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Rated 4 out of 5 by My go-to tax prep method I've used Turbo Tax the last 5 years after using a professional tax-preparer the previous 10 years . Turbo-Tax has obviously been significantly less expensive each year I've used it, and I've been very confident my Turbo Tax results have been as solid as those of my professional preparer's. I do miss the ability to easily contact and discuss questions or tax scenatrios with a real person that knows my situation. My tax form information transfers easily from year-to-year. Income sections and most deduction sections are very straightforward. The built-in "Deduction Pro" module for itemizing and valuing non-cash charitable deductions is very helpful. The clothes catagory is very useful and detailed in it's choices, but otherwise the built-in Deduction- Pro could use a more complete and updated list of typically donated household items. The Turbo-Tax instructions implied you could get a more complete version of Deduction Pro from the Intuit website and provided a link. The link did lead me to the Intuit website but I had no success with multiple attempts downloading the stand-alone computer version of Deduction Pro, so I stayed with the Turbo Tax built-in version. e- Filing is easy. Overall, I have a lot of confidence using Turbo Tax and with the tax results it provides for my family. February 21, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Yeah! My Taxes are done! Overall, I love TurboTax. I have been using it to do my taxes for years, so it remembered all my personal data and transferred my current W-2 and last years tax return, so I just needed to answer a few questions in each section. I did have a problem with the software miscalculating my return in the HRA medical expenses section, but I called the help number and they were very nice and helpful and when she stepped me though the questions again it corrected itself. I was very unhappy with the fact that they took a lot of forms off the Turbo Tax Deluxe this year, but my situation changed and I fortunately did not need those forms anymore. I was happy to hear that they are going to put those forms back next year and reimburse everyone that had to buy another version at a higher cost. They are proving their integrity and commitment to their customers by their recent actions to correct their unpopular changes. I just completed my filing and it didn't take me long at all. I was also upset that my refunds were much lower this year, but that has nothing to do with Turbo Tax, it was due to tax law changes in the Federal and in my State. I would recommend using Turbo Tax to anyone and if you have any problems their costumer service department is very helpful. At least they were in my case. Happy filing! February 5, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Refund Good, Experience, Annoying The good: The program checked for all possible deductions and credits that I could use. Entering the information was fairly easy. Nice to have it calculate everything automatically, but I can do that too. The bad: One, I found an issue on my printed copy where it had added an extra individual in the health care section. In doing the federal taxes, I made a typo on my social security number. I fixed that, but for some reason it created two people with my name and the wrong and correct social security numbers for health care information. The error checking did not find this error - luckily I reviewed every page! And the worse: It took over 2 hours to get past random technical issues the program had. When I installed the CD it prompted me to install updates. I did so and it would not load the final update. After three times, I decided to try and do the taxes anyhow since it said the forms were all updated. I got to the part where you enter info on vehicle registration, and the program crashed repeatedly and would not allow me to go to the next page. I tried to download the updates from the website, it crashed again. I finally restarted my computer, cleared the history, and reinstalled the program (for the 5th time or so!) and it actually worked. I like doing it at home, but this nearly killed my taste for doing it myself... February 1, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by GOOD VALUE! I've used TurboTax for many years. I also use the professional version. We all know the tax laws have changed (as they do annually), particularly pertaining to health care. TurboTax does a good job of guiding the taxpayer through this new mess. Yes, it's a mess and will have modifications over the years. Regardless, Intuit handles it well. My only complaint this year is the program seemed to lock me in a "loop" concerning 1099-MISC income that was reported on line 7, non-employee income. While using the step by step the program pressed me into the Schedule C without identifying it as such. I did not want to report on the schedule C but instead, on line 21 form 1040 "Other Income". Had I not recognized what was happening I could have paid self-employment taxes unnecessarily, resulting in a tax liability instead of a refund. This is something that needs to be clarified by Intuit for the novice. OVERALL, TurboTax still provides an outstanding platform for individuals that want to tackle their own taxes. My only caution is the user needs to READ the choices and questions well as they proceed to receive the best benefit. Be deliberate. This is not something for someone that wants to "whip their taxes out" if they have any intricate (complex) tax situation. Take full advantage of the tutorials & read the questions and examples. Happy tax season. February 12, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by It worked fine - but a little confusing this year I did my/wife's taxes, probably my 15th time using TT. I took all my TT files off the computer last year so I figured it would not find my records to prefill my return with personal and last years info. But even before I put in my thumb drive with last years info, TT found my 2013 return. Does TT store my tax records somewhere on the laptop that I can't erase? Freaky. I liked It's Q&A format, It's Deductible, ability to save & print to a thumb drive so the files are not on my computer, and I'm able to browse the tabs for going back and forth on items. The state return went really quickly as did the Federal e-filing. I print out the state form for mailing. I entered my son's 1099Q & 1098T, but when I printed for records, the worksheets had my daughter's name & SS no. She's not even a dependent this year. I was able to go into Forms and correct it. I played with my son's return as a dependent and not as a dependent to see if he would get a greater education benefit. But Turbo Tax tried to tax his qualified 1099Q withdrawal even though his 1098T showed we paid a greater amount to his college. I just did the normal way with him as a dependent and I entered the 1099Q & 1098T on my return. I'll finish up my son's return tomorrow, and then start teaching my daughter how to use TT on her own after that. I'm glad I can do the entire family with just one purchase. March 13, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by 2014 TurboTax review I've been using TurboTax for almost 10 years and generally I'm very happy with the product. However there is one area that I think could stand some improvement. Over the years I have sent a few suggestions about features that could be made a little more user friendly but never received any comments back from Intuit nor seen any improvement to the feature in following years. A case in point. For several years I have been receiving a Canadian pension from my former employer. Since they don't provide a 1099R I have to create a substitute. When I start a new year's return, certain information is downloaded from my previous years return, including some of the information about the Canadian pension. However, there is no substitute 1099R information downloaded. Every year I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how I can create the substitute 1099R. It turns out that I must first delete the downloaded pension record from the previous year and then create it from scratch. On the first screen in this process, there is the opportunity to create a substitute 1099R. I think there should be a way of either incorporating the substitute record in the download or indicating on the downloaded record on the new return that a substitute is required for this item. Having to delete the item and then set it up from scratch certainly isn't user friendly. I'd appreciate your comments. February 18, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by not all change is easy it ended well but I had some issues, where I normally order the standard product, for some reason I was lead to get the Basic, when I needed the Deluxe. Thanks to TurboTaxAdvantage for allowing the free upgrade. but in the process I ran into some problems. 1. Once BASIC had accepted entry of the itemized deductions , it later told me it could not process sched A and the Deluxe version was required. I think it shouldn't have allowed access to the area and made the notification then. 2 my internet connection is working fine but the app could never connect when it wanted to so I was looking for alternate means for resolution. I even tried buying the Deluxe version on-line but it would only give me access to the future 2015 version. not the 2014 version. 3. Eventually, within the app I was able to get to where I needed to be but I had to call Cust Support for a confirmation no. which they kindly and politely provided and I was able to upgrade (warning, bounce the app after upgrade to avoid going in circles). 4. after the initial Basic install, on bringing up the app and on trying to apply updates (which failed trying to connect to the internet) I kept getting an error exception which manually installing updates resolved. I reported the error in ticket 411076219 I have TurboTaxDeluxe ordered for the future and I'm still a TurboTax fan. just providing the info because you asked. March 16, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by The single most frustrating part was at the very beginning, initially, I could not get the "Checking for Update" to work. It would say it would take 9 minutes, then 11 minutes, but it never showed any activity to indicate anything was happening, and then it locked my entire computer up several times. I had planned to finish my taxes that day, but could not finish because even by postponing the update until later in the process, it still would not go through that day. It wasn't until several days later, that I was finally able to go back and finally got the Update to work. So I could proceed with finishing my taxes. Initially I thought I had wasted my $50 and was going to have to do by hand. Glad it finally did work...but I still don't know what was up with that locked up Update. ??? I will say that last year, I got a notice from my State regarding the State Tax submission from a couple of years prior. I thought I was correct, and I called Turbo Tax, and they were very helpful in reassuring me that I was correct, and actually the state was wrong. I called the state with that info, and it seemed to lend at least some credibility to my claim, for which I did have the necessary documentation to stand by my claim, and the state actually ended up agreeing with me, that they were incorrect about saying I had made an error on my preparation. My Turbo Tax return was indeed correct after all. Yeah! March 2, 2015
Rated 1 out of 5 by Disappointed! I' ve used Turbo Tax for over 10 years. I must say I was very disappointed with the program this year. I had more problems this year than any other. I am using the Deluxe version. My first disappointment was the price! $ 70.00. Really! As I went to import my last years information I couldn't. I used the online version. I looked through the help section and tried what was listed. A BIG mistake I found out later. I entered my info that should have transferred from last year, Next was time to import my investments. I had 7 yes seven 1099-R. I tried to import them to no avail. I had to manually enter each one! After all that I get to the filing section. The page comes up to e-file or nail check. Guess what. Only 1/4 of the page is displayed. My attempt at transferring from earlier bit me. The other 3/4 of the page said page cannot be displayed at this time. Like I was using the online version this year. I ended up uninstalling and re installing the program but the message was still there on that page and the next page as well. After messing around for what seemed like weeks, I was able to fix the problem myself and file my taxes, that I started Feb 10th, today Feb 27th. I would like to be reimbursed from Turbo Tax for the cost of the program but we know that isn't going to happen. Unfortunately all this frustration left a sour spot for Turbo Tax. Next year I am going to check some other tax software companies February 26, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by I have used Quicken and TurboTax almost since they first came out. I love the products overall. However, with my state, it makes a big difference whether you file Married-filing jointly or Married-filing separately. TuboTax does NOT figure out which is the best option for you NOR does it give you the option to choose. TurboTax just automatically selects whatever you chose for your federal return. I had to override it manually to get the biggest refund!! There are also errors in the product. For example, I make irregular non-cash donations to a charity throughout the year. TurboTax instructed me to use Various for the date. When I finished my return this came back as an error, telling me I couldn't do that. TurboTax does not give me the option of listing each donation separately. So, I had to pick a date, making it look like I made a 1-time donation. There were also other small errors in the program that I caught. For me, not a big tax impact. For others, it could be. You have to know what you're looking for and LOOK for errors. You can't trust TurboTax to tell you all the tax laws that might affect you, or what your options are. This is NOT a "plug in the numbers" program. When you have a question, you have to dig to find the answer. Good luck getting one from the forum, too. This is the best program I know of. But if you don't know anything about taxes or you have even a slightly complicated return, best to get professional tax advise. February 22, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great with a couple wrinkles Overall I was quite impressed with the ever-increasing ease of use. I would recommend to any friend or relative. Keep up the good work! Items for improvement: - I experienced a significant underpayment on my federal return and saw for the first time the vouchers for quarterly pre-payment for 2015. There was no warnings or information provided to me as I went through the finalization process. All I got was the forms printed out. My expectation was that I would have been warned and maybe given some new information about these payments and whether they are required or optional, etc. I was shocked that no mention at all was made to alert me to this. With years of tax history available you could even have noticed I had never had this experience before (with a little digging). - On my KY state return there was a form (2210-K) that was not yet final. I received no indication of this except for the watermark on the form that said "FORM NOT FINAL" seen as I reviewed my so-called "completed" forms. I assumed I had failed to complete a blank somewhere and spent considerable time going over my input again looking for what I had missed. After googling I discovered that this watermark meant the state of KY had not finalized their form. My expectation is I would have been warned in the completion process that I could not yet complete my taxes and given some explanation at to why and a link or something about when the form was targeted to be available. Thanks, -Chuck Henry March 4, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by No problems here! I originally ordered the Deluxe version from Amazon, and didn't realize I'd ordered the state-free version. The version with a free state download is only $10 more. To download one with the non-state version is $40 (more than I'd paid for the software). I called Amazon's customer service, and they gladly processed the software return. I ordered the correct version (as a download this time) and easily installed it. The software took care of removing the first version, no problems. I was able to pick up where I left off, it copied everything over to my state return, and figured everything out for me. No problems at all. E-file went perfectly. Even the special Amazon bonus came up without a glitch. I don't have a lot of special situations, but from what I've seen, unless you do anything with stock trading, you shouldn't have any problems using Deluxe. I have a 401K, basic family situation, etc. I need Deluxe because I claim the EIC with my kids. It's really *that*simple*. I'll likely keep using TurboTax. It's served me well for years, and once I researched exactly what forms I've used in the past and made sure I had the right package, it worked great. I do understand having a version without the State download for people who do not have to file State taxes, I just wish it had been a little more clear - the TurboTax website did not show there being a different version. Ah well, Amazon and TurboTax both stayed true to prior levels of service. I'm still a happy customer. February 4, 2015
Rated 1 out of 5 by Turbo Tax No Longer Fun to Use I've been using Turbo Tax for over 10 years. As many of us that use turbo tax, I've taken pride in doing my own taxes. The reason I like Turbo Tax is that it is quick and intuitive. However, each year, the messy front end of just downloading the software and getting started has gotten more and more complicated. It took me an hour to search for how to pay for it and download the software. I signed up for the "advantage" program for a couple of years because becoming more difficult. This way, I could just pop in the CD, install, and go. My card changed and I didn't re-up. So, this year, I was left to navigate my way through all of the tricks to sign up for this and do that. After 30 minutes of it, I was ready to pay whatever, and still couldn't figure out how to just download and get started. I was signed in. My card info was updated. You would expect a big button that said "download now." Nope. After an hour of this nonsense, I luckily found that Amazon sold the software and for $10 less. Unbelievable. Marketing Team: settle down guys. Focus on speed and convenience for your customers. Stop trying to upsell at every turn and soak up my whole Saturday. Then, at the end, I go to print my state return to mail it in and avoid the fee to transfer #having paid for state already#. Now, that option must be so hidden, that I'd spend another hour digging. I'll now pay $20 more because I value my weekend. I'm going to give it one more shot next year, and things don't improve, I'm moving on to a new way. March 14, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Not as smooth as past years I've used TurboTax (TT) for years and have always enjoyed the efficiency and perceived privacy of doing my taxes on my computer. However, this year I had to log on to the Intuit site every time I came back to my return...I don't understand why? That is why I purchased the CD and installed it on my computer (Apple Mac). At least three days in a row there were updates that had to be installed before I could proceed and interestingly, the download was the same size each evening. I had difficulty finding the Print Center so I could review my return before I went into the FILE section. I looked up how to do it on the site, but the instructions were not accurate. With all that said, I may use TT again next year, but I was really disappointed with the software this year. One of the things I like is that I know the format of TT and feel relatively good about moving through the sections, and thus hope to get it done quickly. But many times when I came back to pick up where I left off, the software would want to start from the beginning. I don't remember having that issue in the past. You need to assure me that this will not happen again. I don't enjoy doing taxes...I doubt many do...and I miss the ease I have experienced in the past. I have recommended your software to friends and family in the past, but I don't feel as positive this year. I found myself worrying if the software was accurately doing my return. I reviewed it before filing, and it appears to be correct. Please simplify and correct the issues. Thank you. February 26, 2015
Rated 1 out of 5 by Incorrect Calculations for State Returns For the State Return in my situation Turbo Tax automatically used the Itemized Deductions even though for my situation I did not need to use the Itemized Deductions even though it was more deductions than the Standard Deduction. With the Standard Deductions I had more than enough deductions to result in ZERO taxable income. With the Standard Deduction it's simple and I do not have to claim the State Tax Refund as taxable income for the FOLLOWING tax year. Turbo Tax should allow you an EASY way to choose WHICH deduction you want to take instead of forcing you to use the Itemized Deductions. The only way Turbo Tax allows you to select the Standard Deduction over the Itemized Deduction is to say that you are choosing the "Married Filing Separate" status which was not true, but the only way that I could over ride the deductions and choose the STANDARD Deduction. Then through out the remainder of the Turbo Tax it kept saying that I had 1 error in my filing, which was confusing. Turbo Tax is NOT user friendly and does NOT accommodate my situation. Also, the actual math is incorrect. The AGI AFTER the Standard Deduction was applied should have resulted in a "0" AGI, but instead it showed a POSITIVE AGI (of approx $200) when it really was a NEGATIVE number. Again, Turbo Tax does NOT take into account residents of Hawaii and their situations. The math calculations are actually WRONG on the Turbo Tax State Tax Return and displays INCORRECT numbers on the return. I find this extremely frustrating as this is the case EACH and EVERY YEAR. March 1, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Thought there was a hiccup but turned out alright I have used Turbo Tax for a long time and have always been satisfied with it. This year uses answers from previous years to get you more quickly through question that don't apply to you. I had a little hiccup with the Indiana Schedule IT 2210 not being ready when I was filing the taxes. I wish there would have been more description as to why I needed to fill out the form since I'm neither a farmer or fisherman. So I had to wait for them to update it to file state taxes. If there was something that needed to be filled out on the form, there wasn't much visual guidance from the program as to what to do. Also if I really needed it to file wasn't clear because after the update, Turbo Tax filed my state with a payment without needing a second glance at the IT 2210. Another hiccup was when I was first starting my taxes it had an import issue with ADP where after a first attempt to import my W-2 info failed, it just took me to a screen where it looked like it wanted me to input my info manually. And there was no way to navigate to the import screen again. I was pretty bothered by that. Once I filled out three boxes it actually went back to the import page and succeeded at importing the data that time. But there was no description that I found to let me know that is what Turbo Tax was going to do. Other than those two things, Turbo Tax has come a long way over the years and has been mostly helpful with doing taxes. I would recommend using this software. Oh and one more thing I have come across is the stupid nicknaming bit at the top of this survey. It's just a nickname, why can't it match anything else. I'm reduced to making my nickname nonsense just because. January 20, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Good, but not great I think TurboTax is Good, but not great. I had a frustrating experience. Here are my Pros and Cons: Cons: 1. DOES NOT SYNC or IMPORT any data entered on TurboTax website. I have used TurboTax in 2012, 2013, and now in 2014. 2012 and 2013 were done online (not with purchased software from the store), and it can search and reuse old data from previous years. The software purchased at Costco (or any retailer) DOES NOT SYNC with ONLINE data. How could they miss this? 2. DOES NOT Auto-Fill if you started your taxes on their website. I began working on my 2014 taxes on turbotax.com and then saw a better price at Costco. Naturally I picked up the software so that I could save some money ($30 less than the online price). Much to my surprise when I entered my SSN and other information it DID NOT pull my saved return that I began online. I had to start from scratch!!! I am Married Filing Joint and had to input 4 W2s manually FOR A SECOND TIME all because TurboTax software isn't designed to sync with their online website data. 3. DOES NOT auto-fill employer data based on the EIN on file, even though their online website DOES this. For example, when I input Box B for my employer's EIN on the WEBSITE, it automatically filled in the company name and address. On the SOFTWARE purchased from a retailer I was required to enter all of this data manually. How can this be available on the website but not be available on the paid software version??? 4. Costly - this stuff isn't cheap for "do it yourself" tax filing. On top of buying the Federal Return + State, I also found out I STILL had to pay 19.99 in order to eFile my State return. So I paid for the software that included State filing but ONLY by paper mail. This was unexpected and I was frustrated to say the least. Pros: 1. Step by step instructions 2. Easy to follow 3. Reminds you of items you may have forgotten or do not know about 4. Lots of "Explain This" with extra details about what the different items mean February 3, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by A little unclear for same-s*x marriages I've used TurboTax Deluxe for 7 years now, and it's worked great for us. It does a great job of walking you through all the individual sources of income you may have, and the deductions and credits you may be eligible for. However, my partner and I got married in 2014 and live in a state that does not recognize it. TurboTax correctly told me the specifics of what had to be done in my state: (1# File a married federal return, but don't file the state return associated with it. #2# Figure out a "dummy" federal return for me, as single, and use that to file a state return #3) Figure out a "dummy" federal return for my husband, as single, and use that to file a state return. This is all great, but I ran into difficulties during each step. For #1, I should not have even been given the option of filing a state return that was based on the married federal return. However, I was given the choice, even though TurboTax knew that I could not do it. I figured TurboTax knew what it was doing, until I got to the end and got error messages saying that my state wouldn't recognize the state filing. Not a big deal...I just had to go back and tell it not to file the state return. At steps #2 and #3, it actually gave me the option of filing the dummy federal return, even though it knew that I had already e-filed a married federal return. I knew better, so I didn't even select the option. But what if I didn't? Would there have been an error message? I'm not sure...but the software could do a better job of guiding me down this path. Also, when we had to go back and re-do individual dummy federal returns, it would have been helpful if the software could have pulled ANYTHING from the married federal return that we had just filed. Instead, it didn't. I had to re-enter all the income for both of us separately, as well as all the deductions and credits again. By the way guys, just to add to insult, "preview the review" step for this review just rejected it because it said "same-s*x" is inappropriate language...hopefully an asterisk helps. January 31, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Bruce 2014 Turbo Tax Review - 1st Return Entering 1098T information for schools which have Box 7 checked and co-mingle amounts for other tax years which precede or follow can be a little tricky and perhaps more than it needs to be. Don't like having to click on what appears to be a link line to open up an additional 2 line b text box and don't like having to re-answer questions about which boxes were checked on the 1098T when entering the scholarship information. The wording of how it asks for the amount to revise box 5 amount by versus wording for box 2 line b where it asks for the correct amount instead of how much it should be revised by. I would recommend that the questions be worded in a more consistent manner but now that a precedent has been made on how this is entered then perhaps it's better to leave that process alone as it currently stands. to maintain consistency from year to year. Wish that there was a way to reorder the additional information pages at the back of each return and have capability to avoid splitting it across 2 pages by being able to designate a page break via a selectable check box on any Additional Information pop-up window. Might like being able to dynamically enter in some page breaks where needed to avoid printing part of the additional details of a given item on one page to be continued on the next page which makes it harder to understand when not on same page. I can remember having timing issues for the reversal of a 1098T timing difference initiated during the previous tax return year when preparing a return a few years back for the following tax year which caused an error during its Review Process because the swing back of a timing difference was initiated from the 1098T for that same school from the previous tax year. I finally found a recommendation online to circumvent this issue by entering in a 2nd 1098T for that same school and student to allow the swing back of the timing difference to be properly included in the tax return without continuing to cause a Review error. Frankly, the schools ought to be required to upgrade their 1098T reporting systems to issue their 1098Ts accurately without having to check box 7 instead of forcing each of its students or student parents to massage the numbers that the school provides to them when preparing each of their respective tax returns. . March 15, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Still has a ways to go, years old problems continu I have used TT since the 90s. I've become accustomed to using it and figuring out the glitches that exist from year to year. It's very helpful in organizing my information as I go. I'm not sure if it's what I will use in the future. Support wait times have become absurd. Callback feature is good, but 12 hours? Good people on support lines, far too few of them. The increasing transition to graphics on list pages (income,deductions, etc) seems to forget that monitors are mainly 16:9 screen ratio now. Every time I finish one of the items , I have to go back to the page and scroll multiple times down to the next item. Lets assume that everyone using TT can read and reduce the screen space used. Managers and teenagers just love those smart phone graphics. On the list of charities, I can sort the TT list by name and enter them one-by-one. Only thing is; I have resort the TT list each time I finish one charity and want to do the next. The list is held in the program in the order in which the charity was entered. How about a sort that holds at least each time a file is accessed? Best of all would be a permanent sort year-to-year. There is a continuing problem with paying for state E-file by credit card: the ubiquitous "Timed out" error message. Te remedy this entails a lengthy wait for a callback to get a confirmation number to continue filing. I waited overnight and then two hours the next day to "buy" the confirmation number. How about explaining this problem? You could also let the user buy the state E-file confirmation number directly on the web, Paypal? Better still, fix whatever is causing it. You used to have a separate "express" phone number which responded almost immediately for a confirmation number. I sent an estimated payment to Alabama in Jul after I withdrew my MRD for 2014. TT showed I had a penalty because the state only applies withheld to tax paid, regardless of when I received income. TT showed a penalty and gave me a choice of TT calculating the penalty or having the state bill me. When I chose to have TT calculate it, I was stopped at review and required to enter data in a worksheet that was totally confusing. If TT was going to calculate it, the interview should ask for the data. The program indicated that the state had not provided the 2014 worksheet for this. I went back and changed my choice to let the state bill me. The paperwork involved for $2 was not worth it. I lost my all my entered data when I inadvertently exited the file and was not asked to save it. Recommend some type of automatic shadow, mirror or backup files as data is entered. February 17, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Easy refund, but needs improvement Pros: -I like that it automatically brings in information from the previous year's tax return so I don't have to re-enter it (e.g. employer info). -Filing was automatic and easy. Cons: -If you pay $40+ for the at home program, then it should sync with the website so you can work on it wherever you want. It's abominable that they segregate it when you've paid money for the program. -I like that I can check my e-file status, but this needs improvement. The e-file status page NEEDS to indicate what date the gov is going to withdraw my underpayment. I'm short $1500 this year, and I can't find what date I committed to paying it. -I never want to fill out information that will enable you to contact me with updates. I shouldn't have to click out of that first screen every time I open the program. -There are a lot of extraneous pages that you have to click through after you've already saved a return. These pages have no useful information on them and have a picture of a person. They're cute, but after a while it's irritating to have to click through them all. Do it the first time through each year if you feel the need to make taxes more friendly, but the second time through, cut them out. Neither pro nor con, but would be enhancing: -I've been short on taxes for a couple years now despite having extra money taken out of all my paychecks. Having a tax planner for the next year would be beneficial. It should have the following capabilities: 1. I enter any known bonuses, raises, changes in marriage status or family birhts/deathes/etc for the year. Turbotax spits out an estimated tax burden. 2. I'd like a quarterly reminder that says "it's April/July/Oct. You should've had $X taken out for federal taxes by this point." If the numbers are off by a lot I can make adjustments throughout the year. It would be handy if this was sent out in a paycheck format. Everyone's paychecks show what is being taken out for social security, medicare, federal and state taxes, etc. It'd be nice to hold up one of my paychecks next to a tax planner and see if they're close. 3. I'd like to be able to do this by scanning a paycheck rather than entering all the data. Not sure how difficult this is, but as a federal employee, I think this could benefit a lot of people since we're all on the same system and use the same format. 4. Or, better yet, I'd like to be able to have my home program look at each paycheck throughout the year and alert me if I'm not having enough taxes taken out at any point. This would really be ideal. Otherwise, great program, which is why you can probably see that I've been using it for years. January 21, 2015
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