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Rated 3 out of 5 by Need to Improve Navigation for ESPP Stock Shares I've used Turbo Tax for the past 3 years and the first two years I had very simple returns to file. The software was excellent for the simple returns. This year I had ESPP shares that needed to be included on my return. There were 4 groups purchased at different times but sold on the same day. I wasn't sure where to note the different groups. I did not and will not get a 1099 Form, only Form 3922. Thankfully it was very clear how to enter the 3922 data. What ultimately disturbed me was when Turbo Tax was doing the audit check, there was missing data. My opinion, all the necessary information should have been covered during the entry process. I had no idea what information was missing, so I guessed the best I could. Not exactly what I should be doing for a service I paid for and the IRS being what it is. February 15, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Loving Turbo Tax in Louisiana! The last CPA I used (before I switched to Turbo Tax in 2014) charged me $425, procrastinated so I had to file an extension and be penalized for it, then when he finally filed my taxes, he mailed them to the IRS on the date the extension was due but without my signature, so the IRS returned it and penalized me further as if it were never filed until I signed and mailed it back to them. It was a nightmare. The worst part is that I had done my return with Turbo Tax but didn't file it and instead used that CPA, because I thought he could get me more deductions or help; but after all was said and done, the CPA didn't get me any different deductions than Turbo Tax had. Instead, he cost me 4x more money and a loss of peace of mind. This is my second year using Turbo Tax and my wallet and I couldn't be happier! February 14, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Years of Reliability using TurboTax The convenience of having all important numbers imported year after year with the knowledge that my information is secure and accessible to me online has simplified tax time for me and my family. By importing directly from my broker or employer it has reduced the chance of typographical errors. I can review past tax years should I want to without having to go look for the physical copy. The step-by-step instruction while filling out reduces the chance of my missing some new change to taxes each year and I love the simplicity of e-filing after TurboTax has reviewed and recommended options. I appreciate the ability to select audit protection and other options dependent on what changes there have been in my year for taxes. I recommend this product every year to new people because it has served me so very well. January 30, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Hidden Cost I want to love Turbo Tax, but every time I use this service I am shocked when I get to the checkout page. I authorized an upgrade in order to take care of some special circumstances in my taxes this year, but then there was an additional fee for filing my state return WITH my federal return. The options are framed as if I would choose the alternative of deleting my state return and only file my federal return as if that's a favorable option. Additionally, there was yet another fee in order to direct deposit my return. Granted I probably made out ahead in the end as far as gaining a greater return by using TurboTax, but I just wish the final cost was more apparent throughout the process instead of the horrible sticker shock that comes at checkout when my refund is smaller than anticipated throughout the process. February 4, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Lacking clarity I use turbo tax because its recommended by my bank with a discount for active duty military. Unfortunately, I could not get the discount to take. I went through every section to make sure that I had entered everything correctly- especially during the state return... and I realized it does not pull everything over. During the reviews it showed me a little box that I had missed and asks what should go in there by referencing a line that I cannot see. I couldn't see the referenced box, but once I put a number in, I realized it was wrong and could not get back to change it so I had to delete the state return and begin again. I don't think it is very helpful for military members who have lived in more than one state in one year, but have permanent residency in another. I will probably take my taxes to be prepared next year. February 17, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great Tax, But Be More Specific on Discounts I've used TurboTax for *years* now...literally as soon as it became available online, my filing became tons easier. It helped me navigate the complexities of filing my investments and rental properties especially, and it's improved annually since. Things I would love to see updated is some parts of completing my taxes were still puzzling. For instance, there should be a constant side by side picture of rental property details to ensure that the details are correct. Another thing is I attempted to apply for a $20 discount, and I only got a $5 discount. I finally read on a 3rd party page's tiniest small print that the $20 discount was for using the home disk. Do computers even have disk access anymore? Mine doesn't. Other than that, I would recommend TurboTax...I honestly don't understand why people use any other company. January 27, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Two years in a row Easy Tax Filing This is the 2nd year I'm using it for both FED and CA State filings. I was very impressed the first year I came back for the 2nd year. I've used other services in the past but TurboTax is, in my opinion, the best online "self help" tax software out there today. They imported last years return which made research a cinch and the input screen are very easy to see and understand. It took all of less than one half-hour of research to get everything I needed. The Help icons were simple and easy for a non-accountant to understand. I found this to be one of the best features. My only problem is the cost of both Fed and State returns is $99! I could run into a tax "professional" and have them do the work for not much more. So, I highly recommend it for everyone and I will use this again next year. It's worth the higher cost! February 4, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by 2015 Return I have used Turbo Tax for my entire working life. My tax situation for the last couple of years got slightly more complex, and as a whole I value the way your software highlights everything for me. Two concerns I have is over the cost increase from last year to this year; to the best of my knowledge, no additional forms were required this year vs. last year, but yet I paid like 20% more. The big cost step-up is to report brokerage account income, though mine is relatively insignificant. Additionally, I would like to be able to turn off the wizard prompts for the first three sections. I prefer to get to the screen where I can view the full overview of different options, and self-direct from there. Perhaps you could allow users to change their landing page when they login or resume? Feel free to contact me to clarify. Thanks! February 13, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Turbo Tax TurboTax is very easy to use and has a comfortable way to get the info needed from you to create a compliant tax return. The interface is pleasing to the eye and simple to interpret. When you see the actual forms in the background during the reviews at the end (you see the forms only if the system finds things that stand out) you can tell TurboTax is making things very simple for you. There are many "Explain This" links that will immediately pop up a simple explanation and often provide examples, making it easy to figure out if something applies to you. There is also a little surprise at the end if you have a federal tax refund coming your way that was nice: Amazon bonus cash. Pretty cool. The only criticism I have is there were a couple instances where a question was incorrect, contradictory or incomplete in it's description. I was able to understand these through help or asking the TurboTax community and answers came fast. February 24, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Made my return easy! I thought this years taxes would be especially difficult, I was an active military member part of the year before retiring, I had nontaxable and traditional income, four W-2s and lived in two states. I had tuition expenses, investment returns, large purchases. you name it. Fortunately I used Turbo Tax for the second year in a row, and they made it a breeze. It took me less than an hour to do, and whenever I was wondering if a field or deduction applied to me their links broke it down for me in easy to understand terms and applicable examples. Whether you are looking for your first tax program or looking to change from another, I highly recommend giving Turbo Tax a shot. If you start filing and decide you don't like it, you don't have to pay a fee until you actually file the return through them, that's how confident they are in their service. February 2, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by This works Turbo tax has worked really well for us the last 2 years. Previously we used an accountant that charge $375. This year our W2's didn't import like previous years. My wife's had to be input manually. Also our 1099-B from my RSU grants did not automatically import all the required data. This is partly because of a change the IRS made to the form. Box 1e was 0 for all my sales. I needed to calculate them all by hand. Last year it was automatic. I picked up a couple of items I didn't know I could deduct like Vehicle registration fees and purchased items in my home office used for work. It's also nice that it uses last years info to pre-populate a lot of data and prompt for this years numbers. Saves time. Overall, I think this is the best experience per dollar especially for our household that has a relatively uncomplicated tax situaton (besides the RSUs). February 3, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by First Time Overall I think it is a great tool. Easy and quick to use. Has explanations on everything and anything you question. The software makes the icons and literature inviting. I honestly think everything about the experience was great, minus the misleading pricing. At first all I saw was free. Then it said if you have HSA account, sold stock etc. then you need the premier version at $59.99. I did see that 1040EZ was free so I said to myself ok well at least I understand why. Then I when about the rest of the questions and finish both my Federal and State forms. When I was getting ready to file It asked me if I want to file both Federal and State together and if so I had to pay $36.99. If not then it would delete my state form. If I am paying for the Premium software I should at least have the option of printing out the state tax form and sending it in myself. February 4, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by As good as it gets... I am naturally skeptical, especially when it comes to something which involves the government and can have far reaching consequences... I am also a firm believer that nothing is better than the input provided - so if it's Tax software or a Person - I'm still providing the same data. Short story is I will always have questions if I'm filling everything out exactly as it should - both because I want as much $$ back as possible, and because I do not want to be penalized by the government for some obscure oversight. But, I do feel more confident using TurboTax with the ability to return to each section of my Taxes, the time to gather all of my information as I need to and as I can, and the ability to research what TurboTax is talking about. I also appreciate the relatively affordable cost, the accessibility and the importation of the previous year's information. February 19, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by My experience, I have concerns that I may mix up personal information with rental information concerning property that started off as my home and is still, but currently rented due to trying to complete a licensure in another part of the state. My concerns is If I put the right information in the right spot. Plus, My question regarding a 29 year old child that came home and is filing for disability, but is not on disability yet, is she consider a dependent was not clearly answered. So I have concerns there. A live represented to talk to would help clarify some of these question when completing tax returns. Other than that, the process if fairly easy. I don't go to tax professional, because I was trained by Jackson Hewitt a few years ago and realize many that do tax preparation, have little to no knowledge of the laws and how to prepare taxes any more than the average person. February 7, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by NJ Residency status BUG After two years of having to RESUBMIT my tax return to the state of NJ (as a non-resident military not spending more than 30 days in NJ) I have found that paying for the NJ return is useless. I have found out that the NJ tax return does not show the STATUS as a non-resident for military members filing as a non-resident. Instead it shows as RESIDENT (on the part marked "Final Review." Therefore you will wait 4-6 weeks, get a letter asking for documents to be sent to the NJ office in Trenton, then you must wait another month for the return. TurboTax keeps saying there is an ERROR when putting $0 in the NJ wages part. That is the whole purpose of the military relief act!!! You don't report military wages if you never spent more than 30 days in the state. Instead of paying 30 bucks for the NJ e-file. I will just fill out the PDF myself and get my full refund by mail. February 15, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by I love that I can finish my taxes in 2 hours or le This year, I sat down to do my business taxes with the LLC version of Turbotax 2014. Business taxes are pretty involved and there is no online version so it's not quite as slick as turbotax premiere for the home user. It took a couple days to close out my books, fill in all the updated K-1 and 1099 forms, and prepare to file my business taxes. But that being said once that was done, I used Turbotax Premiere to import my own K-1 form alongside my W-2 form, and within 2 hours I was waiting on my refund for 2014! I think Turbotax is fantastic with the right answers to the questions you have right when you need them, and virtually everything is fully automated. I've been using Turbotax since I was a teenage kid working at a service station, and it has never failed me. I also think the improvements in recent years and especially the online versions make all the difference. February 1, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by FAST & EASY During Super Bowl I've used Turbo for years and they have never let me down. This year I was bored during first quarter of Super Bowl... weren't you?? I decided to try the online version. I was done by half-time and filed shortly thereafter. It was even easier than store bought ... no computer downloads, easy transfer of last year's taxes, etc. I highly recommend using Turbo Tax online version! It's so easy, you can multi-task while maximizing your deductions. Just an aside... my case was not routine.. had many unusual circumstances and itemized deductions. It helped that I had all paperwork assembled ahead of time and separated by income and deductions, but we do this long before using Turbo Tax. All in all... if you are using another service or regular forms and computing on your own, then you are missing out! Intuit saved about me hours, maybe days, of work, worry and calculations! February 1, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Filing with ease This is the second year that I've used TurboTax for preparation and fling of my taxes, and both years I have been impressed with the ease of use and the flexibility of having the "walk through" versus entering everything yourself. It's nice to have a searchable database of forms that you can skip to as you start going through the myriad of paperwork. When I compare it to another big name product that I've used in the past, TurboTax is far superior. The GUI is very user friendly, and the support is top notch. For me, there are a tone of forms that I could do manually, but TurboTax does it quickly, accurately, and has protection behind it. Although doing tax returns isn't at the top of my fun list, at least with TurboTax I look forward to seeing all of the credits/deductions/savings they can help me with, as well as providing yearly comparisons in an instant. Great product! February 9, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great efficient product Professional military officer, I've used TT for 7 years. Every year it improves and has become very efficient. I have very little time with a wife, 3 kids(with another one on the way) and working 10-12 hours a day(some weekends). I am a proactive-do as much as I can myself- person and this product easily has become top notch in my book. I can work on my taxes as time permits and I pick up where I left off. I use a word doc to take notes as I progress through the software to keep track of my thoughts, ideas, etc. and highly recommend this suggestion if you can't plug through it in one session. I have 2 houses in another state and active duty military and every year I have q's that I can research and/or ask the advisors through chat. I look forward to many more years subscribing to this product. Don't blow it or I will go elsewhere. In the meantime, exemplory product and well done! February 17, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Better than having someone else do it for you. I used to get my taxes done at H&R Block. I'd sit and watch some person who isn't an accountant punch the information I gave them into their tax program. At the end of it I'd pay $300 - $400. After three years of doing this I figured I could do it myself. My first experience with TurboTax took a while but each year it's gotten easier. TurboTax saves all my information so I don't have to enter a bunch of stuff that I did last year. My tax situation has gotten more complicated over the years by adding stock sales, a rental property, and business expenses but I still feel comfortable using TurboTax to walk me through it all. I can also take my time and make sure I have everything included instead of lugging all my papers to someone's office and risk forgetting stuff. Every year at this time I give my coworkers who pay hundreds of dollars for a tax professional a hard time. I pay under $100. February 20, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by No longer a loyal customer I've been using Turbo Tax for approximately 10 years. During that time I never even once considered any other tax preparation service, as I felt that Turbo Tax was an excellent program at a fair price. But with Turbo Tax continually raising the price and requiring me to upgrade to more expensive products to complete my very basic taxes, I will certainly be entertaining other options such as HR Bock or perhaps even preparing my own taxes next year. I don't itemize deductions or have any extraordinary tax situations. Mine is a VERY basic tax preparation. But just because i have a very small mutual fund account that produces a mere several hundred bucks in dividends/capital gains, I must now use the Premier version of Turbo Tax, at a much higher price. There should be a version for customers such as myself, who need to enter a simple 1099-DIV, but otherwise have very basic tax preparation. February 1, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Works but has issues Worked pretty well but it seems there isn't the personal touch as years past. Two issue in particular I had was transferring information from ItsDeductable to your tax form was not clear. I actually had to Google how to do it because I could not find clear instructions in the program. Why would that not be an automatic or chosen hyperlink in the appropriate spot on the form?? The other issue was concerning the 1098T. My daughter took a summer school course but was full time during the normal spring and fall semesters. Because the 1098T from the university where she took a single course did not have the "at least half time" box checked, it assumed she was not a full time student at all. Major impact on the end result. TurboTax seems to be getting less user friendly and I have been using this program for quite a few years. Hopefully it does not continue down this road. Still its a pretty good program to use for taxes. February 22, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Turbo Tax , Relief in just 40 minutes Really like the way it carries your old info and data, keeps all your input from the prior year. It empowered me and saved me about $350.00 I feel like an accountant now, and realize how I overpaid all the years I used a tax pro! Not only did I save most of that cost, but also was spared from TDA (tax deadline anxiety) as the 15th of April approached. I would make daily calls to my tax preparer: "when will my taxes be done? " I was always fearful of the penalty or having to file for more time. Now its under my control. Log in and initiation is also a breeze and I couldn't be more satisfied. I , like everyone else, puts off this task, and just deciding to do it is half the battle. Knowing that Turbo Tax creates a easy start / login, and a relaxing atmosphere with professional reassurance as you prepare your tax's keeps the stress to a minimum and eliminates the wait for your return and refund. February 9, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Got Needed Advise on Entering 1099 B info Have used Turbo Tax before -- and appreciate it's cross checking and guided entry -- also bringing up informaton I have already entered the previous year. I like that it gives comparisons to the previous year, providing another way to crosscheck accuracy. I ran into a problem with a stock sale. I took a loss, but could not find out how to enter that I took a loss when filling out the 1099B information. And I NEVER would have been able to without speaking with a TURBOTAX advisor. I think that the software should be fixed to ask directly if there was a long term gain or loss, and then probe for the appropriate information. The rep was so helpful that I could not help but feel she made up for the software's shortcomings. All in all I don't think there is an easier way to complete and file my taxes -- even though I still have to do research on my own before I start to know what tax changes are from year to year. February 19, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Worst software for the last 7 years I have used Turbo Tax for 7 or 8 years, maybe more and this is the poorest designed one of all. Why Trubo Tax changes their web forms each year is beyond me. They try to make it look simple and if one was using an easy 1040 perhaps it is okay. This year it was difficult to maneuver around their software. Plus the explanations were so vague that one couldn't determine what forms they were referencing. When looking up "how to enter vehicle sales tax", because it isn't clear at all this year how to do that, their HELP look-up reference form displays information for the year 2013 and the information isn't relevant to the 2014 tax forms. I finally went the IRS web site, used their calculator and then entered the information in the Turbo Tax form. I believe it is time for me to look for a new TAX software product for 2015. I could not recommend Turbo TAX to anyone this year. I used Turbo Tax Premier for the 2014 tax year. February 18, 2015
Rated 1 out of 5 by New, But NOT Improved! I've used Turbo Tax for years, but this years changes didn't work well for me. I couldn't import last year's data into this year's on-line version. It took much longer to complete all the information. It wasn't easy to Navigate back to a completed section and then skip forward to where I'd left off. Near the end of the interview, I was prompted to upgrade to Premium, which was not expected. I didn't want to e-file for State and Turbo-tax wouldn't let me. Still, I was charged over $36 for using the CA state version. State versions were built-in to the price in previous years. I called customer service and waited 2 hours to talk. The C.S. person did refund this portion and the extra Premium portion. While that did make the payment situation right, it shouldn't have been that difficult and was definitely a downgraded and more time-consuming experience from previous years. I will most likely use a different tax prep service next year. February 20, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Unecessary Uprade/ Painful Degrade Process I am a USAA Member and qualify for free use of "Turbo Tax Deluxe" I was forced to upgrade to the Premium Edition when asked if I sold a home this year. I knew I was not subject to capital gains therefore that portion was not applicable or necessary in my situation. However, the software would not allow me to continue unless I upgraded. After searching the FAQ section on how to return to the Deluxe Edition, this action required deleting all data and starting from scratch. How convenient that upgrades are automatic but degrades are near impossible (unless your willing to start over.) I have used Turbo Tax software for years, but they may have lost my business and everyone I can influence from here on out. Hope the $39.99 'up-sale' was worth it. Every professional complaint/problem, has a solution. Turbo Tax, please include the ability to switch between editions with the click of a button and you may have my business in the future. Thank you for listening. February 22, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by 2015 Turbo Tax was not as "user friendly" as 2014 This is my third year using Turbo Tax. I recently retired from the USPS and recieve my retirement annuities from OPM. Turbo Tax and OPM needs to get together so all the personnel from the FERS retirement plan can utilize Turbo Tax without getting stuck on survey questions. For example, many 1099R forms mentioned in TT do not correspond with OPMs 1099R. The use of the word "UNKNOWN" in box 2 is one example. I know many other postal retirees have said the same thing about using Turbo tax. It becomes even harder to navigate through the survey questions when an individual retires before there Minimum Retirement Age and on a disability. I was on the phone for four hours with a turbo tax consultant who was very nice and knowledgeable. It was the main reason I have stayed with them. They have an excellent staff and if they lose them, I am gone also! Also, need to re-write some of the questions, because the wording is very tricky and unclear. February 1, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Easy to use but there's still room for improvement TurboTax is easy to use, with very friendly interfaces and easy to understand questions. All topics or most of them include additional information to help you decide wether you should or should not choose certain options. I see room for improvement in form 1099 B. My broker, Betterment, says it has an agreement with TurboTax to load automatically all the transactions, however I had problems to do this and I had to start all over again. Also, if you make a mistake and say that your wife can be claimed as dependent by someone else, you can't change this option. So I had to start all over again. Finally, when you want to send your e file with AGI, the decimal point is not allowed. This caused me confusion and later I found that cents don't matter, so a message saying that cents don´t matter would be helpful. I can tell you it's easier than H&R. Frankly, after a few questions at H&R, I decided not continue. Thanks and keep refining this tool. February 6, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Can't be beat I have been using Turbo Tax exclusively for at least ten years and during that time its program has seen huge refinements which center mainly on ease of use by people nervous about the entire tax filing process. Until this year I only used the disk program, getting it in the mail, installing it (easy) and following the directions. This year (tax year 2014) was the first year I filled out my taxes through the website program only. Piece of cake and I really liked the immediate time save feature. Also, several areas were vastly easier to complete compared to previous years, for me stock options in particular. I could go on and on heaping praise on Turbo Tax but suffice it to say, it's about as foolproof a tax product as there is, the electronic equivalent of "Tax Preparation for Dummies." BTW, in preparing your own taxes you learn a lot about tax law, much of it pretty interesting, making you smarter in the process about something that has a real impact on your life. February 18, 2015
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