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Rated 4 out of 5 by Non-threatening helpful guidance and suggestions My return was straight forward. However I did have a couple of questions about what medical bills I could claim, and whether or not I could claim my Grandmother with Alzheimer's that I take care of in my home. After running through a few scenarios I found that I could file the 1040EZ and get the same refund. So I just chose the "Erase and start over" option and switched to the lower priced program filing fee and saved $30. I could have gone completely free filing, but I paid the $29.99 for "Plus" to have all my information brought over and auto populated in the standard fields, but more importantly in the fields where the IRS requires confirmation. In short, easy to use mobile app that allows you to play around with different scenarios to find the biggest refund. - John Y. Indiana February 16, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Love TurboTax but Frustrating Experience I love filing with TurboTax and find it quick and easy. However, I wish they would stop asking you to upgrade to paid versions when you don't need them. I am single and only earn income from my job so I don't need the premium editions. I somehow ended paying an extra $29.99 for something I didn't need (TurboTax Plus, I think). At first I thought it was because I had selected to pay for my State Return with my Federal Return, but when I went back and paid with my credit card, I was still charged the extra money.I was not happy about and this and it was not clear how much I was agreeing to pay until the confirmation of my payment came up on the screen. Again I love the service and always recommend it, this was the first time something like this happened to me, and it was very frustrating. February 19, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Turbo Tax Rocks I have to say, I have used Turbo Tax forever, and each year it gets easier and easier. I especially love this years ability to file literally for free, well I chose one of the fees (but my choice, for a specific deduction). For state and Federal taxes being charged nothing, and only being charged for turbo tax of 29.95 is amazing. Each year it becomes better, this year having the Itemized deductions on my phone throughout the year for donations, simply transferred over, I didn't have to input anything. I started my taxes 2 hours ago, started from scratch twice, (over protective to make sure I put everything in right), and bam, its done and sent. I would recommend Turbo Tax over any other company, as there isn't anyone trying to sell you unnecessary Items, or hidden fees. It was simple, easy, and accurate. February 10, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Trustworthy I have been using Turbo Tax for over 15 years. It's always accurate, reliable and secure. They save your forms online if needed for years. I've never been audited and it's so much cheaper if not free than paying someone to sit at a computer to ask the same questions that Turbo Tax does and actually Turbo Tax asks more questions than a tax service does as I use to use them over 25 years ago. Honestly I don't trust any other services out there and I get my refund back within like 10 to 14 days. I tell everyone I know about it when it's tax time and if they don't use it , it's their loss. Just don't whine about how much you ended up paying through someone else and how long you had to wait for your refund. Can I say I told you so to those people who didn't take my advice! You know who you are if your reading this. January 22, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Quick, Easy, and 100% Reliable! "Looking for a safe and easy way to get your taxes done; and done right?!?! Use TURBOTAX!" -- JLR The first time I filed my own tax returns [without the help of parents or a paid accountant] I had no idea what to do, how to do it, or who to even contact. So, in that moment I did what every [recent] college graduate does when they need some answers… I got online, opened Google and searched: "file your taxes online." It's amazing what you'll find by running a quick internet search! Immediately, the first thing that showed up at the top of the results was TurboTax, "the #1 best-selling tax software." I read about the product further and decided to give it a try; needless to say, the rest is history! I now use TurboTax EVERY year to file my taxes! I love it!! It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s thorough and 100% reliable. February 4, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by I'm back!! I should have never left Turbotax! I've gone to Jackson Hewitt the last few years, paid upwards of $400...dumb. There was a delay on my return last year, my preparer was rude and dismissive when I called to ask if he knew why my return was late. I got more answers from "Where's my refund?" than I did from him. I'd used Turbotax in the past, but was lured away by "filing bonuses" at storefront tax prep businesses. what they don't tell you is that the interest on these "loans" is ASTRONOMICAL!! I will never stray again. I could kick myself for paying someone $400 to do for me what I could do for myself for free. Its so easy, they should call it Tax Prep for Dummies. If you can read, you can do your own taxes. Thanks Turbotax! P.S. Audit insurance is offered, only $40. I recommend you get it to be on the safe side. January 22, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Because... Refund. I have been using TurboTax for many years. I liked how flexible it was to choose a package as I moved from 1040EZ up to the small business package. I like how it breaks down each section so that I am not overwhelmed with questions. I love that I can do my state taxes at the same time. Last year I had a major illness that left me unemployed for most of the year. Thankfully, I am up and back at it now. When filling my taxes I would have like to be able to choose the 1040EZ and have my information transferred over, or have the program suggest the smaller package somewhere along the line. Instead I had to fill out a longer form and then decide to erase it all and start over with 1040EZ. As you know this means that I had to fill everything in by hand. It still didn't take much time, but I would have liked that feature. January 23, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Fast, Easy, and Comfortable! First of all, I hate going and getting my taxes done at H&R Block. I feel like everyone I work with always gets more back than I did and the fees are just one after another... By the end of it, I am wasting two hours having a rude woman take my information and tell me what to do with no full explanation of what she's doing, and in the end, I OWE HER $200 for her service? That seems ridiculous! Using Turbo Tax is awesome! My wife and I sit here playing with our baby while we follow these simple steps and re-watch 'The Walking Dead,' still managing to get from start to finish in under an hour. Not only is it simple, but I know what I'm getting back and WHY, explained in terms anyone can understand. And to top it all off, NO RUDE EMPLOYEES! I love Turbo Tax and will continue to use it every year. So long, H&R Block! February 24, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Very Streamlined this year Last year, I told myself that I wasn't going to use the software this year because it was so awful. In fact, I had really considered using H&R Block because they were offering free state filing(pretty highly advertised if I saw it). But, I told myself that I would give it another shot this year. I was certainly glad I did. I remembered my password (which is hard because I only log onto the website once a year, let's be honest), so I was able to get to my return. Everything is saved, which is super convenient, so I just had to list updates (ex. moving for my job), new w-2s, and plug and chug wage information. So, if you had a garbage time with it the first year (because filing taxes are rough regardless), it seems like the software makes it easier year-to-year. Thanks, Turbo Tax, for showing me the benefit of longevity. February 5, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by killed it easy n fast overall it was extremely fast and easy to do that even a child could literally do it... the step by step directions are really easy and make for a delightful and painless experience...I'm going to be patiently waiting for the arrival of my visa netspend card with my refund on it but I will also come back and review how long it took for my return to be processed and such through turbotax... I expect it to take longer than h&r block because your not paying nearly the cost to do the taxes that they charge. Also most of the time H&R charge you even more money for a speedy delivery.... I know that turbotax is definitely the way to go if you want to save money and aren't in a huge rush to get your return back... Also it cost less than half the amount that it would have cost me to go through H&R Block..... Thanks Turbo Tax!!!!!!! March 10, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by ★ Best Tax Software I Have Found ★ I am very pleased and happy to have chosen TurboTax to file my taxes. After reading "The Best Tax Filing Software 2015" reviews all over the internet and talking to friends and family about "Which Tax Software should I use?" I have chosen TurboTax because of all the positive reviews I have read. On over 3 websites I have found that have real reviews for tax software, TurboTax was number 1. It always seemed to be 1 - TurboTax; 2 - H&R Block and 3 - TaxAct etc.. TurboTax being the Best. And after using it to filing my taxes, I most certainly feel as if I've chosen the Best Tax Software that there is. I will recommend TurboTax to everyone and anyone that asks about which software to use for their taxes. Filing my taxes was very easy and not stressful at all. The the Most Money back with TurboTax! You will not be let down. ★★★★★ January 17, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Taking the terror out of taxes My mom does taxes but to me its much easier to go through turbotax. Until this year, I made an error. My boyfriend & I moved in together, I changed jobs, and worked in multiple states!My boyfriend is regularly the brains of the operation in house but he in the Navy and is gone frequently. It has been quite frustrating until I contacted TurboTax and I was put through to Amara. She was so great. My computer took forever to load, then recently after moving I realized I didn't even have my wifi set up on my laptop. She patiently sat through while I connected. We troubleshot and troubleshot she consulted everyone she could until we got an answer. I even told her I would just mail it so it was easier but she let me know this would be way quicker and it has been! Amara definitely deserves a pat on the back and recognition for her awesome job! January 21, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Healthcare - Affordable Care Act I have used Turbo Tax for 2 years now and while my taxes aren't that complicated I appreciate the ease of use that Turbo Tax offers while making it very understandable and simple. I used to use a different services a few years ago but have since migrated everything over to intuit products as I also enjoy using their Mint service which allows everything to tie in nicely. This year I had difficulties answering some of the questions pertaining to the Affordable Care Act and I was able to get a hold of someone rather quickly who was then able to research my question and answer it for me reassuring me that it was done correctly. Huge stress off of my shoulders. Absolutely recommend and hope live chats become more prominent. I will be receiving a summary of my chat with the individual whom helped me and that I also appreciate for my records. January 22, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Suggestion/complaint I'm a creature of Habit and when it comes to doing something like taxes that you only do Once a year, there's alot to be said in leaving the layout the same year to year so that you know where you are, what's expected and you don't sit reading and Trying to figure out what it is you want "This Time" on a particular page that you have changed to make it "Easier" i.e. The page for W-2's and additional W-2's. It took forever to figure out that I had to click on a box/link ABOVE where it was asking for Additional W-2s Just to Import my Current W-2. And.......just one more thing. When it asks if I paid for taxes to be done last year--well you guys do my taxes every year, so why isn't that amount just Auto-Filled in because I couldn't find it--PER your instructions to locate it on the site, so I had to get into my Bank account and look it up. January 18, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Turbo Tax hard sell I have used turbo tax for many years. Each year I get more and more discouraged due to all of the extra add ons. I think Turbo Tax should list what is available that people could pick from without dedicating a page to each add on that I have to step through. My biggest gripe is not having the choice up front to work on my state taxes. I am 90 years old and not required to pay state taxes where I live, yet I have to go through 15 minutes of state information before I have the option to delete it. Again, I should choose if I want to do state taxes and not have that be the default choice. Default should be just filing the federal taxes. PS. I just tried to submit this review. To do so, I have to answer a bunch of unnecessary questions. This is the type of thing that I dislike intensely about Turbo Tax. They make you opt out of options... March 10, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Good for my requirments PROS-I love turbo tax for the most part. Previously I had gone to H&R and they charged me $200. That's outrageous compared to my 2013 return of $60 and my 2014 of $90. They remember some of your info from previous returns, and can import your W2 from ADP if your payroll works with them I suppose. They ask all the common questions and you have options to fill in special sections also. Forms are mostly explained clearly enough to make it on your own. CONS-Unfortunately remembering your info from previous years costs another $30. They do no remember some parts of state returns. I was looking for my last years return and I wasn't able to without buying another tier of service from turbo tax. Yes they wanted me to spend more money on top of the extra $30. The worst is they do not give you a copy of your return to save at the end of the process March 12, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by So thankful for Turbo Tax! I absolutely LOVE Turbo Tax! My husband and I use it every year to file our return. One year, we decided to go to use a tax prep service and have an actual person take care of us, just to see if it really made any difference. Bad idea; we left having spent more money and much more time than we do with TT. We learned our lesson and decided to use TT from now on. Every year it gets easier and faster, and it helps so much that they retain all our personal and employment information from previous years, so we don't have to spend all that time entering it again. And the efile option is amazing. It literally takes the click of a button, and your return is on its way with no hassle. I recommend TurboTax to anyone who is busy (or, like me, hates dealing with numbers) and wants to be able to get it done as quickly, conveniently, and reliably as possible. March 11, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Convenient and Easy! I really enjoyed using TurboTax to file my taxes. It was easy and convenient, especially with how it filled it previous information. It asked simple questions, gave you good explanations of things and found the best deductions and refund. I found going through the options of the free federal edition vs. state and plus edition were confusing. It wasn't until I had already filled out my information that said I didn't qualify for the federal free and I needed the plus edition which was not my understanding. I had to navigate through several pages throughout to finally concede and pay for the plus edition although I wasn't sure I needed to. I recommend looking into what edition you need and other options. Even though this was confusing, it was worth it for the ease and convenience. Otherwise everything else was very simple. Great graphics and easy to understand. March 2, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Beware Hidden Charges TLDR: TurboTax is very easy to use, but it is insidious with its efforts to get its customers to pay more than they were expecting. If this is your first time using this TurboTax, you should know that the "free return" actually costs $29.99 if you also want to file your state returns. This is not told to you until you've already done all the paperwork for the state return. You can choose then to either pay the $30 or cancel the state return. Also, I chose to have the cost of the state return taken directly from my refund, unaware that this automatically signed me up for the "Plus" service, adding another $30 to the cost of this "free" service. I was not told that this charge was added until 15 steps later when I was reviewing the final return. At this point I could either press back 20 times and re-do the what I had just spent 30 minutes completing, or eat that extra $30. March 1, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Good Refund, Bit Pricey Second Time Around Overall, I really like TurboTax. It's fast, it's simple, and I get my refund weeks before my parents who let an accountant do it. However, this time around when I used turbotax, they charged me almost 30 dollars just to use my information from last time. Which when you consider I was supposed to get free Federal and State e-file, wasn't that big of a deal. 30 dollars for my taxes done? No problem. Well, one of my employers gave me a screwed up W-2 and I had to wait a full week for that to get corrected and also not get the excess money she took out of my check back, because TurboTax wouldn't let me continue with that W-2. So in the time I spent waiting, I lost the free state e-file. I ended up spending about 60 dollars, which overall isn't bad, but was very disappointing. Overall, I'll probably continue to use TurboTax as long as their fees aren't ridiculous and my taxes stay relatively simple. February 27, 2015
Rated 1 out of 5 by Added an additional $30 fee at the end of filing This is my seventh year in a row using Turbotax and I have never had an issue until now. At the beginning of the process I chose the free federal filing package. As you go through the steps they try to get you to upgrade to the deluxe package multiple times; I chose not to. When I was finished with everything and ready to file, it showed a $30 fee for the Turbotax Plus package even though I never chose this package. Apparently the only way to not pay the $30 is to cancel the return after spending an hour putting in all the information. I read a number of other complaints about this same issue. One said that they do this because I used the plus package last year (and I did, unnecessarily) and there is no way to remove it. So I did the easy thing and just paid their $30 hidden fee so I could file my return and be done with it. But, I can assure you, this is the last time I'll ever use Turbotax. February 21, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Quick and Easy Refund TurboTax is, hands down, the easiest and fastest way to file your taxes. I've never had a head for numbers, so I love how TurboTax walks me through each and every step of of filing, and even imports my w-2's to reduce any typo mistakes on my forms. I also love how TT goes the extra mile to make sure I get every deduction possible, so I know they're looking out for me. Who needs to pay an accountant, or some other tax outfit, hundreds of dollars out of their return when there is a great company like TurboTax? :) I must also give credit to the writers of the questions and instructions in the program, as a writer myself, I really appreciated their efforts of making the the program seem more human. One example: "your refund is (enter dollar amount here) - YAY!" I love little quirks like that, they make what could be a stressful project a much more relaxing and even amusing one. Many thanks to TurboTax! February 22, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Fear and Loathing in 2014 Overcome with Turbo Tax I've been using Turbo Tax Basic and Premium online since 2008 so I'm more than a little biased. I didn't think I would be able to use Turbo Tax in 2014 because it had been a rough year of temp jobs, unemployment. an IRA withdrawal and ACA health insurance premiums. I was terribly afraid I was going to owe a bunch to the Fed's so I put it off till it was getting kind of late. I decided to give my trusty Turbo Tax a chance after all because time was running short and I am SO glad I did instead of going to one of those other preparers!! All my info transferred from the year before and I felt confident Turbo Tax guided me with the correct questions to enable me to file a return confidently even though it was a crazy year. And I like that I could pay my fees with my refund so I didn't have any out of pocket expenses. I also like that I can download a tax report whenever I want and that Turbo Tax makes filing a state return a five minuet exercise. I think Turbo Tax is a terrific value! March 23, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Worked very well! Glad for free filing! Thanks again for making the filing process so easy and free now. Paid for pulling in my previous year's tax return but the small charge was worth it to me. The whole process for a single male that rents could not be easier and is way easier than digging through all the official forms. Love the fact that I can print all my info out at the end of the process for my keeping and review. Again, this process could not be easier, especially for someone like me that's not a genius when it comes to money matters. There is a really helpful database of questions for everything so be sure to spend some time if you're not sure about what you need. I know the con I listed above said it's hard to know if I should look into something but the database of questions and the search field really helps in those situations. It helped me several times. This seems like a new feature or an updated one from last year and I think it's amazing! January 27, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by make it easy, and fast All-in-all, filing this year was easier than I had expected. This is my first year as a student. So, I was a little intimidated on what information I was going to need for that aspect, and how easy it was going to be for me to find. It wasn't that difficult, but if the capability is there to import my W2, then I wish the same feature would have been available for my school tax information. That would have made the whole process a breeze. It took me about and hour and a half from start to finish. Still not bad. Although on the refund side of it. I have had issues in the past (about 2 years ago) with it taking a rather long time before I got it in my account. Last year, was better on the refund deposit timing. So hopefully it's the same this year. If not, I just may go back to H&R Block. So as long as you keep it easy and simple, and the return fast and promptly deposited to my account, we are good. KinD Regards, C.Spinos February 7, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by turbo tax has worked great for us over the past 5 years. The only issue I had was that my husband initiated the taxes this year and he chose to do the upgrade due to the inaccurate reasoning and excessive prompting by turbo tax. He thought it was the only way he could get the information from last year taxes into this year document. i think this is a downfall also because it prompts you all the time if you do not choose it immediately making those who may not know better think they need to do this or they will not have the right information. We had the information, he knew that, but do to the turbotax process he felt that the upgrade was the only way to ensure proper and true filing. Wish it was not so overzealous with the upgrade options. I understand you need to make money, but do it with those who require the additional services and forms with more intricate tax situations. Overall, thank you again for helping and easing the tax season once more! February 10, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by High recommended I've used TurboTax every year since I first had to file taxes. My work history has been up and down, benefits have come and gone, and my student loans are deferred over and over as the economy has struggled. In addition, my status as a person with legal blindness means I struggle often to get all the information I need from my IRS documentation. TurboTax is extremely easy for me to use. Not only is the new website layout better than ever, but they have smartly recreated the various forms required on their pages. Box 1 item b will be in the same spot on the TurboTax webpage as it is on the form, which is infinitely easier for a person with low vision like myself. In addition, the step-by-step process they use makes it easy and quick for me to get all of my taxes done in an afternoon. I just have to have all the forms I need and press start. I've never been disappointed or frustrated with TurboTax, so thank you for your hard work in making such a great system. March 7, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Who knew filing my taxes could be fun?! I've been using Turbo Tax online for several years, and it couldn't be easier. I've grown up in the digital age, and I can't stand reading forms and filling things out in pencil. I feel so unorganized with return papers, income forms, and a calculator all over my desk, it makes me not want to file at all. But, put all of this in an easy to understand website, and suddenly I'm flying through all the questions and web pages, excited to finish the return and see what my refund will be! The fact that it saves my information from year to year, and saves me time from having to fill everything out again, is the best part about it. It took me less than 15 minutes to file my taxes this year, as nothing has changed for me since last year! I chose the $29.99 option, not the free one, but in my opinion the people who designed this website and made it so easy to use deserve every penny of that for making it so easy for me. I'll be filing taxes here next year as well, no doubts about it! February 7, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by AMAZING!!! For the past 3+ years, I've been using HR Block Online. Each year, I haven't been totally confident in what i was actually filing. Because I moved from Iowa to Nebraska this year, everything got a little more complicated. I was VERY unsure of the return I was going to submit this year via HR Block's Online Program. Numbers were incorrectly pulling from my federal report and it was a nightmare. I used their HR Tax Professional Chat option and that was USELESS, as I was on the chat for 45+ minutes and still not confident in what I was inputting. Finally, I decided I would try Turbo Tax and see if that was any better. Literally, EVERYTHING on Turbo Tax is very well detailed and even a squirrel could file their taxes with Turbo Tax...if they had taxes of course. :) Definitely going to recommend Turbo Tax to many friends and family, as I' know that they either go to a direct tax professional (and pay EXTREME amounts of money might I add) or use HR Block's Online Program. They'll thank me for how quick they get through their tax returns next year! March 22, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by That was so easy!!!!!! I've always used H&R to prepare my taxes for me. They've charged me at least $300 each year for the past 10 years that I've done my taxes through them! Not to mention this year they wanted to charge me $490 and I asked why it was so high there was an Iowa charge on there and we had nothing to do with Iowa!! So even with it off it would be $441 plus when I started asking questions she realized I woukdbt try filing she said shed remove another $40 charge because I didn't need to file some extra child form! I mean imagine all the previous years I was charged extra! It all adds up and they've made enough money off me for 30 minutes of their time! I never did them myself because I feared I would screw them up or it would be too complicated for me. But wow!!! Turbotax made it so easy I never knew just how easy it was to file my taxes!! I was literally taken step by step through each question and links with explanations to each of the questions. I will definitely be using TurboTax from now on every year!! Thank you! January 22, 2015
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