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TurboTax Online Federal Free Edition lets you file federal taxes online - FREE. It asks simple questions to accurately prepare your income tax return. Get free IRS efile and free federal tax filing with TurboTax.

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Rated 4.7 out of 5 by 14506 reviewers.
Rated 3 out of 5 by Mixed Opinion I filed online last year for the first time (Tax Year 2013) with TurboTax Freedom Edition. It was detailed and both the Federal and state were free. I commented to others how pleased I was. This year there was a $29.99 fee for the state return. OK, I can accept that but further on after reviewing, it was recommended to upgrade to TurboTax Plus for $29.99. What was not clear was that this was in addition to the state fee, making the total cost $59.98. I removed that item from the invoice page, Then, upon reviewing the PDF file of the returns -after- they were filed I saw it was only seven pages, just the actual forms, no supporting documents such as Social Security Benefits worksheet, 1099-R summary, etc, Last year the forms with supporting documents ran to 35 pages. Perhaps TurboTax Plus includes all the additional paperwork but the Freedom Edition had it all for no additional charge. Whether the extra $29.99 would have been worth it for the additional paperwork is a moot point for me now. It would have been helpful to have had it clarified ahead of time that this year the free Federal with paid state only included the bare minimum of necessary forms. April 15, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Would be good if they were both free I filed before work, very quickly, in the middle of moving to a new apartment so it was actually good that I didn't have to go through all the hassle of having a bunch of papers. Also since I don't have a printer and a lot of my W2's were electronically sent. The federal was easy, and I was able to do it on paper and get the same amount Turbotax later told me. I've been filing my own taxes for years now and thought I'd give it a try. I liked that it was free, and that they were able to give me more money back for my state return without me having to go through more forms, etc. However, I don't like having to pay. I didn't get much back in my state return, so when I got my return amount AFTER the payment it was really just...not much at all. Still I guess some is better than none, and I was able to do this all before work which was nice. It was a bit annoying having them ask me about my college info when I never got a form from my college though, and there was no way getting around it. Hopefully that doesn't mess things up! It's three stars for the payment, but really it was good service and I might use it again next year if they bring down the fee. March 22, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Not terrible For some reason the first 2 hours I logged on was an absolute nightmare, every time I tried to get into the tax return the website would crash and I would have to start over. Not the funnest thing. I tried again 12hours later and proceeded with no issue. I get the animations and the breaking up of the sections, but its a bit superfluous, especially before the return begins. The help sections, while handy and simple enough for a layman, I found were a bit too oversimplified. If I have clicked your (?) or more info, I would like to be educated on the matter. I would like to see TurboTax work towards educating the tax payer in the future, maybe a more info option inside the (?) pop up. The "how we got your refund" break down was a very cool feature. Despite the extra clicking and waiting for animations to load I still found TurboTax faster, easier to follow, and more accurate than many of its competitors ( I pull them up side by side and bail on the one that seems less efficient, I recommend this method for first timers). Regardless of any complaint I may have rest assured I will be returning to the TurboTax website next year, and likely for many years to come. March 31, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Disappointed I had to clear and start ALL over My husband and I have to file separately. We both have had the same jobs for years, same address, pretty much same everything. My husband does own a second house, that we attempt to rent out. It didn't get rented in 2014, but as I was doing his taxes, I made the mistake of saying he had potential business rental income. Well of course, that meant he had to upgrade to premier. That's fine. But then I discovered it didn't matter about the house as it wasn't going to make a difference. I was all done with his taxes but hadn't filed yet (mine were completed months ago) as he wanted to wait because he owed. So I signed on tonight (4/14) to go ahead and file. I for sure didn't want to pay $79.99 for a service we didn't want or need. Nope. No go. I had to clear the entire thing and redo everything from scratch. Infuriating! You know most people don't want to start from scratch, especially at the last minute, so you force them into buying your service at the very end, even if they don't need it. Oh, and you can UPGRADE your service at any time. Just no downgrading or you start over. Luckily, it was fast, and I was able to re-complete his return in a rather short time. April 14, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Every year I file my taxes with these people and every year I have to look around my office to make sure I'm alone because every year it seems as if one of Intuit's reps is sitting right there beside me, anticipating, showing me exactly what to do. With each step, if I have a question it's usually answered just by hitting the "continue" button, as though they know what your next question is going to be. If the answer isn't there, hit the Help button OR call them! They're there!!! I called on a Sunday evening and got to speak to two very pleasant and knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives who walked me thru my problem, stayed with me (over a half hour) until it was solved and my return was actually filed. Plus I don't know who they know at the IRS, but I got my return back so fast last year that it was scary. And they let you know when it's on the way or received. If the IRS has any questions or concerns, TurboTax lets you know immediately by email. Love these people. Highly recommend them. For those who posted negative experiences about them, I don't believe you. There are people who, no matter what the situation, will always respond with negative comments. March 22, 2015
Rated 1 out of 5 by Very Bad 1. I had to fill my tax questions twice cause I had no use of deluxe package but was pushed on to my "recommended package" and there is no way to downgrade (only upgrade is available) 2. Tax wizard was very confusing and didn't utilize the info I provided correctly (check attached screenshot): As a first time Illinois state tax filing I have no IL PIN (8digit) number, and I should be able to use my driver license to fill in different fields. Yet the "Smart Check" kept requesting me to fix state tax by filling IL-PIN and hinted that if not available use the driver license "at the bottom of the screen" which there was nothing at the bottom of the screen. and I was stuck. 3. The help material for Illinois state was old (from 2012 or 2013) in many pointers: a. How to get last year AIG b. What is E-filing PIN and how different it is from IL-PIN. Lots of pins in this business (which means gov did a stupid job, but that is where TurboTax money should help in the first place) Many other problems that I can fill you up with, if you are willing to contact and have a compensation plan. But I definitely would look for other options next year before buying into TurboTax if no customer service is provided April 1, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Quick and Easy I've used Turbo tax ever since I can remember. It has always been very easy to use and intuitive. The last few years I used H&R because I had some situation changes. But now that I only need to do an ez form I've opted to use Turbo Tax again. I like the usability, look and feel. And the questions and comments are light hearted and down to earth making it more personable. The only thing I would change would be to notify the user before starting the return, if they want to file electronically, that they should make sure they have the pin and/or AGI from last filing before starting. I wasn't prepared and tried to fill out the request but it didn't take said my info didn't match which it did and to try again later or call the 800 number. I tried calling but it wanted answers to questions I had no idea about. Then I realized I could opt to just select entering the AGI amount for last years return. Which was easier than filling out a form, etc. In the midst of it all I was bumped out twice and had to log back in. But it remembered where I left off which is great. Overall, I like using Turbo Tax because it's convenient and can automatically access my w-2 info and I don't have to populate. Time saver. April 6, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Marketing Makes for a Semi-Confusing Experience I'm a fairly tech-savvy person, but some of the payment options on the site threw me for a loop! I first selected that I wanted my credit card charged for the amount I owed on my NYS and IRS returns. Selected my choices, hit the submit button, thought I was done. I always file my taxes early, so when I noticed that my card hadn't been charged and I didn't receive anything from TurboTax or the IRS saying that my return had been accepted/rejected, I got a little concerned. I checked my TurboTax account and my returns had NOT been filed! I decided to change my payment method to direct debit from my bank account so that my owed taxes would be charged to my account within a few days (if you choose to pay by credit card, they say it will be charged on April 15). Then I tried submitting my returns again for filing and they did go through. I also got the automated email confirming that my filings were transmitted. I've used TurboTax before and never been confused about whether or not my returns were transmitted. I noticed that they tried to up-sell me on a lot of different payment and service options this time while I was entering my information. Maybe it was my error and not TurboTax, but this was a scary experience! March 25, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by So Simple! TurboTax is amazing! I was nervous as this was my first time filing my own taxes. I wasn't sure if I'd understand all the terminology or know where to enter what information. I was pleasantly surprised with how simple the process was. Each page asked just a few questions preventing me from getting overwhelmed. The instructions were so easy to follow and read as if there was a person sitting down with me walking me through it all. I appreciated the timeline on the top showing what step of the process I was on as well as giving me the ability to navigate between sections. At various points I was informed that it's ok if I am not positive about my answer, as they would ask for more detailed information later. This really helped lower my anxiety and I knew I'd be walked through it in more detail. That's a key feature I loved, was how much they walked me through every step with easy to follow directions. I can't emphasize enough how the well the format of the program guided me through answering all questions. If I wasn't sure about a question, I clicked on the link to get more information and read in more detail the specifics. Overall, I am pleased with every step of the process and will be using TurboTax in the future. April 7, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by I Am Emotionally Invested In A Tax Service I don't have a very complicated financial life, but even so, the ease of TurboTax is stellar for me. I'm the kind of person who will stare at the option for filing single or married or married and filing separately for a full minute before choosing, despite the fact that I have never been married in my life. I do not and have never owned any accounts overseas, but yeah, I did spend a couple minutes staring at my Mint account overview to make sure. Did I earn this income as an inmate? Well I don't REMEMBER going to jail, but it's an option on the form, so let's give it due consideration. For whatever reason, I'm paranoid about taxes. The design of TurboTax is so clear and direct at every step that I know there's no way I'm putting the wrong info in the wrong box or missing any key data. Every time I think they might skip over my chance to put in possibly-important information, what I'm looking for is on the next screen. All my bases are covered, and I don't have to gaze into the tiny-printed eye of the IRS to triple-check. There were a lot more in-line ads this year, but considering I'm getting a free tax program, I'm cool with it. TurboTax has gotta eat. Overall, I really couldn't ask for a better tax experience. Long Live TurboTax. March 25, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Providing a Helping Hand I'm still in my teens and a part of growing up means filling out all the paperwork that my parents had to do! When I would think of taxes, I always had a negative connotation to go with it because I really never understood what taxes were other than the Government taking money out of my checks, which naturally gives you a bad feeling when you hear its 'taxes season'. I didn't quite understand taxes, but I knew I had to get them done some time or the other, and I didn't have any help. A friend told me that TurboTax was fast and easy, and that it was online, which i'm more comfortable with. So I figured I would give it a shot. Right away they started off with the basics: Name, Residence, Age, Etc. and then surprisingly they asked me how I felt about doing taxes.. which I didn't expect. They told me if I didnt fully understand something I could skip it, or they'd explain it to me on the side. They didn't stop me from continuing on when I didnt know the answer. I had all the paperwork I needed and they had all the answers.. Everything went smooth and now i have a load of stress off my back. TurboTax isn't a scam designed to steal your money or a program made to confuse you, rather, to help you get back what you can to the full extent and make you confident in your financial standings. Thank you, so much! March 22, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Good, but running SUPER slow I've filed my taxes through TurboTax for three years and was super impressed the first two times. The structure of walking you through all the steps is really clear and easy to follow. The added 'What's this' explanations are critical as well. Unfortunately, this year, I started from scratch (as grabbing my info from last year ) and for some reason the return strated somewhere in the middle. Or maybe I jumped to 'Federal Return' with out filling out my personal information. This caused some confusion, and when I finally tried to file, it told me I needed a from that required the deluxe version. At that point, I was frustrated and figured I had done something wrong, because my tax situation hadn't changed much from the previous year and I hadn't had any problems before. I then logged out and back in and got back on track, which proved to solve most of my problems. The biggest issue, however, was needing to wait approximately 30 seconds fro the occasional new page to load. Since the screens walk you through step-by-step (a great thing!) this meant really slow to file, and insecurity that things were actually saving. I faced non-responsive screens a few times in the process. Also, I will note that I performed speed tests concurrently with the filling out, and everything on my infrastructure was running properly. April 7, 2015
Rated 1 out of 5 by What happened from last year to this year Wow, last year i used you for the first time< and LOVED it!!! I recomended it to over 100+ friends and family, and they thanked me for it. This year was just shy of a nightmare! it was VERY HARD,and confusing to navigate.On my smart phone it took me a day to figure out the swipe feature to get to the next page.I would have paid double for a next button.last year i think it took me 30 min to complete my taxes,and this year it took 2-3 days out of sheer frustration,having to stop and cool down before reattempting completion. it just was not user friendly,and again last year WAS!!! Finally the IRS security code took well over 20 retries using 1 phone,1 laptop,& 2 computers to finally accept my file. im really just stunned at how you went from fantastic to incredibly stressful.if i had to do it again, id seriously consider paying the OUTRAGEOUS prices they charge at the local tax service places in the area. im not very computer savvy which is why i loved you guys so much,but next year i will have to really consider my options. HECK ! It took me 30 min + to type this review,which goes to show how frustrated iwas using your product this year, and my commitment to let you know. hope you go back to last years format. you have my E-mail, id be curious to know did others experience any of the woes that i did. Hope you fix it. March 26, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great, but not amazing. This is my first time filing, so I had little to no clue what to expect. It was fast, easy, and simple with this software...but that also worries me as it feels like I may have missed something or done something wrong. That may just be me being paranoid, but regardless it is filed and without hassle. The problem I have with this software, and why I rated it 4 stars, is that they push you to buy the products. If you want to take money from your refund for filing state taxes you have to pay $30, which is $60 on top of the $30 you have to pay simply to file state taxes with the software. They also want push the actual content out of the way to offer their services like Turbo Tax Pro and the Audit Defense which is uncalled for. I understand that they want to make it apparent, but there's no need to take up an entire screen in the middle of filing taxes. They also push the prepaid card on you which likely has fees for withdrawal and possibly more. I would only take off ½ a star for this, but 1 is the lowest I can take off. It's not overly pushy or greedy, but it's definitely not welcome. I suppose it's acceptable since there's no need to pay to use the software...but what do you expect when I could have a professional do it and have them there to make sure everything is correct rather than do it myself with the questionable help of software? April 15, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Headache Free! Nobody really likes to file their taxes. Back in January I began filing my taxes with H&R Block, just like I have every year for the past several years. I've never really been all that pleased with their website but I figured that was just a part of the process. While filing this year with them I was caught in a loop and couldn't move forward. I took a break and decided today to finish up my taxes. I was finally able to move forward with my refund but at the very last step it said there were issues with my return, but wouldn't let me fix them. It gives you the option to ignore the issues, so I did, and I still couldn't file my taxes. H&R Block kept insisting that I wanted to print and mail my own taxes. Every time I'd select e-file, it would go all the way back through the process only to tell me at the end that I still wanted to print and mail my own. Finally I gave up. Turbo Tax was my plan B. But it should have been Plan A for years. Turbo Tax was extremely simple to use, error free and extremely cheap. H&R Block doesn't make it very clear when they're trying to upgrade your services, and when you do, there's seemingly no going back. Turbo Tax promoted their upgraded services but made it perfectly clear how to avoid using them. Last year I paid $150 for H&R Block to file my federal and state taxes, this year, Turbo Tax did it all for $30. I will recommend Turbo Tax to everyone. March 28, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by TurboTax Gets Worse Every Year I have been filing via the TurboTax website now going back to 2008. It gets worse and worse ever year and this year is by far the worst yet. They keep pushing the expensive options to file more and more each year which is quite annoying. This year they further push other dumb offers to the consumer, such as the money card which seems more aimed at those receiving a refund then those paying, like me. The two worst things are it imported all my personal information from previous years but when I selected the "Free" edition it made me click "start from scratch" and forced me to put in my own personal information all over again. I did this with about 6-12 mouse clicks and in 1-2 minutes but it seems like they're purposely trying to penalize you for not wanting to give them free money with a 'premium' edition I don't need. The other worst thing is how they don't offer the sidebar help topics and discussions like they did in previous years. I didn't need them often in previous years but I did use them a few times for assistance and they were wonderful. While help is still available, I loved having a page-updated help discussion window/frame off to the side specific to the page and questions I was on in filing my return. At times it seemed to be cluttered and distracting but it was way more helpful then a help search box. All in all I will keep using TurboTax I suppose but it's starting to get on my nerves more and more each year. March 27, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Eventually Rocked..(Does that include throwing roc Have used Turbo Tax for at least the last 10 years, using "it's deductable" (although very difficult to use) etc. Realizing lately that it's much easier to just use the standard deduction and not have to bother with all the record keeping for charitable and Medical deductions, mileage, and so on. It was so much effort and I was not exceeding the std deduction after all that effort. So I've grown myself out of needing T/Tax. It's nice to have the "hand holding" and security of using the program, but for me, it's no longer necessary. Finding this "Free" access seemed to be just the thing for me. But I was very disappointed to see that I could not import last years records and so it took quite a while to hand transcribe all these forms. The system was quick to respond and I like the interview method works great for my purposes. I definitely did not like all the little pricy add-on's at the end of the process, after investing the time to get that far. The FREE, FREE, FREE tantalizing come-on's at the beginning did not pan out. I did pay for the State filing as I was getting suspicious that I would not be able to print a copy to mail in myself, so you got me there... (Still not sure If I could have done so). Next year, I'll try another site other than my Credit Union link. No photo attached, but just picture that wacky photo of Albert Einstein... the one that doesn't show his finger in the wall outlet... Yeah, that's me after this ! March 15, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Easy to Use but watch out for any extra fees I absolutely hate filing taxes. Turbo Tax takes a lot of stress out of the equation. The questions are fairly thorough, which makes the process much easier. It was clear from the beginning that the Federal Return would be free. Since I chose to do my State Taxes as well, I knew that I would be charged $29.99 and I had a choice to pay for it up front with a credit card or from my Federal refund. Since I moved from MD to VA, I needed to file 2 state forms. I didn't realize that at the beginning, so I got charged $59.98. Also, I'm glad I read most of the "small print". I was originally going to get charged an additional $29.99 for TurboTax Pro... then finally, when I went to finalize my e-filing, you need to sign a waiver for TurboTax to get their fees first (since I had originally chosen to pay from my Federal Refund). From what it looked like, they had added the additional $29.99 from the TurboTax Pro back again which I had JUST removed from my cart, and then, the fine print states that the refund goes to their bank FIRST then your refund gets deposited... which made me think it would take longer for me to get my refund if TurboTax is getting my full refund first, then they are the ones giving me the leftover. Needless to say, I had to go back and review the fees once again, remove the extra $29.99 and finally pay with my credit card. I don't need the extra running around. This already took enough of my time. Overall - Use is fairly easy, but very time consuming. March 25, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Filing taxes taxes me to no end. Filing taxes is frustrating, no matter what method is used; especially if you have hardly any money/income to begin with. I feel like "why am I doing this at all?" Turbo Tax made it a little better than doing it with pen and paper, but it was still confusing, ie: "how much this, how much that?" Some of the terminology was still "you call it one thing, but I know it as another". I feel that a lot of things were not clear, even the FAQ was wishy-washy at times. OK, let's blame that on the IRS and/or the Tax Code if we must. What really is upsetting is that Turbo Tax at every opportunity pushed upgrading into another product. If you sneezed, it said you have massive health issues so buy this upgrade ! If you bought a pack of gum, it was upgrade to this because you must have huge holdings of assets!. Hey, I'm a poor little old lady hanging on with only SS; tell me I don't even have enough income to be required to file fat tax returns. I don't know that I don't have to give the tax man my first-born adult child. Help me to keep my head above water, not add to my burden. On a positive note: after the perusing the FAQ and not really getting the answers I needed, I called Turbo Tax and got a return call from a Turbo Tax Agent, who was really helpful, kind and clear. His name was "Gordon M." If I can cite his name on the confirming e-mail he sent after our telephone conversation. He is probably the reason I have managed to file my taxes instead of still sitting here on the border of confusion and tears. March 31, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Feeling Like A Grown Up Last years taxes were done by a nice woman at my local H&R Block. I didn't have an issue with them, but really only went to them because my mother had recommended them to me. This year, I pretty much forgot about filing taxes, even after tossing my W-2 into a paperwork box, and only remembered when I flipped my calender to April. Earlier this week I was outwardly reminding myself that I needed to go to H&R block sometime soon, and a co-worker scoffed at me and told me to use TurboTax instead. I had seen some of the TurboTax commercials, particularly liking the wedding one, and I figured I would check it out. Little did I know that I would be able to completely finish and file my tax return in less than 15 minutes with nothing more than some fast fingers and my W-2 at hand. I must say that I won't ever dread doing my taxes, like I grew up thinking I would, all because of TurboTax. I especially liked the "getting to know you" part of registering, where TurboTax threw in some little fun-facty quips about themselves. I now know you guys (and gals) are in San Diego. Anywho, I'd like to compliment the web-developers for creating a crisp and responsive amalgamation of animations and text boxes, which heeded no problems at all whilst I inputted my boring information. There's nothing worse than a web-page that tries to hard an ends up ruining something as simple as typing numbers into fields. Thanks to all the great minds who created this service/website, you've truly revolutionized the necessary evil which is doing my taxes. April 10, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Phewww! TurboTax is really easy and while it does take about an hour or more to complete, it still keeps you from having to go to a tax preparer and waiting in line. The only thing I didn't like is at the end with the payment options and that if you dedct the fee from your refund, it doesn't tell you right away that there is another $29.99 fee. It didn't deter me from using TurboTax, but I don't like feeling misled. I may have written a lot to read here, but its best to know this at the beginning! There is a choice between paying with a credit card or having the fee deducted from your refund. If you choose to have it deducted from your refund, it automatically upgrades you to the TurboPlus, which is an extra 29.99, which isn't shown right away. If you have already chosen the TurboTax Plus, this is fine but if you stick to the basic free edition for the federal, and pay the 29.99 to file your state taxes, you will have to pay with a credit card to keep from being charged $59.99. If you don't have the funds to pay now and go ahead and decide to upgrade and have the fee deducted from your refund, make sure you know there aren't any agencies waiting to grab your refund because if your refund ends up not being enough to cover your TurboTax Plus fees, it will be deducted from your bank account (so make sure you have an extra 60 bucks laying in your checking account just in case!) Aside from this I would recommend it for the ease of use alone. I wanted to have it deducted from my account, but the small size of my refund didn't really justify the 60 bucks it would cost. April 15, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Not informed of prior year issues I am a CPA but use TurboTax Free Edition to file my brother's very simple returns each year, because why pay for better software when all you have is a W2? E-filed in 2012 and printed PDF stating "return was transmitted" on such and such date. Did the same in 2013. Felt certain I had filed, but the returns were rejected by IRS for whatever reason shortly thereafter. Now, to be fair, TurboTax e-mails were sent to inform my brother of rejections, but being an irresponsible person, he ignored them. As such, I spent past two years assuming he filed his returns when he did not. While preparing this year's return, merrily going through all the steps, I had no idea of prior year rejections. Nor did I have any idea of 2012 rejection when I was preparing 2013 return last year. When I was finally made aware of this issue by a lender who had requested his returns from the IRS, I had to go into his TurboTax history to finally see that the returns had been rejected. Now, it seems to me like having two years of rejected returns should result in a big red flag of some sort in the TurboTax interface. It shouldn't be buried in the taxpayer's history in small black font. Had I logged in last year to file 2013 and seen that 2012 had been rejected, I at least could have caught the issue after one year instead of two. I am grateful for the free easy-to-use software, but the interface should be improved to help catch problems like this sooner. It shouldn't just focus on the current year when you have been using the software for 5 years and have outstanding tax issues from prior years. February 24, 2015
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