Security is built into everything we do

TurboTax works hard to safeguard your information so you can file your taxes confidently.

Sign in safeguards

When you create or access your TurboTax account, additional security features help ensure the security of your account.

Touch ID ®

Your one–of–a–kind fingerprint password gives you access to your account on your smart phone, using your TurboTax app.

Multi-factor authentication

Securely access your account by entering your password and a unique single–use–code (we'll send your trusted device or email address) or answer a series of questions.

Protecting your info

Behind the scenes our security specialists work to protect your information.

Data encryption

We safeguard your information by encrypting it when it's stored in our systems. And, when we electronically send your return to the IRS or state agencies, we use SSL encryption that exceeds IRS standards.

You’re informed

You have full access to security settings so you can file with confidence. We’ll immediately notify you whenever certain changes are made to your account.

Login and device history

See all of the login activity and devices used to access your account, to easily spot unusual activity on your account.

Auto email notifications

We’ll automatically notify you of certain changes made to your account such as, updating your payment method, changing your password, or signing in for the first time on a new device.

Dedicated security staff

TurboTax security specialists work to protect your personal information through monitoring, internal checks and external tests. As an industry leader, we continually work with the IRS and State Department of Revenues using a variety of anti-fraud measures to help protect your personal information. Together we are raising the bar for detecting suspicious behavior.