the end I was tired, I'll admit but saw no distinctions between e-filing feds for free and going ahead and doing same for two states. I felt like I wasted $80 with the State returns, but couldn't shut down the Turbo Tax Locomotive. I paid $50 for the program, 40 for a second state, and $80 additional to file 3 returns, federal and two states. For $170 I could have hired an accountant. I had tons of trouble knowing what was wanted between the two states, Oregon and Colorado, and the Oregon return on how to split the federal pension or whatever was a tough guess on my part. Not sure, given your lack of direction, if I filled things in correctly. I just did my best. You need to explain what is going on and how "splits" are made between two states. My research shows that Oregon calls you a resident only if you've spent 200 days or more as a resident there, so I don't feel I needed to do Oregon at all--but your system guided me into it. But between us, the job is done, and I can head for a couple of very stiff Bourbons. You guys are close to being great, but for me a little expensive and in spots lacking explanation. Thank you. It's a relief. Tired Thurmond. February 20, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Better than paying my accountant I started using TurboTax some years ago, then started having an Enrolled Agent prepare my taxes for a couple of years because they got a little too complicated. After they raised their rates significantly I decided to give TurboTax Premier a try as I have investments and rental property. The only tricky part was entering in the property depreciation information in last year. This year was a breeze because TurboTax carries forward from previous years all that information. In addition, downloading your stock activity from your financial services company takes most of the headache out of reporting your gains and losses. The way TurboTax walks you through the process of entering all your pertinent tax data is really straight forward and I can honestly say that I didn't scratch my head once wondering what I should enter or do next. My only gripe is that when I went back to step through and review some sections, TurboTax reset some of my selections and I had to re-select them. To make things even easier in the future I will start entering my accounting data into Quicken so that I can simply import it straight into TurboTax. I would definitely recommend giving TurboTax a try, it costs me about 4 hours of my time but saves me hundreds of dollars on tax preparation. April 14, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Tax return mostly but not all easy Heard about how you skipped some features in certain versions (for 2014) of TurboTax, and you apparently eventually "got it." Do not do that again! There's always H&R Block, TaxAct, etc.! Almost every tax situation is anticipated. Only weakness is in handling complicated taxation of partnerships and royalty trusts. (Especially when I got a 1099 Misc from brokerage and instructions by mail from trust for the same royalty.) As for navigation, you walked me through data entry very well, but I found it hard to figure out how to change something later (such as when I discovered an error or got corrected data from brokerages); when user wants to adjust something already entered, you should explain at once how to do this. Downloading from brokerages requires hight vigilance; I ended up with duplicate data downloads when I had (for example) "Schwab" in one place and "SCHWAB" elsewhere; a computer is still a dumb machine and needs to be "taught" about such details. After writing all this, a snag: No way to continue after "Preview my review"!!! How about "All Done" or "I"m done with review!" Another snag: You say my nickname is too short. I keep entering a longer and longer one, and you keep telling me it's too short!!!!!!!!!!!!!! March 26, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Could be much better I have used TT for many years without much trouble. This year TT was awful. First, it would not work on Mac Snow Leopard which was very frustrating. I had no intention of upgrading my operating system so TT would run. Fortunately, my Mac has windows XP also and it ran through windows. Interestingly, XP is a much older operating sys. than Snow Leopard, yet it worked. Secondly, my stock transactions were downloaded from Scottrade. After carefully reviewing the many transactions, TT failed to pick up the cost basis on one occasion and showed the entire gain as the sales price. I was able to do a work around eventually. The point is, one must visually check every automatic TT entry with your own records. Third, I sold a rental property and followed all the stupid guided steps as directed. The result was a double entry, double the capital gains for the same property. I did not discover this until careful review. An accountant friend helped me straighten this out. TT should have caught this in their so-called error checker which is less than useless. All in all, TT provides a platform for entering tax data, but one would be a fool to trust it. I would not recommend TT for a naive individual who just enters data and expects the result to be correct. April 13, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Very good. I use it every year. I can't complain too much. I've been using Turbo Tax for years and I've never had any kind of problem at all, until this year. I found two small glitches that I couldn't correct no matter what I did. First, my wife has her own consulting business. The program asks who has the business and I put my wife as the owner. For whatever reason Turbo Tax decided I was the owner. I went back and redid this section about five times, but no matter what I did, Turbo Tax insisted that I was the owner. I just left it alone and submitted my taxes. I hope the IRS doesn't care who owns the business as long as they get their money. The other glitch I found concerned my IRA. My dad had been taking money from his IRA. When he died, I inherited it and was required to continue taking money out every year. There's a place on the state form where they want to know why you are taking your money out of the IRA. Turbo Tax didn't ask me, it just said I was over 591/2 and taking money out. I tried several times to go back and find a way to tell it that I was under 591/2, but there was no way I could do that. Those were the only two things I could find wrong with the program, and as I said, I'm generally pleased with it because it makes a very difficult job much easier. April 12, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Generally good with a few flaws Generally, it does everything needed to get the job done but there are some things that should be fixed or changed. 1. Charitable contributions should be able to be displayed in alphabetical order. As it is, they're strictly ordered in the sequence entered so the following year, it's necessary to pick through the list to find the ones to edit for that year. Alphabetizing would be a big help and shouldn't be difficult. 2. After entering zero for Farm Income (we have no farm), it asks a question about the source of the farm income. This is inappropriate and should be corrected. 3. I made no estimated payments and still got a refund, yet TurboTax generates Estimated Payment vouchers with substantial amounts for the following tax year. No explanation but again, wholly inappropriate. 4. When reviewing numbers on forms, the "Data Source" should be able to track you back to the entry/ies that generated the result. Frequently, this doesn't work; i.e., nothing happens when using "Data Source". It seems like it used to work pretty well in prior years but now is broken. 5. After previewing this review and editing several times, things just went dead and I had to redo the review. May be an IE glitch. Fortunately, I had saved this part of the review. April 6, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Poor Interface I was looking for information on how to print returns prior to filing - Help response appeared to give me directions for the online version, whereas I was looking for information on the dowload version. Start of filing section had button something like "e-file federal return now" - Not a valid label, since it indicated that selecting that button would initiate e-fileing the return, so I was reluctant to select it. In actuality, the button meant that turbotax was asking whether I wanted to initiate the efiling dialogues - BIG DIFFERENCE!!!! When I got to the end, I found I had ample opportunity to print and review my return - so why wasn't there clear information about that when I sought help on printing the return. I got the feeling that the Turbo Tax product is not reviewed by new users - only those who already know the overall dialogue structure. Don't need to add more dialogue questions, but should provide better "HELP" for the download version. Literally, I felt trapped by this product. It was also strange that it appeared that I had to sign-on to the turbotax website every time I wanted to work on the downloaded version of Turbotax. Overall, this product leaves me very unsettled. I may decide to use a different product next year. February 18, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great program!! For this 2014 turbo tax Premier. Originally I bought deluxe version at Costco, but because deluxe did not provide Capital gains tax forms this year, I returned deluxe and bought premier. I was supposed to get a $25.00 refund according to what I understood from email etc. However this never came up during the filing of my taxes. Also in the section for paying for e filing of state returns using fed tax refund, the system said I needed to pay $49 for Premier turbo tax; so why was my premier turbo tax not recognized??? ============================== I like turbo tax, it reduces my stress of filing tax returns. I was however unable to upload form from E-Trade? and these had to be entered by me manually?? turbo tax should provide an option for entering data into an excel file manually which turbo tax can read. This would be easier then a line by line manual entry. Also for the schwab forms that were uploaded from online, there were acquired dates that were left blank, these needed to be corrected manually. The problem occurs that stocks that were sold on a sell date, were composed from stocks that were bought on different dates. here the correction, needs to break down the quantity sold into smaller multiple smaller transaction so that the different buy dates can be used. April 14, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great Experience with Minor Flaws I used TurboTax to file a final return for my deceased mother-in-law. Unfortunately, she received 1099's that included income for all of 2014 rather than being split between personal and estate income. Thus, I had to account for the portion of reported estate income. In this situation the IRS instructs that an entry should be made on Schedule B below all the other payees that is deducted from the total. I saw a suggestion (I believe at the TurboTax site) to make such an entry by creating a dummy 1099 with negative values. I tried that in the EasyStep section, but TurbotTax would not let me enter negative numbers. However, I discovered that by switching to the Forms view I was able to make manual entries in the Schedule B Smart Worksheets using negative numbers. The resulting updated INT and DIV totals were correctly reflected throughout the other forms. Still, there was one remaining problem with the TurboTax check for qualified dividends. Qualified dividends must be equal to or less than ordinary dividends. The negative values entered for my adjustments did not work well with the TurboTax check because it apparently does not test absolute values. So TurboTax flagged an error all the way through the entire filing process that I just had to ignore. March 30, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Surprised for 2014! I've used Turbo Tax via two different desktop systems for over 10 years and have been generally very pleased with the product until this year when I got 3 surprises. 1. This year's product - I started with Deluxe but was forced to upgrade to Premier - was buggy which I had never experienced before with a Turbo Tax product. The drop down menus at times would not drop down or if they did nothing occurred when clicked on. The program would stop executing at random times and just lock up; you would have to restart the program (though I never lost information I had already inputted when this happened# in order to continue. 2. The deletion of features #i.e. stock transactions via Schedule D# from Deluxe without a reduction in price was a real downer. 3. This last one could be considered minor but given the product's price continues to rise I see no reason why the appearance of the product on the computer screen has been downgraded; the colors were subdued, the fonts less bold and overall the presentation less pleasing to the eye. #My computer and monitor are the same so its TT#. Bottom line - next year I'll think twice before using Turbo Tax and I will consider other tax prep software and maybe even going to paper and pencil #holy cow did I write that!). March 11, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Helped a lot complicated investment tax situations The software made several steps easier. I was a paper filer up until this year. Doing cost basis calculations and many of the other various forms necessary for LPs and S-corporations manually forced several recomputations on many forms and worksheets. By storing them electronically and the software recomputing (no data on physical forms), this greatly reduced my tax processing time. The one issue I ran into is that the K-1 wizards assume only one purchase and sale date. I had one example that had both long-term and short-term elements which made the data entry ... "imaginative". I divided the K-1 myself and found the results in alignment with what would be accurate (just took some time to separate the information). I did not like the e-file cost for state (as I am not used to the concept - being a paper filer), but overall the cost was about $100 for filing. Comparable to professional offices but worse than manually doing it myself. The good part is that TurboTax provides the option of paper filing as well. I just decided against it. Additionally, I always filled out a Schedule B (even when not required ) as it provided for a good listing of all income sources. It would be nice to have the option to print these optional forms if we desire to do so.. April 6, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Peace of Mind, I Guess I've used TurboTax through several years and many life changes - from years working for a preschool while also doing both contract work and running my own business (plus working in two states) to years working one job in a corporate environment. TurboTax certainly helped give me peace of mind during the years during where my taxes were very complicated. That being said, TurboTax made it really hard to find the state taxes when I chose to file them by mail rather than pay an additional $20 in fees. There isn't an easy link to print off just state taxes like there was in the past. I had to search through several pages to find the printable state taxes. When I finally found it, the document looked like a repeat of the federal tax return I'd just reviewed during the e-file process. They'd buried the state taxes at the bottom of a document with pages of the federal tax information at the top. This was so frustrating - I actually thought they'd deleted the information I'd just entered in for the state taxes! Ultimately, I'll probably use TurboTax again, but I know that I just have to be prepared to search to find what I need. Sadly, I'd been enjoying up to that point using TurboTax to prepare my taxes, but this definitely ended my evening on a sour note. February 12, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Maury's 2014 Tax Returns This has been the worst year of completing my taxes because of the confusion about whether I needed to upgrade to the Premier version of Turbo Tax. I have always done my taxes with Turbo Tax Deluxe for 15 years. Many times I have used Schedules B, D, E and 4835. In completing these forms I use the Forms part of Turbo Tax only. Answering all your questions is too confusing for me. This year I was told by your program that I would not be able to e-file unless I upgraded. I think that was a lie just to get me to upgrade, I upgraded just so I could e-file my taxes but now I don't think the upgrade was necessary. The worst part of the confusion was your letter telling me about the confusion and that I could get $25 back after e-filing my taxes. I have not filed for my $25 yet because I think the upgrade should have been free. I got a letter from CostCo telling me that if I upgraded starting February 2, the upgrade would be free. Unfortunately I upgrade on January 31, 2015, 7 days to early to get the free upgrade. You owe me a free upgrade. The cost of my upgrade on January 31 was $30 plus 1.88 sales tax. Would you please credit the full amount ($31.88) back to my credit card account so I don't have to go through is process again after i file for my $25. February 21, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Been using TurboTax for years! I've been using TurboTax for over a decade to get my taxes done. I've never been able to use the EZ forms - my situation has always been a bit more complicated. TurboTax walks me through everything, and when there are questions it's easy to find answers. One issue I've had with it, and it's only one, is regarding deductions. Several years in a row now I've gone through and input my contributions to a Roth IRA, and TT has said that I have contributed too much and I will pay a penalty. It's disheartening because I've contributed about half of the 'allowed' annual amount, but that amount is for people with lower incomes than my husband and I. It's only AFTER we enter alimony paid that TT says that my contribution is okay and won't be penalized. I think this is a glitch that should be fixed - maybe rearrange the order in which the deductions are handled. On a brighter note, a number of years ago I was audited by the state and was facing a stiff penalty for something that had been filed incorrectly. I went back through my returns (both Fed and State) for that year and found that something from the Fed return hadn't been correctly translated to the State return. I sent TT the information and they stood by their guarantee and paid the penalty. Kudos to them! March 8, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Mixed Results I have used TurboTax for many years. The changes to Deluxe were a big inconvenience and I used Premier this year. I download the software and file my returns by mail so having to go online to print the returns makes no sense. This was not the case last year. The requirements to use Schedule C-EZ should be changed to last year's format. If you do not have a 1099 misc. and only have non 1099 misc income, the software tries to make you upgrade to Home and Business. This was not the case last year. I meet all the requirements for C-EZ and should not have to use Home and Business which will just result in Schedule C-EZ anyway. TurboTax should consider a user committee if you do not already have one to evaluate major changes before they are released. People tend to use the same software every year to do their taxes as long as they are satisfied with the product. You are risking a continuous revenue stream (almost like an annuity) by making significant changes without informing the users. If people get dissatisfied and change to a competitor, they are not likely to come back. If you have a profit problem, increase the price of the Deluxe product. If you can't increase the price because of competition, find another way that doesn't risk alienating your customer base. March 29, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by You Can Do What H&R Block Does I have been doing my own taxes for all my life. I started using Turbo Tax over 20 years ago. Prior to Turbo Tax, like everyone else I use to get all the paper forms, try to remember how to fill the out and then mail them in. With Turbo Tax it was great in helping me fill in the blanks, it actually carried over all the personal information about the family members from the previous year, and guided me through filling in the blanks. It also prevented me from making those silly math errors. As time has passed Turbo Tax has made many improvements to keep up with not only the changes in the tax laws but also in helping in filling out the federal tax form and using this information to fill out the state form as well. E-filing, tracking notification as well as direct deposit of the refund or direct debiting of the tax due from the banking account are all pluses. Now that I am retired Turbo Tax allows me to easily enter manually or even better import all the different types of 1099 forms in (dividends, interests, brokers, etc.). Turbo Tax then fills in all the different government tax forms that are required for me submit. The last step you go through is the review and it is very thorough. It gives me a feeling that what I submit to the federal government is accurate. March 3, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Frustrated with the 2014 Premier edition I was very frustrated this year with this version of TurboTax. In the 30+ years that I have been using TurboTax, I have never had so much trouble in entering my data and having it transfer properly. Especially had difficulty with Its Deductible and importing the data. The extra info that Form 8283 required was just about impossible to correct. Also, all overrides came up as errors but only because you apparently can't use overrides if you are filing electronically. There should be a question about filing electronically - I think there was one near the end of completing info. If you answer NO then overrides should not continue to come up as errors. They could be shown once to give the preparer the opportunity to correct them. My federal return claimed numerous errors - they were all related to overrides concerning my non-cash charitable contributions. The overrides were the only way that I could get the info required onto the 8283 form. Your program showed those errors on the review of the Federal tax return and again on the final review after completing my State tax return. Also, when the mention of errors comes up the only option is to review the errors - you can't say to skip them. I took the time nearly at every place I was having problems to give feedback naming the location and explaining my problem. On your feedback requested I could not tell if the page or screen view that I was on would be known to you. Having said all this, I have used your program for I think over 30+ years, with very few problems. I remember that the first year that I used It was a wonderful experience. My returns have grown more complicated. This is the first time that I have had major problems with your program. I hope that my comments will help you improve your program for 2015. April 18, 2015
Rated 1 out of 5 by I demanded perfection, but didn't get it I have gotten Turbo Tax every year for over 10 years. Each year it gets better. Most years taxes are a pain, but Turbo Tax walks me through it successfully (usually I rate it 4 stars). This year was one of the least successful (1 star). My taxes were very complicated and different from previous years. I used the community, read 3 IRS pubs, 2 Calif guidelines. Even so I am not convinced that I really got the lowest payment I could. The steps to determine whether it was better for me to file married filing separately (MFS) or married filing joint (MFJ) were beyond the 3 days I was willing to dedicate to it. Buried in the What-if worksheet is the note that it is not accurate for community property states. Even after modifying it to what I thought was CA appropriate, it proved too difficult to figure out how to translate that into two returns. Not enough specific information on ESPPs etc. An error in the What-if worksheet also kept me wondering about the accuracy. Our ages in columns 1 2 and 3 were correct, then on column 4 both of us were suddenly the same age. Please continue to work to improve Turbo Tax. (I gave up on trying to reduce our taxes by over $600 with MFS and ended up filing MFJ. Not happy. I also know that after filing, we cannot go back and change MFJ to MFS.) Done for this year. April 13, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Different to the point of confusion OK, but still needs work. Not a mess, but in the end of it the review gave me a migraine. I still don't understand the problem, but I jiggled some numbers and checkmarks around and I guess it did the trick. Still baffled about that. ALSO, it gave me the opportunity to get Quicken for free if I did the automatic sign up thing, but, all it did was reroute me to do my tax return again for 2014 (What the...? I just did it! Why is it confusing me some more? The new page it sent me to should have had the 2014 there as being filed with the Feds and the State. What a migraine!) ALSO: Not all tax returns that I have done with Turbo Tax are visible from the program. It is a pain and scarey to wonder what the hecks going on with Turbo Tax records when they have no .. none... zip... idea that I have been a LOYAL customer of Turbo Tax since over a decade ago! Why the messy account maintenance? Get that fixed. ALSO: I am supposed to get a free Quicken program, which would be great since I am trying to start my wife up in a new business. You need to help me with that. ALSO: I am a student, full time, and I didn't get any opportunity to deduct costs. That's all fouled up! What gives? Maybe next year? I pay so much money for things and your program is basically a miss on that for me EACH AND EVERY YEAR. February 22, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Satisfactory Software On Schedule K-1, I had entries on lines 1 & 3, Software told me to make two separate K-1 submissions; 1 for line 1 & 1 for line 3. It didn't tell me how to separate all subsequent line entries as to what went with line 1 input and what went with line 3 input. It simply said to follow instructions on K-1 document as received. The instructions on the K-1 said it was a "very difficult process and to consult a tax consultant. Right, after already paying for software. Also problems with state software. Filing jointly on the same form and TT asks me to distribute simple interest, as reported on federal forms, between spouse & myself. Software left the first two line blank and provided the breakdown on lines 3 & 4 as I'd reported on federal input. I tried to simply accept it and continue, but the software insisted something be in lines 1 & 2. I finally had to make the entries on lines 1 & 2 the same as the TT offered on lines 3 & 4 & then deleted lines 3 & 4; very cumbersome. then, also on the state, TT failed to ask how to distribute insurance costs between spouse and myself. For spouse, it only included what was reported on line 5 of 1099-R. Even though I reported that total cost included medicare costs, TT failed to ask if a portion was spouse's medicare. Balance was all included on my input. March 8, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Some hiccups I've been a TurboTax user since about 1983, so I'm basically a fan. It generally gets better and easier to use every year. I'll just mention one area where I always have problems, and one unique to this year (for me). The hiccup this year was the California form 593, sale of business property. The interview process did not ask if I had a 593, although I had previously said I sold the property. I tried help and the forums, but no joy. Eventually I found the form on the forms menu, and filled it out. When I reviewed the taxes, TTax finally asked me about a 593, which of course I had already filled out. The area where I always have problems are somewhat vague interview questions -- there are always a few I'm not sure how to answer. It would really help if TTax explained *why* it is asking, and *how* the answer will be used. As it is, I make my best guess, and sometimes find I am going down a bizarre path that does not apply to me, and I have to go back and change the answer. Or if it doesn't look like I need to change my answer, I wonder if a different answer would nonetheless be better. Oh, here's an example, on the demographic information I'm asked to fill out for this review. It asks if I have kids. I have offspring, but they are adults who have their own families. Do they count as "kids"? April 5, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Review Generally I quite like turbotax. However, two features this year were absolutely maddening. First, I needing to amend my 2013 return, and right near the end the software has a feature that on the surface seems to allow one to amend a return. So I clicked on this, but it effectively erased by 2014 return - and the many many hours it took to get to that point - and there was no way for me to retrieve the "regular" return. In hindsight, I realize this feature is for someone post-April 2015 to go back and amend their 2014 return, but this is far from clear. "Amend a return" is not a good label for this feature! I lost countless hours of work, and had to restart my return from scratch. The second issue: anything related to buying stock in LLPs, I realize in hindsight, is obscenely complicated. My miniscule amount of shares in KKR easily doubled the time it took to file my return. While much of that is on the government, the support within Turbotax for all the arcane tax form entries related to the LLP tax treatment is miserably lacking - I kept getting stuck in these endless loops where the software was asking me a question that I had no idea how to answer, all for an entry that had $1 or $2 of income. Very frustrating. I would suggest either ramping up the in-software support for this stuff markedly, or dropping support for it entirely. April 14, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Good product but some disappointments I've been using turbo tax for many years now. For several years I got the deluxe instead of the premier which I needed sent to me and always had to get the updates to do my work. This year I finally got the correct one. Seems the needed forms for investments were moved to premier. Overall I do like the product as in the past when I had my work done at a tax preparer, I had to fill out much of the info on a worksheet to deliver to the preparer anyway. I was upset that I had to spend an additional $20 to file my state taxes because I didn't file before the 16th of Feb which I'm not sure was indicated when I got my disc in the mail. Unfortunately, I didn't receive all of the paperwork to file my taxes prior to this date so from the start I had no chance. The initial price I paid for the product was $97 plus the $20 for state. Now the price is $55 plus $20 so I would've saved $40 by waiting until now to get this product. I suspect for next years taxes I will not have this product mailed to me automatically and just wait until I get all my paperwork before using it or doing something else. There appears to be an issue at the end as it indicated I needed to print a form which I couldn't do even though I e-filed my federal and state and had my payments deducted from my checking account. Doesn't make sense. March 18, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Good, could be great I like the product, but you could make it a lot better with a few tweaks. Showing last year's data after you enter this year's data forces you to pull and review last year's return in order to remember how you entered unusual items where if you showed last year's data when you first "visit" an item instead of after, it would improve the experience. Also if you already know an answer to a question for prior years' info, why ask it with no prompt for the previous year data carried forward into this year's return. Specifically you ask for 529 plan contributions life to date and I have to look it up EVERY YEAR I use turbotax and then you show me that I reported $XXX,XXX through 2013 because you transferred last year's info. Don't make me look it up and then have the audacity to show me that it agrees with what I entered last year, just show it to me and ask me if it is right and what this year's amount is that needs to be added to it. Why do I need to look up ten years' data if you already have it???? Your health insurance question for S Corp shareholder with k-1s should be a separate question as it is too easy to miss where to add it and a search does not answer the question. If there are any health care premiums for an S corp shareholder that need to be deducted on line 29, it is always a big deduction so make it easy to find where to enter it. April 14, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by A Lot of Work I am writing this review just after getting off the telephone with TT. This call stretched to 52 minutes. I have also been on the telephone with three other reps for an additional 143 minutes (checked my call logs). All were pleasant and courteous and helpful in resolving issues. It all started with a purchase of TT Deluxe as usual for the past fifteen or more years (before TT used Parsons tax program). I received a card stating that an automatic upgrade would occur when loaded. WRONG!! Had to call to make the upgrade happen. Then had to download it and get it up and running. Was advised at that time that the state was included. WRONG!! Then spoke to another rep and was given the incorrect download. Then called back to straighten that out. Once again courteous and pleasant. Just a long time on the phone. Now just got off the phone with the last person to provide support to straighten out an eFile issue. She was pleasant but another hour down the drain. Intuit needs to quit messing with the product except to make it better and more efficient. Next year I will research TT prior to buying it to see if all of the needed forms are in the program I choose and also if anyone says anything about the functionality. In the end all seems to have "come out in the wash" but greatly disappointed. MAYBE a future customer. April 8, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Lost some confidence 1. Direct Deposit of refund...TT plugged an "X" in the account number as a placeholder when my financial institution told me to substitute a "5" for the "X" because there is some sort of problem related to the way an "X" is read. TT should know of these issues and identified that concern as part of the quality check along with a recommendation. 2. Health Savings Account step by step...TT did not load my contribution initially...I went into the form view to make sure I got credit for my contribution. Assuming it was user error (which I am not entirely convinced), there should have been a quality check to ensure that my contribution was recorded given the expenses we recorded as distributions. 3. Health step by step should direct user to either family or individual. Initially, TT didn't record our entire distribution because I initially recorded part of the distribution in my wife's heath step by step. Again, this is an error that I found reviewing the forms. 4. The cost to file one state return electronically should be included with the original cost or have a minimal fee. The cost has skyrocketed over the past few years and reminds me of the pricing wisdom that "pigs get fed and hogs get slaughtered." Most of these tax companies load each other's historical tax record and I may shop more carefully next year. April 7, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Problems with Affordable Care Act section I am retired and have health conditions that make me ineligible for health insurance outside of the Affordable Care Act. My income is such that we do NOT qualify for any premium credits. However, the HUGE monthly premiums I pay out of pocket should be counted as a medical deduction just as with any regular health insurance policy. TurboTax did NOT want me to enter these premiums in the normal medical deduction section but told me to wait till the health insurance section. All that section did was concentrate on the premium credits, (of which I have none) but did NOT calculate the premiums I paid as deductions. At the very least, the software should recognize when premium credits calculate to $0 and then enter the premiums paid into the medical deductions section or automatically take you to that section to enter the data manually. Also, the State of Iowa section has flaws. Even though I entered Married filling jointly on the federal section, the state of iowa forms/questions mistakenly assumed we were married filling separately. I found no easy way to fix this, as all this information is copied from the federal form, which was correct. Very annoying! Additionally when printing out the completed state forms, the program printed all the federal forms over again. These two problems existed in last year's software as well. Please fix these bugs. Thanks. April 14, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Another tax Year with Turbo-Tax Deluxe I have used Turbo Tax for over 10 years. I most always file in late March because I do not get all my 1099's from the financial institutions until then. Glad I had to wait. Got the e-mail from the New CEO about how they cheaped out and hosed up the Deluxe version. I let them know what I thought about it. I feel sorry for the early filers that got caught up in that. Then I get an e-mail in Feb. that they heard us and they were providing free upgrades. So, I buy it on-line. I try to upgrade and I get errors and it will not let me upgrade for free. So, I call customer service, and I get right thru. Pleasantly surprised because some of the blogs I had read said they waited 4 hours. Glad that was not my case. I get Samatra on the phone... Hands down the friendliest, most helpful, pleasant to talk to, customer service agent I have ever dealt with. And she had me upgraded in less than 5 minutes, I saw it change from Deluxe to Premier while we were on the phone. I suggest everyone send T-Tax an e-mail and tell them to state on the packaging as a caution of what the program DOESN'T do this year that it did last year. It is a shame that they tried to cheap out and angered a bunch of people. They did finally make it right, but what will happen next year. All that said, great program! I just hope they are smart and do not make me change. March 24, 2015
Rated 1 out of 5 by 2014 Tax Preparation Review I've been purchasing and using TurboTax for over 20 years and have enjoyed the process due to easy understanding of entries and time-consuming over manual preparation. However, this year was an awful experience as it proved to be very time consuming due to obvious errors in instructions for certain areas and failure of the procedure to continue as directed; such as: "Continue to State Tax". Even after rebooting, it didn't respond and ( had to get a TurboTax rep to help which was also time-consuming. Then if this problem wasn't bad enough I had to go through literally hours of time to find a way to talk to someone live who could help resolve the problem. The procedure to find answers to problems was ridiculous, time-consuming and not helpful at all. Not sure whether I'll buy Turbo-Tax next year because it sure wasn't worth the money I spent this year to get my taxes done. Last, but not least ... my efile submissions for both Federal and State returns were rejected due to some error I still don't understand and I was advised that the Federal Return was rejected because of errors in the State and that this could be resolved by sending the State via mail instead of efile. Well, that was the end of that because after correcting the State return, there was no further mention of getting a mail-in return, but also through efile again. March 26, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Needs improvement for the veteran TurboTax user I have used TurboTax for about 10 years. For parts of the return where I am not sure what I might to enter, the "series of questions" format is good. However, most, almost all, of the segments are very familiar and I know what I need to enter. However, I need to step through 5-10 standard "this is not common" questions just to get to the one I need. And, if I decide to change a value later, I can't get to the ONE question without stepping through those 5-10 other ones AGAIN. So, I will try to flip over to the FORMS mode. However, it is not always smart about what form to put you on. In fact, it will often place you on the FIRST form of the entire return when you flip to the FORMS mode. You have to guess what form or worksheet you were about to answer questions for (Form 8596? Schedule E? How would I know!) Why can't it just flip over to the current form being worked on? Or, at least, remember what form you were on last time you flipped back to EasyStep? Also, when I want to experiment with, for instance, how much an IRA contribution would affect my bottom line? The quickest way is to do it from the Forms view. However, when I change that one number, I can't see the change to my Taxes Due. I have to flip back to EasyStep just to see that. Then back to Forms to change the value again. This is all just to avoid all the questions to get that one value. April 13, 2015
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